TmoNews got their hands on the jackpot, a purported list of T-Mobile 3G locations for 2009. We've documented T-Mobile's 3G rollout in the past but this list shows the roadmap of the future. Soon, T-Mobile 3G will blanket the country (just in time for 4G, d'oh!).

Taking a quick glance at the list we can see a lot of Texas and Arizona cities will be getting the good 'ol 3G. Are any of your guys' city still missing? Let us know in the comments!



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Leaked List of T-Mobile 3G Cities for 2009


im smack in the middle of brownsville and mcallen, tx so hopefully we in harlingen will get it also.

I assume you are talking about US here? Or should I just assume that anyway? ie is this site worth visiting from the UK or other parts of Europe or is it totally US-centric?

"I assume you are talking about US here?"

When talking about a US cellular company too. Quite the intrepid detective you are.

It's already May and I don't see T-Mobile's coverage map indicating 3G in Lubbock.. hopefully this isn't a fluke..

A lot of T-Mobile customers in Laredo are anxiously waiting for 3G.. such a large subscriber base is envy of AT&Ts fast speeds here.. we'll see if they promise something for June along with Corpus Christi, McAllen, and Brownsville..

Oh wow this is becoming true... here in laredo we only had the stupid GSM things an recently like 3 days ago i started to get signals of EDGE an then it would go off and on. then 2 days ago my phone would only have the E that stands for EDGE!!! well its not asfast as the 3G but i mean its somethin!!! hopefully it gets better !!!

Yeah Laredo barely had GPRS from T-Mo when I had my unlocked 2G iPhone; it sucked so hard I switched to AT&T for their broader and better 3G network.. im glad these cell companies are finally seeing the actual statistics in the dense Laredo area and that newer technologies are headed our way. It's only Sprint out of the big four that's left with its horrible 2G .. maybe with this Palm Pre they'll be looking at getting their Mobile Broadband over here.

I am in Oklahoma City and I have heard for the past two years that we were getting 3G. So far, that has not been the case. T-Mobile is heavily marketing their 3G phones, too bad they don't have the service out. If you look at the map they have, only a handful of cities have 3G coverage. I bet once the 3G network expands, so wil the prices.

Sprint has to catch up with its competition IN THE LAREDO AREA. 3 of the major carriers offer 3g that is, Verizon, ATT, and T-mobile. Sprint is really not looking at their numbers, Laredo has a population of almost 300 thousand people that deserve to have 3g service, anyways I hope the decennial census open their eyes.

Hey, Maury, open YOUR eyes, hardly any of those 300,000 people are actually accounted for in a census. It's July 20 and only half of Laredo has 3G, the north half. I work in South-Laredo so I get to hear everyone complain about how their T-Mo Smartphones always pale in comparison to AT&T and Verizon phones and then they switch.That's bad for T-Mobile's business. And Sprint's a joke unless you love DC Radiophones (which Laredo does). I'm not complaining anymore though, I already got 3G on my G1, hopefully, though, we get future networks faster. T-Mobile, give us tech, we've got the money.

Actually Ragnarök, the north half of Laredo from Del Mar has T-Mo EDGE and not 3G... neither does South Laredo going down Zapata Hwy.. I found it interesting that T-Mobile left out those parts of town.. it's mostly the Central and Eastern parts of the city that have 3G coverage. I have to agree with you, Sprint is a big joke in Laredo and Pré users aren't gonna be happy with the speed.. I've tried calling the Sprint store and they don't have any idea what I'm talking about... idiots. I heard that Laredo used to have a regional PCS provider called Andromeda PCS or similar before Sprint purchased it, which might be the reason, but shouldn't be. Other cities like Abilene and Lubbock don't have Sprint 3G either, so Laredo isn't actually left out of the blue. And AT&T seems to be the one leading the area with 3G speed.. they actually finished repairing the network because there was a slowdown of 500kbps or less. Now my phone is receiving 2Mbps again :)

I've tried calling the Sprint store and they don't have any idea what I'm talking about... idiots.

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