Every song you listen to will be accompanied by artist info, nearby shows and Spotify suggestions

In its first move since being acquired by Yahoo, Aviate is making an update to its intelligent launcher called the "Listening Space." Similar to the other "spaces" on the launcher, the Listening Space brings together all of your music listening services and apps to one area. Further, Aviate will suggest new music apps that are related to what you currently have so you can download them simply from Google Play.

The Listening Space will automatically launch when you plug a pair of headphones into your phone, making the experience even more seamless. Once you begin playing music, Aviate will detect the song and offer up bios and information on the artist, such as upcoming shows near you.

Though Aviate is still technically in a closed beta, it's not too hard to get in anymore — the blog post announcing this new Listening Space gives folks an easy code to use, "MUSIC," that will get you in if you're so inclined.

Source: Aviate Blog


Reader comments

Latest Aviate update brings music-focused 'Listening Space' that auto-opens when you plug in headphones


I wish this worked with Bluetooth. Hoping in the near future. Aviate is a great launcher. Very clean. Looking forward to give this a try.

They also added the ability to actually set the GPS locations for home and work, I assume this will make the guessing much more accurate. Time will tell.

I noticed after the update that my volume would randomly get louder while I was walking and listening to a podcast. Has anyone else experienced that? I hope there's a way to turn that feature off (assuming it's due to the Aviate update, of course).

Been using Aviate for a few months now. Yesterday I figured I'd compare EverythingMe as it seemed similar. Man did I swap back quickly - Aviate looks so good and words so well.