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July 19, the day that all the early orders of the Nexus 7 were to ship, has come and gone. According to Google, everyone who ordered on or before July 11 should either have their tablet in their hot little hands (they're even showing up in Canada), or it should be in transit. We're hoping this is the case, because the shipping of these things has turned our hair a bit grey. Everyone wants one, and because we're Android nerds, we want them now, and Google can't get them out the door fast enough. Yeah, it's Google's first time shipping out a device at launch, and selling your wares as fast as you can make them is always a good problem to have, but it's easy to feel that way when you're not the one waiting for the delivery truck.

So did you get yours? Is it on the way? Or are you still waiting to hear anything about it? Tell us in tonight's poll, and discuss away in the comments.



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Late-night poll: Did your Nexus 7 ship yet?


Mine finally arrived yesterday without even being given the shipping notice, which I didn't receive until this afternoon. Now that I have it I am in love. I absolutely recommend this to anyone in the market for a tablet.

That's because you were lucky to not get a defective one and then be absolutely unable to get any sort of help from Google in fixing it. [mad face]

I pre-ordered my 16GB unit while they were still waving it around on stage at I/O. While people were going to Gamestop and Staples to buy theirs last Saturday, I waited for mine to ship. It arrived on Tuesday and the moment I powered it up, I could see that the display was jacked up.

I'm not talking the anal-retentive, "oh noez, I haz teh single ded pixel, hax!" sort of defect or even the screen lifting on the left side that so many have reported along with the flickering and image-retention. It was a brilliant gray glow covering the entire screen, washing everything away. No, the brightness wasn't up and auto-brightness was off; the screen was defective. While it tends to calm down and become almost mediocre after being on for 10-15 minutes, $99 Chinese tablets you buy at the drugstore don't look this bad when switched on. It's a lemon and a blot on ASUS's rep that it ended up in a box to be shipped to an unsuspecting user.

But these things happen. What has really angered me is Google's one-two punch of being almost unreachable for support and then their being useless when you get through. I called Google immediately when I saw what was going on and waited 45 minutes on hold before a harried kid named Brandon answered. He said they'd been getting "a lot of calls about this" and a escalation specialist would have to call me back in the next few days, "definitely by the end of the week," to arrange replacement.

After 72 hours, I had heard nothing, so I called again, waited on hold for 30 minutes, this time getting a super-friendly girl named Alex on the line who was super-sympathetic, agreed that someone should've have emailed me back, promised to re-escalate it AND "go into the next room and tell my friend Eric, who'll I'll assign this to, to contact you."

19 hours later, haven't heard a peep.

While I may be having an outlier experience of total failure, it makes me wonder how Google can be anything but high if they think they're going to take on the A-Teams of Amazon and Apple when they can't guarantee a working product being shipped out and then seem incapable of providing customer service, two things Apple/Amazon are renowned for. Because I patronized the Play store, I have no B&M option for service. Because they don't have enough operators and no mechanism for email support, I have wasted 1-1/2 hours on the phone trying to get service. I paid for shipping and after a week of waiting and four days in possession, I STILL DON'T HAVE A NEXUS 7, one that works, that is.

Among my cohort I am a major influencer for tech stuff. People ask me about computers, HDTVs, tech stuff. People bought OG EVOs and Kindle Fires because I told them about them. I'm not an evangelist or super-fanboy, just the go-to nerd for people who don't have the time and inclination to learn about this stuff. I've been stoked for this tablet since the prototype was shown by ASUS, was tweeting during I/O to my hundreds of Facebook friends that I'd ordered one, it was shipping, it was waiting at home, then, unfortunately, it was defective and I'm having no luck in getting it fixed. People read this and will decide to go elsewhere.

Now I'm sure some people reading this here will sneer, "U mad bro?" and say theirs were fine and I'm sure they were. I'm not like this one guy who had a lemon phone and started multiple threads in the Epic 4G Touch forum about how "Samsung needs to be class-action sued because this phone is clearly defective and all you people who aren't having problems are lying!" I understand defective products slip through the cracks. My beef is that Google seems to have no idea how to sell consumer hardware. The Apple Store has been around for a decade and Amazon for almost two and Google has some (lots!) of catching up to do, but if this is what's happening to me, then how many other non-techy people will it happen to and how will such poor service spread bad word of mouth which will ultimately destroy everything Google is trying to accomplish? Then again, this is the company that looked at Facebook and started a competitor that didn't have a fraction of the usefulness. How hard is it to copy success?!

I hope that post/rant was cathartic! I think Google has finally started to "beta" their customer service... which means we can expect it to be good in about 2 years.

They now have that Google trusted store program, where they will act kinda like a backup insurer of your consumer experience. I think they don't want to duplicate what retailers have already created (or homogenize retailer experience, since that is a major market differentiator in today's flat world)... so they are just focusing on the people who fall through the cracks.

For now, they clearly have work to do, especially when they're the primary retailer... but hey, at least MY Nexus 7 works great ;P

In Canada, they shipped yesterday via UPS Standard...gonna take 5 business days. 2 day shipping my arse =\

I wasn't part of the preorder group but I ordered my 8gb N7 this morning (Fri. 7/20) from the play store, was quoted 3-5 days for shipping... then I just got the email that its shipped and it's being 2 day expressed and will be here Monday morning!! Can't wait to get my hands on that bad boy and Google seems to be doing alright by me considering the volume or orders they must be receiving. Now I just have to cross my fingers that there won't be any defects...

Ordered on the 17th, arrived on the 19th. I was amazed I got it that fast, but then again, I'm near Google :-)

Got mine today and now it will be the device I will use at home though its size makes me hate the my phones size.

@tompro53, I was feeling the same way about the phone size! After powering up the Nexus 7, I suddenly wished that my Galaxy Nexus was the same size of the Nexus 7! LOL...Although, the GNex's size is just fine. The N7 has become a favourite in our family. We love it!

Mine had shipped (according to the google wallet checkout) the day before i received the google email telling me this :D got it on the 18th.

got my shipping confirmation today. I ordered on the last day it was available for pre order. Should be here by Monday. o

Had mine two days now - can't believe how great it is. Telling sign is the kids keep picking it to play with - the first 'cool' Android device?

Got mine yesterday, and it's been a constant internal battle to not tell my girlfriend to leave me alone for a week...

As a woman I beg to differ with you. I love tech toys and as soon as my N7 arrives I will feel the same way--please don't bother me for a couple of days. My hubby has no interest and couldn't care less. Doesn't even want to know what a tablet is. Sigh. Wish it would get here!

Got mine like two days ago and I'm enjoying it wholeheartedly! Its the best tablet I've brought that actually prove stable when browsing the internet and doing multiple things. The games are phenomenal and at this point, I feel like I brought a mobile console with exceptional hardware to account for it. I can't put it down and I certainly don't want to be without it. Awaiting for Jelly Bean to hit my Sprint Galaxy Nexus already. Are we the last ones to receive this update or are we left out in the cold?

Pre-Ordered the day it was announced (Jun 27), got it Tuesday July 17
Feels like I 've had it for months already... rooted, custom romed and feeling like a favorite pair of socks already

Well, I pre-ordered the 8gb on the 27th but then mulled it over for a day or so and realized that I should have ordered the 16gb. So, on the 29th I called Google and cancelled the order for the 8gb and went online to the Play Store and ordered the 16gb. I just received my 16gb on Tuesday the 17th.

Oh, and I'm absolutely in love with it!

Ordered the 16gb model on the 9th, and took delivery on the 20th. I love this tablet. I also have an Asus Transformer Prime. ,

Pre-ordered the 16GB one on the 3rd, got shipping notification last night, should be here on Monday according to UPS.

EDIT: And UPS just dropped it off. Yay for Saturday delivery!

I ordered mine (16gb) on Wednesday morning (July 18) and it was delivered Friday (July 20) afternoon. That was sooner than I thought. It said 3-5 weeks when I ordered

Dang..ordered mine on Wed morning too. Got an email confirmation it was shipped that day....but no sign of where it is yet. Says a UPS label was created but not tracking info on the ups website. Looks like it might not have shipped. WTF...This is painfully annoying. Now it's Saturday and now UPS won't be around till Monday. Come on now. Why say IN Stock if it's not (which is what I suspect).

I ordered mine on Monday the 16th... Still no word or anything... lol, they put a hold on my card, but i called google and asked what was up and they were like oh... it didn't ship we are just making sure you have the money for us.

Ordered it Monday night and got it Wednesday morning (I live in NY also). Only I have to ship it back beacause the speaker is borked.

No, because I'm currently in Europe. Is Google going to sell this in non-English speaking countries, or do I have to wait until I get back in the US?

Got my shipping notice on the 16th and started tracking the actual shipment on the 17th. Been checking it about a dozen times a day.

Notice that it finally made it to Calgary yesterday afternoon at 1:00, however the delivery is still not expected to be made to my place until Monday so it looks like Canada isn't getting the 2 day shipping and sitting at around 5 days.

Like everyone else, I'm a bit discouraged about ending up with pre ordering online and ending up with it after people are picking them up at the store. Especially since I'm forking over the money for what I thought was 2 day shipping.

Regardless, I'm sure I'll be extremely excited once it's delivered on Monday! Here's hoping I don't end up with one with a screen defect.

Got mine Tuesday, but it's one of the special group where the LH side of the screen is I'm trying to get in touch with Google to let them know it appears to be defective...without much success so far... Once I get one with the screen properly constructed I'm sure I'll like it...

I'm still waiting for seems the play store has some pesky rule about paying for your merchandise. I promised to bring them my first-born, but they didn't seem to be now I sit and wait ;) lol

@lightyear420, I almost choked on my snack during my break reading your comment! LOL! Loved it and thanks for making me smile.

I went to Staples on July 19th and picked one up without a preorder or anything. It was the 16GB for $249.99, plus had the $25 Google Play credit and the movie with a book and some magazines as well. Able to get the same tablet with the same benefits as those who preordered through Google without the shipping costs and waiting. Did anyone else have such luck?

Ditto after reading half of these comments went to staples they had 1 16 gig left. 249 plus tax out the door just like you said had the play store credit, movie and the mags. Sales lady said they were getting them in pretty regularly via Next day UPS no less. Form factor is sweet like it much more then my 10 inch 1st gen Asus Transformer. Oh if this thing had a micro sd slot i'd propose to it!

I order mine with a case on the 27th and just got the Nexus 7 today, I was surprised they did a Saturday delivery. NC

I'm happy for you. I preordered my 16GB on the 6th of July and I haven't received any shipping info or anything. I finally emailed customer support yesterday to ask why I haven't gotten anything but no response so far. All it says is order status complete in the My Orders section of the Play Store. I also got the successful billing email...what the effffff!

I got mine on Tuesday. Yesterday morning everything was great. Put it down for a little while and when I turned it back on the screen was milky white. Having to send it back for a replacement.

I checked Sam's Club's website on Tuesday and they were unavailable. Checked back the next day on a whim and was able to order the 16GB version for $246 and change. Best part is that they have free shipping and my account is tax exempt (I do some buying for a rec center) so all in all I saved about $33. Sweet deal with the $25 play store credit included. Now it's in transit. Hopefully Monday will be the day.

Ordered my 16gb on the 12th. They put a pending charge on my card on the 13th, which has since disappeared. No other word on anything. Pretty disheartening to see that people who ordered last week have it in their hands. Though I'm within the the statement the put out late last week, that I should have it sometime next week.

Wasn't part o the preorder debacle. Went to Sam's club on sunday(only place in town I could find one) played with it for a few minutes then bought it. 16gb is a must.

I ordered a 16GB on July 12. Credit card hasn't been charged and it has not shipped. Hopefully it will ship early next week.

I emailed Google yesterday since I had ordered on July 3rd and hadn't received an email that mine had been shipped nor was it showing up with a tracking number in wallet. About noon yesterday I received an email with my tracking number and that I would receive my tablet on Monday. Imagine the surprise when it showed up today :) Doesn't seem to have any dead pixel or screen issues so far either..

Ordered the 27th after watching keynotes from I/O and finally received mine today. I have called the play store 4 times and never did they "help me" at all. That being said I have seen a pending charge on my account 4 different times and now that I have received the device there is no charge not even pending? Did I just get a free Nexus 7? I went and bought one from Sam's on Monday so now I have two.

i got mine but i think is defective cause the screen on the left side is popping out from aluminium frame

I placed an order on 12th July. Till today, they didnot charge my credit card. I called customer service and they said which was unbelievable. They said there is no order placed. I said that i have order number and they said they dont have any record. Dint expect this from GOOGLE. Now, they said they will escalate this matter.

I got mine last July 18 and got excited because I want to know how it would compete with my new Ipad and yes, I really love it and if it was a woman, I'll marry it. I take it wherever I go not like my ipad which is pretty bulky and I don't know why I am embarrassed to show my ipad in public unlike this pretty little thing, I can show it without hesitation. Nice screen and fast computing and browsing are the reasons why I love this more than the apple toy aside from its portability. Also I think that this little beast will kill the king of tablets and hopefully the fanboys including me will agree that as of now nexus 7 is stealing away the thunder from the new ipad. That's my own opinion and you apple guys better not be mad at me.