Motorola Citrus, LG Vortex

Those comparison sheets Verizon likes to crank out sure are handy, and now we've got one sporting the Motorola Citrus and LG Vortex.

The Citrus was announced in early October, but the Vortex is still largely under wraps. But now we know that it's an "affordable" Android 2.2 device with a 3.2-inch touchscreen at 320x240 pixels, a 3.2MP camera and Swype. And that's about all it has going for it. The full comparison is after the break if you want more.

Motorola Citrus, LG Vortex

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phooky says:

why would verizon compare with the samsung vibrant..?

i would expect them to compare to the fascinate, a phone they actually sell

zjorda42 says:

lol. tht was the first thing i saw.... vibrant with froyo. i want one

jd_ballistic says:

And since when does the Vibrant have Froyo?

remixfa says:

apparently they know the 2.2 launch date before tmobile and samsung does.. lol. first thing i noticed too :)

Clow says:

All them phones stink. Why not get a top end phone if your gonna be stuck with for at least a year

wzguy1976 says:

According to the new rebate forms, the Vortex will be coming in Black and Violet.

reddragon72 says:

phooky and jd_ballistic >> yea I have the same questions going....why Vibrant and when did it get 2.2???

Smokexz says:

Is the Vortex a Verizon Optimus One?

Don't think so. Resolution is too low -- Optimus One is 320x480

jdawg183 says:

Vortex will be released on the 11th. Well, that is what the rep on the phone accidentally told me.