Invite and collaborate right from the Android app

We use Dropbox a lot around these parts. With native clients for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux — as well as access from any modern web browser — it's the best way we've found to share files with everyone at Mobile Nations. That's why we get happy every time we get a new feature.

The latest update for Dropbox is small, but it delivers something that will come in handy — folder sharing right from the Android app.

Just create a file or choose an existing one, tap the quick-action button and choose "Share." You can then send a link to the folder, or invite someone to help fill it up. We'll get a lot of traction out of this one. 

Grab your update from the Google Play link above.

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Latest Dropbox update makes mobile sharing even easier


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be very careful with this one. you don't want to accidentally invite someone to your secret porn stash.

So it happened to you already then?

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"I view porn the same way I treat visiting a national park or nature preserve, I leave no trace. I leave my porn in the wild of the cloud where it flourishes unhindered, and surreptitiously view it through incognito windows in Chrome."

Ah the power of the incognito tab.... Um so I've heard. From this guy ^^^

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