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LG has sent out a press release this evening that is going to get more than a few people excited — especially fans of big, beautiful screens on their smartphones. They unwrapped the first QHD (Quad High Definition, not the qHD of old) 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display.

LG says the panel, which is only 1.21mm thick, will have a minimum bezel of 1.2mm. This makes the new display 12 percent thinner compared to the 5.2-inch display they showed off on the LG G2 last month. The panel will also be significantly brighter, checking in at 430 nits. And for all you resolution-junkies, this works out to a whopping 538ppi.

Is the world ready for a phone with a display sporting four times the resolution of the current Full-HD screens we see now? You bet it is. 1280 x 720 is so 2013. The full press release is after the break.

LG Display Develops World’s First Quad HD LCD Panel for Smartphones

New panel will deliver optimal viewing experience on larger smartphone displays

Seoul, Korea (August 21, 2013) – LG Display [NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220], a leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it has developed the world’s first Quad HD AH-IPS LCD panel for smartphones. At 2560X1440 with 538ppi, the new 5.5-inch Quad HD panel is the highest resolution and ppi (pixel per inch) mobile panel to date, and provides a glimpse at what’s next after current Full HD smartphone panels, critical given the growing trend towards larger displays.

“LG Display, which pioneered the high resolution mobile market with introduction of the world’s first Full HD smartphone panel in 2012, again opens new possibilities with the successful application of QHD technology,” said Dr. Byeong-koo Kim, Vice President and Head of LG Display’s IT and Mobile Development Group. “With this breakthrough, LG Display will continue to raise new standards for mobile resolution and lead the mobile display market.”

LG Display’s Quad HD panel for smartphones realizes clearer images with 4 times more pixels than HD at 1,280X720, thereby reproducing more delicate colors as well as improving contrast and vividness when compared to current mobile displays. This advancement will enable consumers to fully enjoy more life-like and crisp images, and even Blu-ray equivalent video, on their smartphones. The panel also features the highest ppi among current mobile device displays.

In addition, the new Quad HD panel will enable users to enjoy a full view of PC-version web pages at a single glance without image distortion; a contrast to current Full HD displays which only realize 3/4th of a full screen. Also, even when enlarging the screen, users will be able to enjoy undistorted and sharper text.

Only 1.21mm thin with a 1.2mm bezel measured in LCD modules (LCM), LG Display’s new Quad HD panel is both the world’s slimmest and narrowest panel, with 12% reduced thickness compared to the company’s 5.2-inch Full HD panel released last month. Based on Low Temperature Poly-Silicon (LTPS) substrate, the panel also realizes superior brightness of 430nit with improved transmittance and larger aperture opening size.

LTPS-based smartphone displays are expected to record 765 million units in shipments next year according to research firm DisplaySearch, as displays with larger screens, higher resolution, and less power consumption prove key to competitiveness in the premium model segment.


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LG announces the world's first 2560 x 1440 smartphone display


Sam, are you lost? Let me Direct you to a site called WPCentral, you kinda work there :P don't get lost within this mob of android fans

I betcha this "Mob" of Geeks has Lost It In Their Pants hearing about this screen.
You talk about overkill.. This is getting silly.. $399.00 on contract anyone?
You KNOW you Geeks are going to finance this right?

At least he's not from CrackBerry. Those guys still think BlackBerry is in great shape.

Posted from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App

Yeah, this is officially overkill. 1080p was just barely pushing the limits, but I am seriously doubtful that a screen like this will provide any discernible upgrade.

I'd have to see it to believe it, basically.

TIL Arthur Brownlee IV has much better eyesight than me, because I can't see any issues with the fonts on my HTC One. Also, the Android developer documentation basically suggests that anything above what they call "XHIGH" density (320 dpi) is overkill. This is documented for both XXHIGH (480 dpi) and XXXHIGH (640 dpi): "Applications should not generally worry about this density; relying on XHIGH graphics being scaled up to it should be sufficient for almost all cases." I agree.

I could see maybe needing this kind of resolution on a 10-inch tablet, but on a phone it just seems like it would take a lot of extra processor (thus battery usage) to render to that resolution without any noticeable benefit to the end user.

Ahh, the age old "the eye can't discern past X amount of PPI, therefore this screen isn't worth the upgrade" sentiment.

Until displays look life-like, as in, the real thing, then I want more and more advancements in screen technology and more limits being pushed with resolutions.


I welcome this for the sole fact that they would have to do some optimisation or have some battery improvements. The first more likely than the second.

I'm sure battery life will be about what we're used to right now.

That big of a screen is meant for a big phone (Optimus G Pro for instance) hence a bigger battery (3100+mah). And as time goes by, optimizations will naturally become better.

Are you sure it's resolution that is preventing your display from looking life-like? For that matter, are you sure your display doesn't look life-like?

Mr. JR A,

You're entitled to your own opinions, but you're not entitled to your own facts. The PPI argument is a scientifically proven fact.

You want a more life like display? Hope the manufacturers improve colour reproduction, viewing angles, deeper blacks and whiter whites; you know, things that the human eyes can actually see.

Having more PPI doesn't improve anything if the colours are way off. This screen solves a question nobody (but marketing) is asking, and you ate it up.

You're entitled to your own opinions, but you're not entitled to your own facts. The PPI argument is a scientifically proven fact.

No, it's not. The person, the screen and how far away from their face they hold it all have to be taken into account when talking about PPI. To cover the whole population at most viewing distances the PPI has to be considerably higher than what we have now. Please don't talk about facts when you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Thanks.

Edit: I stand corrected. Just looked it up and the President of Display Mate says 477 is a true "retina" (hate that marketing term but everyone knows what I mean so I'll stick with it). So what we have now is getting close, while the LG display goes far beyond.

Edit x2: and there are some authorities on the matter that say 326 is sufficient. Really this makes my point for me, you don't know what you're talking about and the (informed) opinions on this vary. So please, stop talking about facts like you know anything.

Nope, I'm reading what people who DO know what they're talking about have to say about it. Giving multiple expert's opinions is to cover my ass and show that the other person doesn't know shit.

Posted via Android Central App

Their assertion was simply that there is a point where adding resolution provides no additional benefit. Your "experts" confirmed this assertion, not contradicted it. The fact that you don't realize this is troubling.

Also I never claimed to know what I was talking about. My only assertion was that the other guy doesn't.

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Here's more facts.

At 538ppi, you're looking at a dot pitch of around 0.047mm, which roughly translate into a diameter of 0.025mm or a radius of 0.013mm per pixel. I'm not sure when was the last time you looked at a ruler, but have a look and remind yourself how small a diameter of 1mm is.

Each pixel on this new display is 40x smaller than that.


I agree with you. To say hey we don't need more PPI is wrong IMO. The more the better. Anyway we can advance we should take it. The new problems that arise from added PPI will cause us to progress further in that area as well.

The whole " we don't need advancement, this is good enough " is complete bs! Cmon people progress!

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How about this, advanced in ways that matters and not waste resources in areas that don't?

Good and breakthrough products solve problems that actually matter to people. Products that don't always die off, there is a reason for that.

If you think "the more the better", do you want manufactures spend their R&D money into making a 5,000ppi display? More the better right? Or how about devs create ringtones in frequency range out of the hearing range of the human ear; more the better no?

Your comment makes little sense since the HTC One fonts are already smooth. I own one, i should know

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Thinner is good. Brighter is good. But yeah, the resolution is unlikely to do anything for most of us, except possibly stroke our egos.

Yup. This is me holding my 320PPI phone closer to my face than normal and still not seeing pixels.

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Overkill it may be but if you have seen the difference, for example, between a 4K TV and a HD TV you can understand that technology will progress. I wouldn't say no to a phone with this high a resolution, but it wouldn't be essential for me.

It's not the pixels you're seeing, it's the delusion you're seeing the pixels, you poor man

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LG loves those bell peppers. I've seen them used in my LG TV smart wizard for adjusting the picture settings.

Yup! If that is an actual picture of the display and not a photoshopped image, then HOLY DAMN!

Forget all the naysayers with their "The human eye can't tell the difference after X amount of ppi" sentiment.

Get this to market!

Think about this for a second... What's the resolution of the display you're reading this article and viewing that picture on.


I dunno, I pinched to zoom and at a certain point I saw pixels. Oh no pixels!

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Why would any one wanna buy the brand new g2 now that it's obsolete. Wow we are now in the time with tech that when a phone is out for one month it's old technology.

Okay, 1080p may have offered a marginal improvement over 720p to the human eye, but this is just ridiculously unneeded. You won't notice any difference at all unless you literally put the phone to your head.

Yes, hold a 6" screen close to your head, put your dang reading glasses on, rest it on your belly, why do I want a heavier screen at 10", unless I am so ashamed of needing reading glasses, bigger screen, bigger power drain. Give me 6" UD 3D, I wants me eye candy, so do all the young people in the emerging markets, who's eyes are young and they don't even need glasses, they want devices that are low power drain, a small solar cell, a motorcycle battery for backup. Then they (85% literate,) can have a first world window on the world, at a second world price, phablets, LED light bulbs, to a lesser extent LED TVs, are saving Terra watts every year, cheap phablets are the most democratising device, the printing press, radio, TV, internet, all rolled into one, in our hands.

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Overfuckingkill. All that's gonna do is make battery life worse than it already is. Why is a 720p display not good enough anymore? What are people doing on their phones that they would need such a display? Smh.

Posted via Android Central App

This. How can anyone possibly two the difference. It's hard to tell the difference in retina or 720p vs 1080p Displays. This is just a waste.

HTC ONE ~ Android Central App

I frikin love my Nexus 7 FHD, I want to marry it and have 6" 3D UD children, come on 14 nm, 64 bit ARM, Chrome phablets, get ya reading glasses on people, an 8 MP camera can record UD, WiFi ac can load a UD movie to your ruddy phablet in 2 minutes.

Posted via Android Central App

Certain device with 1080p I've found it easier to read on but otherwise no difference at all

Posted via Android Central App

Certain device with 1080p I've found it easier to read on but otherwise no difference at all

Posted via Android Central App

Certain device with 1080p I've found it easier to read on but otherwise no difference at all

Posted via Android Central App

And cue all the spec heads swearing up and down they can discern the difference in pixel density between this phone and a 1080p phone. Go ahead, tell me how you can see those pixels on the 1080p

Its great but no thanks, the difference from 720 or 1080p wount show on 4.7 to 5inch displays AND it will be a battery hog like no other. This is best suited for small tablets 7 inch or so

The highest I have heard about already being about is 8k. Don't worry guys this 4k phone is already obsolete! Muhahaha

Posted via Android Central App

Just arrived and she is cute! Look at your audience; most of their moms would not let them have a girl in the basement.

Uncanny valley is strong in this one.

She looks like a gynoid, which promptly created a strong unconscious reflex of the mammalian self preservation mechanism. Which due to subconscious anxiety, translated into the real world as avoidance of the subject matter.

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I don't know man the with the most powerful SoCs we have to date I don't think any Processor can handle that kind of resolution & ppi. I mean battery life.... Can you imagine what a game like Asphalt or Riptide would do to your battery at this resolution??? Hard to imagine companies like Qualcomm & Samsung can catch up by next year to support this without any lag or killing battery. Motorola's X8 architecture might help but seriously people think of the impact such high resolution would have on your phones. I think that resolution should remain on tablets.

Posted via Android Central App

Tegra 4, Snapdragon 800, both UD (4k) capable, graphics RAM beginning to flow to mobile, 14nm next year, ARM 64 bit next year.

Posted via Android Central App

I've been studying the picture for a while now and I just really can't tell any difference.

Okay, all kidding aside, I wouldn't mind a tablet with this resolution. For one thing, it would be most excellent for remote desktop work.

Also, I am glad to see continued development of LCD panels. I am shopping for an Android phone and will buy either LCD or AMOLED, but for some reason I keep gravitating towards LCD.

Yes but it's only dual FHD, needs to be UD (4k,) Toshiba demoed a 10" UD at CES, half a year ago, (4xFHD.)

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I can see this being in the G2 Pro.

Beyond that I don't see a need to go beyond 1080p. Display manufacturers should work more on efficient displays considering the display is the primary battery sucker in current (and future for the most part) devices.

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I want this in my G2 Pro!
i love 1080p on my G pro.
keep going LG, build them bigger, and better. force Sammy to all others to grow and to create better products for us ALL.
If you build IT- i'll buy!

I mean, thats cool and all, but how about working on something useful?

Like new glass tech that minimizes reflections to, oh let's say, none.

You're being far too rational.

Since you can't put a number to your suggestion, it won't impress the brain dead users who sware by specs for absolutely no reasons.

This PPI war needs to stop and focus on other things, like power efficiency and faster GPUs.

Current gen consoles with ~240 GFlops GPUs can barely handle gaming at 720p.
What they are doing now running 1080p+ resolutions with 50-70 GFlop mobile GPUs is overkill.

Christmas games machines 2 Tflops, next year 14nm, g-ram for mobile, 64 bit, Teg 4, Snap 800 already UD capable, 8 MPs enough for UD recording, don't have any problems running FHD movies on my N7 FHD, or games.

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Anyone here with a decent 46" or less 1080p TV ever thought to themselves while watching a 1080p feed, "hmmm, this low res picture looks like crap"?

No? Me neither.

Then why the hell does anyone need a 2560x1440 (or 1080p for that matter) in a 5.5" display? How close do you people hold your device to your faces?

Yes me, especially when people are moving fast on a live broadcast, I won't buy a DVD unless it's BD, ideally 3DBD, gime UD 3D. :-) .

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How about we concentrate on batteries until they don't burn out so quick. This is ridiculous, as a designer I cant wait until svgs become the standard instead of pngs and jpgs. Cause lord knows I hate making 2 to 4 assets for every single graphic.

well I think LG buys their battery so it's someone elses responsibility. They make displays so it's quite natural for them to do LOTS of R&D in the area.

Well... My HTC One screen is officially out dated now. Happened faster then I thought it would...

Sent from my HTC ONE. Via Android Central App

whoa with that kind of resolution I would think its kinda of a waste on a phone, but on a tablet...HECK YES but again its my opinion I wonder how much it would cost?

Serious overkill! I wish that instead of increasing resolution, they just think of new features or something. Innovate!

That is innovation my man. They just came out with the first 4k phone while 1080p is still making it's way around. LG should be applauded here whether you want the phone or not.

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Edit...you said 4 times 720p hd. 4k is 4 times 1080p hd I believe. I wouldn't call 720p proper hd in the first place.

But this...this is so unnecessary on anything less than 10 inches. It's science, biology, and indisputable fact.

Posted via Android Central App

No, this is only dual FHD, quad HD, needs to be quad FHD, then there'll be some good content, I got tricked by that, at first myself.

Posted via Android Central App

4x the pixels of 1280x720??? Who's ready for 4x the battery drain? Anybody?? Anybody??

Posted via Android Central App

Sure the first generation of 4k phones battery life will suck. But guess what happens when 4k kills battery life? Battery life innovation becomes a major priority. If you are constantly advancing , only good comes from it.

Posted via Android Central App

It's not the battery, its the chip, Nexus 10, iPad 3 ran hot, iPad 4 didn't run hot, also screen size, 4x surface area equals 4x the lumens, Tegra 4, Snapdragon 800 UD capable and 14 nm 64 bit coming next year (cool as a cucumber,) but sure I'd like 10x the battery life from lithium doped carbon fibre. Most battery drain is screen, 6" with reading glasses is the best comprise for 3D UD.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually its carbon nano tubes, to maximise internal and external capacitance surface area.

Posted via Android Central App

Torchlight 1 pixel, one colour, high battery drain, 1080p screen, with good, overpowered SOC, low power drain.

Posted via Android Central App

LG is doing great job lately, but I don't like their logo that's why I avoid buying their phones, I hope they change it to something smarter, I mean comon its a smart phone not a microwave :(

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For people who can't tell the difference just compare this screen side by side with a 1080p panel, when it comes out of course, and then you will be able to see the difference.

One thing I noticed with high DPI displays is how much easier it is to use them in direct sunlight, even with the brightness set to low.

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Some benefits of high DPI displays.

Higher color "density."

Wider color gamut.

Better perception of depth. That is, the display looks 3D without actually being 3D.

These are just some things I remember from a study done by the industry, can't seem to find it now, but they are not developing these displays with no good reason!

Funny how quickly lay persons, who have not the foggiest, dismiss this advance.

The engineering team spent millions of dollars developing this technology for the benefit of the consumer, who immediately dismisses it with handwavium in the form of "overkill."

Didn't you all say the same about 720p and 1080p panels?

Posted via Android Central App

"While still theoretical, such high resolution arrays would permit extremely realistic three dimensional image display by dynamic."


From here to there, there are many steps and each step you will call BS, I am sure.
The ultimate in flat panel display!
Phased optics requires far more than 500 PPI and then some.

You couldn't go from Wright Brothers first flight to a 747 without a few Cessnas in between.

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that's right you are so right they said that about 1080p displays when they arrived but now 1080p it standard in high end smartphones so this will be to in 2014 or so 4k smartphones bring it on!

Posted via Android Central App

The current 1080p or better screens on tablets are deeply welcome and great on a phone; but what is this really for?

Posted via Android Central App

Just curious as to when apps such as crackle and others will actually put content in full HD and decrease the buffering. Oh yeah and improve distortion.

Posted via Android Central App

LG should stop posting pics with the model extending the phone outward from their body. It makes their phones look humongous. What's that you say? Oh, 5.5 inch display. Never mind, the phone actually is humongous.

I think 1080p is way more than enough for phones, I can't see the pixels on my Lumia 920 as it is, only when I'm playing certain games that jagged edges often appear. And I can't see anything like that on 1080p. 2560x1600 should be max for 7" tablets and 3840x2400 max for 10" tablets

SHAME... ONLY 538dpi....

Its 2013 and they should not release phone screens with anything less than 999999999999999999999999999999999dpi....

/S (though obvious)

I don't get how this is 4× hd...HD is 1920×1080 right, so wouldn't 4× hd be something close to 8000×4000.. Am just asking.

Posted via Android Central App

They are cheating when saying it is 4 times "HD". The "HD" they refer to is 1280x720.

But, to answer your question, the 4x refers to area, not dimensions.

Same with 4K TVs. They tout 4x the resolution of HDTVs but it is actually double the dimensions and 4x the area.

With respect, no others have said it better, 4x HD, 2xFHD, 1/2 UD, kiss, keep it simple stupid (no offence it's just an expression,) you'll confuse them even more.

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Slap it into an oculus rift headset and you get a nice resolution improvement! 1280 x 1440 per eye!

Posted via Android Central App

Not sure why everyone is angry with a company being inovative. I agree, I won't buy a phone just because of this screen. I don't think the ppi jump will matter, but why get angry at LG for inovating? Is it because you believe you are the only person who gets to define what inovation is? For me, screen inovation is finding a way to project an image on top of a protective surface instead of under it. I want to have no barrier between the image and my sight. Yet, I'm not angry because innvocation hasn't gone there yet. Each step forward gives hope, though.

This technology might be useful if it can be adapted to glasses-free 3D displays (where the horizontal resolution is typically halved), but I don't see the point for a regular display.

i know numbers are the only thing people use to compare things. but i seriously cant tell the diff between 720 and 1080. only time theres a dif if colors and brightness. and thats more than resolution. it seems a bit excessive. its just making these parts more expensive

You all need to go back to your iCrap and stop hating on a great piece of tech. It's like you're a bunch of babies that don't understand that advancing screen tech wil lead to better screen tech. Or get a HTC One and realize how much better a high res, high ppi screen is than whatever it is that you have.

Posted via Android Central App

U mad bro? I agree that this could lead to better screen tech but higher resolution displays are WAY down on the "areas of improvement" list. Wtb better battery life and then we can talk about how much we all need imperceptible changes to displays.

I want my display to look better than the real thing. ?!?!?!?

Get real will you, this screen is overkill. Unless, of course, you're in the habit of using a magnifying glass to look at your smartphone. From some of the comments that have been posted this appears to be quite normal behaviour.

Nice. I imagine this will make an appearance on the new LG Optimus G Pro 2.

Posted via the Android Central App on my Note 2

I am all for high resolution....really, I am. but this is starting to get rediculous. can we stop focusing on resolution, and start focusing on getting a true edge to edge display....as in the minimum bezel width is 0mm. this is really what i want.

on a related note, this display is going to be amazing, and i will soon be jealous of it and want to trade in my 1080P screen for it when it hits...but its still overkill....and i love it :)

Wow just wow. Here we have LG innovating and all I see is complaining. Really? "No one can tell the difference'' or "thats overkill" blah blah blah. There's a simple solution for you crybabies.............don't buy it. Yeah simple huh?

Not buying it won't stop the people who get a device with this display from using its ridiculous and unnecessary spec as a reason their device is better. You can see the smug cloud coming from a mile away.

Totally, he can have a fancy car, house, big family, get on a jet, but I can't have a nice window on the world, for a pittance compared to what he's got, simply bizarre.

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This is awesome as long as the soc and battery can keep up. Progress is great. Samsung? Your move.

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For all the "overkill" naysayers - a personal anecdote:

I recall very well when Napster came out and my family bought a new HD. We upgraded our 20 GB HD to a 60 GB (or something like that, not the point). I was convinced that we would never have space issues again. Today I am 85% capacity of a 500 GB cloud drive (and I question if my 1.5 TB physical backup is future-proof).

I recall when they (whoever they are) broke the 1 Ghz barrier. I was convinced a person would never need more speed than that. Now I've got a quad-core 1.7 Ghz on my freakin' phone and as buttery as it often is I still get impatient when it can't keep up with my multi-tasking obsession.

I recall watching a DVD for the first time on a friends early HD projection TV. What could possibly be better? Yet there I stood a couple weeks ago before a 4k masterpiece at a local retailer.

I could go on about personal thoughts on internet speed, video game graphics, audio quality..

Overkill? Nay. We live in the greatest technological era of history.

Actually we've been living in one of the greatest ie. 40 year stagnations in history, but one of the small compensations, is the explosion in pixels, since the worst and most prolonged recession, apart from the Great Depression (GFC/great recession.) This is not the roaring twenties, nor 50s, nor 60s, but it's been pretty good for the emerging economies, too bad about the developed economies, I am consoled by my Nexus 7 FHD and await UD, just wish we could have made a tiny fraction, of that progress in transport and energy. Apart from air travel, we've been dragging our feet for decades, in another half decade, we'll be half a century past the moon landing, off planet industry, ought to be bigger than on planet industry. Mr Jetson, what happened to 2001 a space odyssey ?! :-).

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