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We've had discussion of the ESE53 build of the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid (yeah, say all that 10 times fast) for a number of days, but now there's video to go along with all that talk. And the buzz is that live wallpapers are included and run just fine. There are only three homescreens, though that's easily fixed, isn't it. Peep the whole video after the break. [Droid-Life via AndroidCentral Forums]


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Leaked Droid 2.1 update shows live wallpapers


I am running this. It is awesome. This is not a fake hahaha. There is a live wallpaper called neural network that is meant for droid it is just like the nexus live wallpaper but it has just red colors

There are tons of 2.1 ESE53 builds available for Droid right now. They all pretty much come with live wallpapers. To get it right now though of course you need root. Heck I have been rooted since first week that I got my Droid, and thanks to the hold up with the official 2.1 I don't ever see a reason to not be. However I know there are plenty of people that don't want to root and for those I do wish someone with Verizon/Moto or whoever needs to be, gets on the ball so the rest can enjoy what we have had for so long. As for this video, it is legit. It is not a fake at all. Now is this exactly what we would be getting OTA that is another question. This is however the second build that has been leaked claiming to be the official 2.1 for Droid.

i am hoping the droid will come with the 3-D app drawer, i have the nexus launcher right now and id love to see it on the droid! i could really care less if its 3 screens or 5 tho.

Looks great. Since all the 2.1 apps have been ported already (including 3D drawer), I'm really happy to see the live wallpaper.

Ahh! Now I have to wait in suspense until the OTA. Could be worse I guess - as I'm GTalk'ing to my cousin right now who's been fighting with VZW for weeks now about letting him upgrade from his Storm 2 to the Droid. Sorry 'bout your luck, bro! :)

tell your cousin to have his S2 replaced 3 times for issues by vzw, not fixed but replaced. This is so incrediably easy with the S2 since the service reps know the phone sucks and aren't actually employed by vzw (3rd party workers contracted to vzw, at least in nj.) Tell your cousin to say the phone freezes especially when writing a lot of messages and it can't handle the volume of messaging you do without crashing. The service rep will def think you have a deffective phone since your complaining about a problem in what is actually any bbery's strongest core application. Kinda like telling a girl with a killer face, chest, and legs, but with a flat ass, that your favorite feature on her is her awesome apple booty, etc. Guarantee you will automatically gain brownie points for making her feel good about something she's always thought was her worst feature.

The first and last of the 3 service trips make sure he goes to the same service guy, and strikes up a good repoir with him about tech stuff, tell him to say something including the words android, whatya think, linux based, kernal, etc.. this way the guy knows he's not some idiot whose bberry messaging probs aren't occuring because the radio was off or something..for the second trip go to a different store all together but make sure they know of your first trip to the other store..make sure u go at least 7-14 days apart to avoid any suspicion. Tell him to complain heavily each time he takes the phone in to be replaced, and to do so immediatly. He should tell the rep he knows its not their fault, but your so frustrated and its hurting his biz. He should try and gather sympathy from the other ppl waiting in the service line (shockingly easy to do) so they can blurt in their own complaints and quirps as well. Tell him to be stern and upset (he prob is upset anyway cus the s2 does suck) but obv never offensive, cruel, or to make any disturbance, he's going for a avrg joe vs the machine type of performance, he only wants a product that works. Always ask to see a vzw manager and apoligize to the svc guy many times and say sorry for flipping out etc.

Once he's talking to the manager he should open with this line "I'm a business man and I bought a bbery to make running my biz/life easier, but all it has done is make me work harder trying to work around all its problems." Tell him how many times the s2 has been replaced and repeat all the tech talk u had with the svc employee. Make sure he keeps the plastic on the replacement phone so he can say "the phones brand new and already having the same problems, already had to pull the battery 5 times, etc." Then hit them with the dreaded statement of "I seriously want to close my line and go to att." If he has other lines that's even better and he should threaten to pull them too. He should ask how he can start the process, if they call the bluff say you need a day or two to check out other service provider plans and to inform any other lines on the act of the switch (they prob won't call the bluff tho." Make sure he also lists a long line of previously problems with past bberys, say they were through vzw and that he was promised each new phone would fix the previous phone's problem (if this was his first bbery say it was through his previous employeers plan.) He should also state he has been a loyal vzw customer for x ammount of years, longer the better, and is not the type of person to complain about anything. If the manager/sales rep doesn't suggest a solution at any point than ask him how can he help. Make sure he never mentions a specific phone during this whole process, just make sure he says he can't use bberry anymore. This may work at any of the 3 times you visit the store, but most likely won't happen until the 3rd warranty replacement, but the mgr will most likely offer him the ability to purchase a new phone at the 2yr contract promotional price as long as he signs a new 2yr contract. He gets to keep the S2 as well to sell on ebay or use as am intl phone. He should naievly pick the droid out, after asking many questions about other vzw products, he should also say something about missing bbm just to make sure the mgr doesn't think he is being swindled.

I have honestly used this method 4 times now without fail, and at the same store. It may not be very ethical but hey were talking about a droid here, all is fair in love and android dude.

Too bad our policies of doing "3 replacements=brand new phone" are over and done with as of last month. Seriously, we KNOW when you come in and are making up problems to get a new phone, most the time we just don't care enough to argue. However, now we have to unless you're seriously immature enough to yell in store to managers. So grow up and just deal with the phone YOU picked out and YOU bought.