Evernote has never been far behind when it comes to updates, and the latest does not disappoint. In line with Google's new Material design, Evernote has received an overhauled UI that makes things more streamlined and easer to access than past versions. Don't worry though, things are still green — just a different shade (and much less of it).

The new interface features navigation drawers that are much easier to use than before, giving you quick access to notes, notebooks, shortcuts, and the like. A round green + sits on the screen for one tap access to new notes as well, so you can always add things quickly right from the main screen.

In addition, there have been improvements to handwriting, shape recognition, and an improved note editor. Some bug fixes get thrown in as well just to keep things tidy.

Evernote is free to use (a premium subscription is available) and the update is available now in Google Play.

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Latest Evernote update brings a new look and more efficient features


Also, saving a web page is a lot better. When you share a web page to Evernote, it used to just save a link to the page. Now you can same some of the page contents as well, which is a big improvement IMO.

Still waiting on the business scanning feature Evernote announced in May for iOS.

Coming soon doesn't mean 5 months to me

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I sure wish they would address the poor editor but instead they continue to put development into stupid features and general UI design. I switched to OneNote about six month ago because i was sick and tired of editor in Evernote. How a company can continue to put development time into that stuff they do and ignore the core key functionality that everyone uses everyday just baffles me and there are plenty of topics regarding this on the Evernote forum. You can bet it would have been fixed a long time ago if those in charge at Evernote used Android but they are all iPhone users...