We've received a screenshot from Verizon's systems, showing an OTA in the works for the Galaxy Nexus. According to our tipster, the IMM76Q build is still Ice Cream Sandwich, but looks to have a newer baseband and software version. Any other changes would be pure speculation, but we expect them to be bug fixes and enhancements. 

If the IMM76Q tag looks familiar, that's because it's been rumored for about a month. A lone user at XDA reported seeing the update prompt, and users in the Verizon Galaxy Nexus forums say they've been told by Samsung and Verizon that it will address the signal drop issues that plague some users in certain areas.  

We know that everyone is champing at the bit to get Jelly Bean on their Verizon Galaxy Nexus, but we're not too surprised at this news. It makes sense for Big Red to get their ducks in a row and address radio issues before they push out a new platform version, potentially full of newer bugs. We'll all keep our eyes and ears open, and hope the update makes headway against the connection issues.

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Leaked shot shows Verizon Galaxy Nexus getting yet another ICS OTA


So if this is going to be released.... I say around september that mean Jelly Bean will be out in January on a Nexus!

The tech I have been talking to said IMM76Q was coming. I hope it fixes the lack of signal strength and loss of data connection. Third replacement phone today, same thing. It lost it while the tech was activating my phone, wanted to go through WIFI to configure phone. Took half an hour to configure with a new SIMs card as the third replacement the SIMs would not release from the phone, good QA.

I'm not.

Verizon needs to fix this phone, period. You're paying about $100 a month to have a cell phone and a data connection, and if I were presented with half the issues I see users having with the Verizon G Nex, I'd be raising holy hell. Jelly Bean doesn't mean much when the radio, network, or a combination of both is total crap.

I don't care if they have to roll back to Cupcake, they need to get the phone working before they break anything else.

My only question is then why do all the other carriers seem to be able to push updates in a timely manner. Do they not have any quality control? While I'm rooted/rom'd to Jelly Bean, it still irks me that Verizon sucks so badly at this.

Are you kidding. They don't. The GS2 variants just got ICS. Verizon may be the worse but don't talk like the other carriers are updating machines.

that doesnt take into account that there are plenty of users with no radio/network issues. either way it's verizons ineptitude that is preventing them from fixing whatever "issues" that are out there and releasing updates in a timely manner. if people are having such "serious issues" they should switch phones or switch carriers. no need to make the rest of us suffer.

Honestly I normally wouldn't suggest this but I have a Verizon Gnex and rooted it. Its more work but if you own a Nexus your a power user anyway. I came from a Sprint Evo3D and frequent updates. Nothing on this Device. If you own a Verizon Galaxy Nexus just root it and put Jelly Bean on it with Rom Manager. Its not hard if I can do it. I love the phone and the LTE is fast but Verizon has no interest in this device IMO so thank god for XDA and all the help I got there.

The Verizon Galaxy Nexus is the WORST NEXUS EVER. The worst overall experience ever. I am glad I sold my Galaxy Nexus and also kicked Verizon to the curb June 28th for Tmobile. Now on my Galaxy S3 i get great reception and excellent signal strength plus true 4g speeds on Tmobile 42MPS HSPA PLUS network. Plus now I get to that GSM NETWORK thank god Verizon and it's Lte cdma network is sadly overrated and overpriced. Tmobile rocks...

Did the same except I went to AT&T, I need service where ever I go or any building I go into. I wish T-mobile had the service AT&T does.

If I wasn't grandfathered into my Unlimited plan, I would have done the same. Supposedly I have 4g in the Greater Providence Area. So that would mean Providence and surrounding areas. I work dead smack in the middle of Providence and have to go to the middle of the parking lot just to get a measly 2 bars of 4g. If T-Mobile gets the next Nexus, I will be making the switch.

The thing about that is that I can already guarantee you the next Nexus will work on T-Mobile. Buy it directly from Google, and you can use it on any GSM carrier. This is exactly why I'm probably going to ditch Verizon and go to T-Mobile once my contract is up.

That must be why my area is FLOODED with T-Mobile and AT&T EDGE.. their network is just too awesome for my regional area.

its newer, but the old one was I515.09, and since this is just .10, might not actually be anything big. all the other numbers on it are the same

This is the same baseband as IMM76K. The .09 and .10 refer to the hardware version and doesn't change. Supposedly one from China, and one from Korea. My understanding is that IMM76Q has the dumbed down search function since it was brought out shortly after the sales restriction was lifted.

Already have Jelly Bean on my Verizon GNex. It's a Nexus, no need to wait. And yes the ROM has been bullet proof so far. And yes rooting is a breeze with the tools available. Might as well make the most of your Nexus. Whether Verizon releases it this year, next year, 40 years from now.....who cares?

Very easy, Search out Wugfresh in the forums, get his Galaxy Nexus Toolkit. This will unlock, root your phone. Once that is done get the Jelly bean rom of your choice download to your PC and then go to the Advanced section of the GNex Toolkit. Add the ROM and prosper. Trust me, this is a no brainer.

There is also an update coming for Galaxy s3 with same approval date of 7.7.2012 highlighted in update list. Suprised that didn't get passed one being it's right above this change lol.5

Hey if it fixes the signal loss thing I got going on it well be a very welcome update even if it isn't new jelly bean(awesomeness). Having tried many roms and running latest bootloaders, radios, roms even a few really nice Jelly Bean roms I still have data disconnecting randomly sometimes a few times an hour. But for sure 3 or 4 times a day. I just really want it not have poor reception but I well add I very very rarely got any dropped calls so nothing really important was disrupted for me personally just usually loading a web page coming out of sleep and to wait like 20 30 seconds to find data again. Plus there is hardly ever any green in my signal strength in last page of battery usage even when I've been in area with strong 4G all day kinda confuses me because I can pull up to 27Mbps tops(my speed test record) or slightly over 3.333 MBps. Anyway I would love this to be resolved so I going stock right now to see what happens with Jelly Bean and now this. Currently unrooted and flashed to stock via wugs galaxy nexus toolkit(very handy tool for rooting unlocking and all that good stuff) so I'm just going to see if Verizon pulls through for me since I left from Sprint for the 4G.

Me too. Going to 4.1.1 isn't going to fix that. However, 4.1.1 is freakin awesome. Running Vicious myself. I WOULD revert back to stock once IMM76Q comes out just to get the radios....then re-root it back to 4.1.1. It's been too much of a pain to flash just the baseband. Would rather leave that alone and you generally can do that if you just revert back to get them.

Screw VZW when it comes to updates. There are 2 types of VZW customers. Us here in the forums and the rest that don't know jack. If you own a VZW GNex and you frequent these forums, you owe it to yourself to unlock, root and flash the heck out of your GNex. To be honest, I flashed the FC05 radios to my GNex a couple months ago and my reception and data connections have been solid for me. Combined with a solid JB ROM and this is still by far the best device on VZW and should still be up there with the GSM version (shit, I'd put up my GNex next to a GSM variant and let's see who downloads a complete ROM to flash in the shortest amount of time. :-)) The developers out there have done fantastic stuff with this phone and I say screw VZW. I have my own update schedule. :-D

Jelly Belly
This is a great ROM that gets updated every few days. I love this developers dedication to squash out bugs.

Bugless Beast
This ROM is stupid stable and as close to stock as you can get. The only changes he makes to android are only to improve speed.

This ROM is an unofficial build of CM10.

This is a preview of their JB build(I'm in the middle of restoring my apps from flashing this ROM as I type this). I can't comment on stability but the AOKP team has never let me down. Edit: It's smoother then Jelly Belly. Haven't tested gps yet. Every phone will have different performance though.

If it's your first time putting a ROM on your phone, it's stupid easy.
Just get Wug's Galaxy Nexus Root Kit
It will unlock and root your phone with one click of a button. Keep in mind, that unlocking your phone will wipe the HD. Make sure to back up any pictures, movies, files you would like to keep. As far as "voiding the warranty", just use the relock button and they wont be able to tell.

Just watch the video in the second post for a description on how to use the program.

Enjoy running Jelly Bean!! You'll love it.

I just take this as a case of "No ones ever happy". Yes, VZW takes forever to get updates out, but thats because (supposedly) they are doing lots of tests to make sure it works, has no (or very little and not phone breaking) bugs and works on the network. But, again, they take forever, so people are pissed off.
Now lets look at the other side. What if VZW just pushed out any update the minute they got it? Guess what, it could have bugs that break your phone, the radios break and dont get a signal, etc. then everyone bitches that the update is terrible.

Honestly, at this point, im glad VZW is still updating the GNex, since, im guessing and may be wrong, they have to do a lot of the work to make sure it works on CDMA properly, and they have newer phones to worry about (GS3). Just be glad VZW got the GNex at all. Would you guys rather have a GS2 variant that might never get updated? i wouldnt. And i dont know what all the coverage hate is about, here on the east coast i get great LTE speeds and great coverage. Only VZW going out of business would make me switch to AT&T or TMobile. Ill keep my "locked, worse CDMA phones"

Jerry, I know it's anal, but thank you for using the proper phrasing, "Champing at the bit."


Chatted recently with a rep from Verizon. Based on what she was telling me, the internal timeline is to have Jelly Bean on the Gnex by summers end. I would be very happy to see this, as it would mean that Verizon is learning how to treat the Android community properly. Ever the optimist I suppose.

Until then, Running a 4.1.1 Rom on mine. Loving JB. Yes its annoying having to resort to hacking your phone, just to get the newest version of a OS we're supposed to have the minute its released, But Verizon has to cover their asses folks, if they released an update that bricked your phone, you'd be even more pissed off. Don't be brash, just learn to flash :)


She was still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich on her Droid Razr. Verizon, come on at least give updates to your reps on time.