Dead Trigger

Although there was an update to Dead Trigger released not all that long ago, there is new update available for download now that aims to address numerous bugs and adds in a few tweaks as well that should improve the overall gameplay:

Following issues were fixed:

  • In-App Purchases
  • Not working controls (on Xperia devices or "180° Turn")
  • Too high difficulty of enemies on higher ranks (SWAT zombies)                                                            
  • Crash in Menu when too many missions were "available"
  • Booster "Ammo Supply" did not work properly
  • "Does player like this Facebook site?"
  • Revive Kit (cooldown, number of usage during mission)


  • Aiming on crawling enemies when enabled iron-sight
  • New Hope accessible after first mission
  • Shop (items with zero owned pieces, etc.)
  • Damages caused by mines, deactivated turret, cutters, exploding barrels that did not injure enemies on higher ranks
  • Enemy A.I.

In addition to those changes, Madfinger games has also moved the help section into the mail menu and newly unlocked items, will now be highlighted as such when you progress enough to unlock them.

Download: Dead Trigger


Reader comments

Latest Dead Trigger update adds numerous bug fixes and tweaks


Using a Evo 3D and downloaded Dead Trigger a couple of days ago.
I have gone to the PlayStore now and it tells me my device isn't supported, but I just downloaded it from there recently.
The developers need to fix this quickly.

There isn't a THD version of this game, thankfully. The game is the same if you play it on a tegra 3 or a non tegra device (what I mean is you don't need to download a separate version). Having said that, the game looks the same on my sgs2 as it does on my TF700. I'm sure your one x is pumping out the visuals at max. To be sure, go into settings and change it to the max setting. it defaulted to low, for whatever reason, on my sgs2 but set to max and it still runs like a champ.

I was reading the news thing and it says people who bought Dead Trigger will be rewarded in the next update. But it's a secret for now.

I was reading the news thing and it says people who bought Dead Trigger will be rewarded in the next update. But it's a secret for now.

HOPEFULLY that does happen. because i paid for it lol. and 99 cents can get you 200 gold.. 200 gold=a good amount of stuff on there.

That would be great! I feel a little bad being bitter about $1, but still. It's probably my only gripe with the game. If it's true, it would restore a lot of faith in Madfinger, though.

The highlighted new weapons/items were already there before the update *shrugs*

also, does anyone else have the issue where if you shoot zombies before the barrier they slide right through it? small beans but still annoying when my health is low lol.