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Virgin Mobile USA has put the Kyocera Rise on sale for $99.99 today. The slider was announced back in May and launched on Sprint last week. Here's a quick overview of the specs.

  • Touch slider with QWERTY Keyboard and a 3.5” HVGA LCD touchscreen
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor
  • Google Play for access to over 600,000 apps
  • 3.2MP Camera, LED Flash and Video Capture
  • microSD Card Slot – supports up to 32GB
  • Swype for rapid text entry
  • Eco Mode for better battery management
  • Stereo Bluetooth

Yeah, it's nothing flashy, but a decent, cheap phone with a real keyboard is just what the kids starting off the school year are looking for. You can get shopping over here at Virgin Mobile or check out our hands-on video below for the full tour. 


Reader comments

Kyocera Rise now available on Virgin Mobile


It's amusing how tiny a 3.5" screen looks these days. Then I remembered it's the size of the iphone.

Any screen over 4 inches is off putting to the mainstream consumer. Tech heads embrace it, and the Android platform in general. But I cannot count how many women and non tech savvy people I know that have gone FROM Android TO iPhone.

guess they are all going to jump to android since the one iphone will have a lrager screen this year. One of the things my girl was happy about coming back to android is a larger screen

I was actually thinking it looks like a clone of my Captivate with a keyboard tucked under it. The specs aren't much different either.

my sister dropped her last Virgin Mobile phone (Optimus Slider) in the toilet last week. she claims it was an accident, but it happened less than 24 hours after finding out that this phone was coming to VM today. i am very suspicious about that accident!

Why do these phones keep coming for CDMA carriers? Why can't we get a keyboard-equipped smartphone with ICS for prepaid GSM service?!

Sony Xperia Mini Pro (sk17, not x10) has similar specs to this phone (less internal memory, but same speed processor and same amount of RAM), is gsm, and can have ICS installed on it. I don't know anything about prepaid gsm service, so I don't know if just any unlocked gsm phone would do.. still, might want to look into it.

i got my mom this phone last weekend but for sprint. it is surprisingly a pretty nice phone. stock ICS runs smooth. the keyboard on it is pretty damn good too. the only downfall i noticed was that its only 512mb of ram. i like this phone a lot.

I just recently bought this phone it is wonderful...i came from having the virgin mobile samsung intercept i could hardly wait to get away from it. I have seen other reviews saying that this phone had a lack luster screen i have no clue what they are talking about the screen is crisp and clear and runs fast 100x better than the intercept i highly recomend this phone to those looking for an upgrade on virgin mobile and you don't have a to pay an arm and leg for a fantastic phone!