Sprint playbook

Good news if your rocking an HTC EVO 3D or planning on picking up a Samsung Conquer 4G -- both are soon to see some updates according to a page from the latest Sprint playbook.  We're pouring through it, and this one caught our eye.

The EVO 3D is scheduled to have an update to version 2.08.651.2 sitting and waiting for users to go get on Aug 18, and will begin being pushed on Aug 23.  While it's not a major upgrade (no, you're not getting Ice Cream Sandwich just yet), it looks like it addresses some bugs and should be welcomed by many.  Fair warning -- that shiny new bootloader crack and root method may be patched in this one.

The Conquer 4G looks to be getting a security patch on release day, bumping it to build Gingerbread EG15.  Specifics are lacking, other than an enhancement/fix to device security.  Nobody is going to complain about that.

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Leaked Sprint playbook shows HTC EVO 3D to get updated Aug 23, Conquer 4G on Aug 21


yeah the camera does not work properly. i could be holding the phone absolutely still and then snap a pick and it will come out as blurry as if i was taking a picture of something while moving 50 miles per hour in a car. it doesn't happen alll the time, but way too often. it really seems like the shutter speed is wayyy to slow. HTC please address this!!

not to be condescending, but read the post...it says " Fair warning -- that shiny new bootloader crack and root method may be patched in this one."

yeah but that is for the unofficial root method being used. HTC did say that there was an update coming to prepare the Evo 3D and Sensation for the upcoming PC unlocking software.

Any update is always Kool but oddly enough I am not experiencing any of the so called above issues on my device. Never had any issue with the Spiderman game I always play it and my gps is so rssponsive it's actually a crime. I ran into some lady from Holland on Monday who was new to the New York City and she was unable to use google maps on her new Galaxy S2 so I was able to not only lock in on certain areas of the city she need to visit through google maps but i was able to copy maps of the areas she need and email them to her so she can continue her stops without getting lost or interrupted. It was great to see the Galaxy S2 out in the wild it was a lovely device she was handling it well but clearly EVO 3D rules. She played with my phone as I played with hers it was a fun day. Sadly whatever version we get here in the states won't match the original device she had on that day. Hats off to Samsung..

I am in NYC as well but my gps is useless, google maps just tells me I am wherever the closest cell tower is which is always a block or three off. I have tried many gps fixes but nothing has worked so far.

When u say the bootloader unlock and root maybe patched into this update are u saying it will break the root?

It is a general rule of thumb to never take any OTA's what so ever if you are rooted. Besides one of the devs will probably have a rooted version for you to flash within 12 to 24 hours anyway.

Damn spare parts didn't work

I heard google fixed that issue with honeycomb 3.2, just hoping it resolves it on my evo 3d

Making additional preloaded apps uninstallable by users???? ok, ok,,,,not gonna nit pick,,,just thought I should point that out...

Yeah, I had to read that a few times myself.

I think they are saying that they are making it is even more of the preloaded apps can be uninstalled by the user.

I wish I could uninstall the sprint zone, but I know THAT is not going to happen.

Only thing I need out of the update is the lockscreen temperature fix but since summer is close to being over I might not install this update. The ability to remove more pre-loaded apps is nice.

Any one else have an issue when you reboot the phone that it does not reload the apps from the memory card?
On my home screens my ICONS get replaced by generic icons on every reboot. Also some programs seem to dissapear on reboots. Very annoying. Hope these get fixed as well.

Changing to another scene and then back again seems to fix it for me. Annoying, I know...but, the only solution I've found short of moving them to phone memory.

I hope T-Mobile and htc releases a software update to my Sensation 4g so that we can uninstall pre loaded apps as well:)

It wasnt speaking about the BB Playbook. It meant playbook as far as its next moves... I thought the same thing, but playbook wasnt capitalized and you can see the next moves they are making in regards to the phones. so its a "play book" lol

Update installed check. Latest version of android ver 2.3.4 check. WooT WooT. Still looking for any other goodies that were included, but very excited thus far.

Woohoo spiderman is off my phone. Phone seems to respond nicer. And screenshots can be taken by pressing power and tapping home button

Updated as of 15 minutes ago. Went for a drive to check "Random GPS coordinates issue." Not sure I like how they "fixed" that issue. It used to show accuracy down to 7 feet and then jump around. Now it shows accuracy to 60+ feet and no jumping.

Can someone explain what the Profile and PRL updates are? They're separate items in the System Updates, but I'm not sure what they update and thus, not sure if it would be wise to update them after I've loaded the new HTC software update.

PRL and Profile updates are through Sprint Only. They basically update your antennas/tower signal and refresh your backend connections.

Pretty dumb that HTC and Sprint did not fix the three main prolems that EVO 3D users are having: poor call quality, low volume and poor signal strength. I am glad I returned mine and did not use my upgrade to wait for this useless update. Good luck EVO users. Hopefully they will get you the real update soon!

Awesome update to my Evo 3D! Allows me to take screenshots using Power & home button.
Screen shot gets stored in gallery. No more those pesky 3rd party apps!! :)

Ok, am I doing something wrong??? When I hit the power button and home screen key i get the power menu like i used to. lol. help!