Have you ever wanted to see just how many times that funny body popping video has been viewed (or looped/repeated) on Vine? Now you can with the latest changes made to the popular service. Vine has rolled out updates to its Android, iOS apps as well as its web platform to introduce loop counters on published videos. Now it's possible to see counters while browsing through the app to determine what's popular using views as opposed to how many times that specific item has been shared.


The number of loops (or views) are displayed in the upper right-hand side of each Vine, updating in real-time. A new, cleaner feed design is also included in this latest release, re-designed to be more streamlined and offers a better viewing experience. Lastly, the team has redesigned the activity section to include new account milestones and more concise notifications. Overall, a neat update we're sure frequent users will enjoy.

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Latest Vine update lets you see how many times videos have looped

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Would this count each loop on a single device? I so, I think Vine is breaking the first rule of the internet, don't feed the trolls. I want my vine to appear popular, so I'm going to leave it looping all night and whenever I'm not using my phone.

I don't know about this one.

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