Lenovo P770

Lenovo isn't a name you hear thrown around when talking about smartphones very often. The only product most people in the U.S. have been exposed to is their tablet offering, the Ideatab, and even that's a stretch. One place where the company has managed to amass some mind and market share in mobile is China. Lenovo has just announced its latest offering, seen above, as the P770. The spec highlights are as follows:

  • 3500mAh battery
  • 4.5-inch qHD (540x960) screen
  • 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Given the past experiences Lenovo had trying to break into Western markets, we doubt we'll see anything similar to this hit the states. Its still interesting to see another player throwing its hat in the ring in China, which is a huge developing smartphone market.

Source: Lenovo; Via: UnwiredView

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Great googly moogly! Thats a lot of battery.

Ultimate1983 says:

I really wish this would become the new standard. I would gladly take a phone 2 mm thicker for 2 days battery life.

canesfan44 says:

I get 2 days out of my new Droid DNA, but then again, I'm not really a power user playing video games and watching videos all day. I was really worried about battery life with the Droid DNA, but whether it's the quad-core processor or the new LCD3 display, or both, but it gets me through the entire day with more than 50% still available. I'm definitely impressed with the battery life, especially because I had the HTC Thunderbolt before the DNA.

John-Smith says:

Agreed.. In fact, I think MOST people would agree, so why haven't the major phone brands caught on to this fact yet? (Well they are starting to at least, Razor Max/Note 2 etc)

xandros9 says:

They need to build a ThinkPhone

Asterisk says:

You mean ThickPhone? ;)

15israellai says:

You mean a Nokia?

Diskoman says:

Now if they could only strike a deal to OEM this with a major player over here, or even sell it under a carrier's name similar to the way T-Mobile sold the Sidekick. You are talking 2-3 day battery life with this thing...it would sell!

ohaaron says:

Lenovo's laptops are pretty well known. I wouldn't think that the Ideatab would be the most well known Lenovo product in the states.

Diskoman says:

+1 this. I think of the Thinkpad when I think of Lenovo...probably the most versatile, durable laptop out there.

JobiWan144 says:

I think he meant the best known Android-based product, but he wasn't really clear on that point.

reign831 says:

Why are there 2 signal strength meters?

thebizz says:

It's probably a dual sim device

justguff says:

The home button looks like a Portal cube...

Gearu says:

Massive pixellation also.

Jared-5 says:

For years, I've owned nothing but Lenovo Thinkpads (using a W510 right now), and would love to see Lenovo's phone.

Wish the resolution was a bit better, though.

Ashrafts61 says:

I find it excellent for its powerful battery life and relatively high processor. Also for its awesome shape. But I have a problem. GPS is not working. And I bought it from China so its apps in Chinese. I will be appreciated if somebody could help me