LauncherPro, the popular alternative launcher, has been updated to v.0.8.2, bringing with it some nice changes. The developer, Federico Carnales, said back in September that he was rewriting the entire application to improve performance and add great features.

This update is not the full rewrite, which he hopes to release in January. Nevertheless, this update brings some cool new features, including:

  • Virtual looping: When this is enabled, users can scroll past their last homescreen, only to bounce back to the other side. To enable this feature, go into Preferences->HomeScreen Settings->Virtual Looping
  • Dock popup: This feature is for Pro users only. It allows users to add Recent Apps as a Swipe gesture action popup. If you enable it, you can make a swipe gesture to display your most recently used apps, much like holding the Home button. To enable, hold down an icon in the dock->Swipe gesture action->Show Popup->Recent Apps. Thus far, I have found it displays more apps than long pressing the Home button
  • Clear cache option for Twitter and Facebook widgets; this is also only for Pro users. To access this, go to Preferences->LP Widget Settings->Twitter widget/Facebook widget

Some great improvements on an already fantastic app. If you haven't already tried LauncherPro, find the download links after the break.  [LauncherPro]


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LauncherPro updated to v0.8.2, brings virtual looping and a recent app popup


The looping screens is slow, and jerky. The app has become so bloated. I have decided to use ADW. It is still lean, with plenty of features. I love the option to have no dock. You can extend your desktop in its place. Maybe the LPP rewrite will be more lean. Here's hoping!

Yup, looping is kind of a kludge right now. That's why he calls it virtual looping. All it seems to be is a fast pageback (or forward).

Still saved you the effort of doing it yourself.

While the last version seemed a bit laggy...especially the popups this update is much faster all aound on my epic. LOVE the new swipe for last used apps! Way better than only 6! Keep em coming!

Best android app imho.

So having options makes something bloated? So why are you even on an android platform? Seems like you're better suited for Apple and their "lean" services tim242. LPP is fantastic and I have zero problems with it being laggy or having any problems at all. Come to think of it, I have never had a problem with it.

Well I have the evo and its laggy. Plus it force closes twice a day. Unistalled it a bit ago and have been just using sense which I hate. But at least its smooth. I like options just not lag. I would of stayed with my hero!

Did you try tweaking the memory management settings? On some phones, these settings need to be adjusted for best performance.

Which way? Up or down?

It could take quite a bit of experimenting to determine the best setting. Any hints?

If running a lot of widgets, I've found the "Moderate" or "Light" memory usage presets to be very good. I'm running a Nexus One, btw. I remember reading on the LP forums that lighter memory usage was better the more widgets one uses.

Great app. Brought new life to my Nexus One. I never thought my Nexus was slow, until I downloaded Launcher Pro. Anyone who wants there device to scream download the Launcher Pro. Just bought the MyTouch 4G, I am running Launcher Pro and my apps have that 3D affect and have it set up just like the stock Nexus One looks but better. Great app.
PS I am buying the paid version.

I've always wondered... when you use LPP on a non-vanilla handset, does it use the stock vanilla icons or the skinned versions? Curious of the MT4G with LPP still has the hideous squarish bubble/glass icons.

Ditto...Its always ran butter smooth on my DX and that includes stock Motoblur (I'm running RubiX Focused 1.9 now and it is smoother then ever.)

I also use an Evo 4G, no lag, ever. Tells me you probably need to tweek your settings a bit and maybe not have so much running ( widgets, background programs, etc... ). I love LPP, I tried it out and not even 30 minutes later bought the Pro. Far better than the HT Sense and a lot more customizable. Can't wait to see the all new version next year!

I had it on my hero running cm6 and it worked great. Not on my stock evo though. Don't wanna run cm and lose 4g. It is better layout and cooler options but I just can't handle the fc everyday.

Just because I don't want a launcher that eats up battery, doesn't make me unsuited for Android. It's a launcher, it shouldn't be eating more battery than my browser. It doesn't show up in battery usage, it is in Android system usage. Don't believe me? Test your battery usage with and without LP. You people that jump on people and personally attack them because of their really need to get a life. It's those actions that makes you look like the apple fanboy type.

I can honestly say I see ZERO difference in battery life with and without LPP. I have no clue what you're talking about.

Did I run any benchmarks, nope. But with normal use, taking my N1 off the dock at 7am every day, I got through at least 6 or 7pm with juice left, before and after LPP.

Wow. You must run a lot of bandwidth hungry apps.
I get 26:50 between full charges. Originally I used to get 18 hours max. Killing off the Stock weather/news app that came with the Nexus One was the biggest savings.

I never measured with/without Launcher Pro, so can't say.

Quite frankly, even tho I use Launcher pro its not that big of an improvement over 2.2 stock, it has nothing major to offer other than variable number of start screens, and scrolling bottom menu, and if Gingerbread has that feature, dumping LP will be 3+ meg freed up on my phone.

I do... Facebook/Twitter widget updates every 30 minutes, weather every 2 hours,, Shazam widget, Youtube widget. I'm probably not doing more than 30 minutes to an hour of voice calls, but do up to 100 texts a day and surf the web for a few hours on 3G. Screen brightness is set to auto.

I occasionally will use the stock news app, but might try to kill it off to see if that makes a big difference. Right now it's updating every 3 hours I think.

Everything that he includes into the app is an option and shouldn't be considered bloatware. Bloatware is software forced onto your phonr that you can't remove. You don't have to use the options..but in my case everything he implements works excellent on my G2, with whatever rom I have loaded on.

Wrong. The widgets are there, whether you use them or not...even for the people that aren't plus users. At first, there was a running service that constantly ran. Luckily, enough people complained, that he took that out. The size of the app has grown a lot.

Programs in general usually get larger in size as they evolve and features are added...not really a sign of a bad app ;P

i got too much lag with Launcher Pro Plus on my Droid X. That's why I use ADW now. Maybe when he puts out the rewrite, I'll go back. But for now, ADW is better for me.

Tim I commented about you specifically because it's uneducated bastardized comments that should be nixed. You obviously failed to adjust when you got launcher and that's evident by your experience and how rare it is. Your best would have been "hey mine acted really messed up what did I do wrong" as opposed to trying to state false facts like battery draw.

I have used LP Plus for months and love it,have never had a force close or noticed a lag in any way. I actually found sense on my Dinc to be more of a lag than LP. Good work on the app and I can't wait to see what you have coming in the future.

So far, I don't notice a difference in this new update. I tried the Virtual Looping option, and it wasn't visually appealing. I don't know how hard it is to implement, but I think it would look better if the looping was still a forward animation instead of a springback. So if you're at the rightmost homescreen, swiping to the right will still scroll to the right into homescreen #1.

Either way, LPP was a great app before the update, so I'll continue using it. Great job!

Dacp283: You don't know who you are talking to. I am far from uneducated. I know a lot about Android, and spend a lot of time helping people. I am very aware of tweaking settings in LP. A 4MB app constantly running, on top of Sense is going to drain the battery quicker. Take a trip to the LP forums, instead of bullying people that know more than you.

Comment sections of every blog are 99.999999% BS.
Everybody thinks they are experts, and everybody else is stupid. If you don't agree with someone, there are nice ways to discuss. But, most just want to be a smartass and try to bully people. Get a life already. Contrary to what you may do not know everything. You obviously have issues, and try to take it out in the comments section of a blog. Be nice, or stfu!

Tried a reasonable comment about this update but was marked as spam (second time in 2 days) so you will all just have to wonder at the genius I was looking to impart ;). Hope they sort out the spam filters soon.