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We had a look at the first month’s adoption rate for KitKat earlier, with Google’s latest and greatest checking in at a lowly 1.1 percent of all Android devices that visit Google Play. In reality, that 1.1 percent represents a lot more devices that it might seem.

Right now, KitKat is easy to pin down. It’s on the Nexus 5, the Nexus 4, the Nexus 7, the Nexus 10, most Moto X phones, and both the Google Play Galaxy S4 and HTC One. That's obviously more models than run iOS 7 — Apple still rules when it comes to getting updates on devices in a timely manner — and it's a testament to the various hardware partners who got together to make it happen. It’s also a small drop in the bucket of over 4,200 Android devices running Android 2.2 or higher that have Google’s services. With well over 1 billion active Android devices, it’s easy to see how 1.1 percent is both a small number and a big number at the same time.

I’m telling you all this for a reason. That 1.1 percent adoption rate is just about double the rate we saw from any previous “modern” version (fancy-talk for 4.0 and higher). Ice Cream Sandwich debuted with the Galaxy Nexus in December 2011, and it’s adoption rate a month later in January 2012 was just 0.6 percent on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S. Jelly Bean was similar, when in August 2012, a month after the Nexus 7 appeared, it debuted at 0.8 percent thanks to the Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S. The difference? OEM partners like Motorola, HTC and Samsung who have updated some of their phones to the latest version. 

That half-percentage point (of numbers potentially reaching 1 billion) is a big, little number.

What can we take away from all this? Well, there are a few things that come to mind, and they are all subjective. The first is that for all the railing and gnashing of teeth we hear about updates and having the latest version, people aren’t buying the available phones on every network that can run it right away. If you add a few more hundred million devices to the KitKat total, it would make for a significant increase.

Another thing is that pressure is on for the people making these phones to get theirs updated and part of the KitKat club more than it ever was. Seriously, if HTC — which seemed (rightfully or not) to all but implode at the management level in 2013 — can do it, LG and Samsung have no excuse anymore. They’re two of the biggest electronic vendors in the world. They have the manpower and resources.

I third possibility is that the Nexus 5, with its much wider release and vendor partners, has sold much better than anyone anticipated. It’s a longshot, and one we aren’t going to believe without solid numbers, but it needs mentioned.

Finally, a small (but possibly significant) number of people have shoehorned KitKat onto their devices themselves. It's easy to do on the most popular Android phone sold today — the Galaxy S4 — and there’s a good chance more people who didn’t buy a GPe S4 are running KitKat than people who did buy a GPe. These numbers we’ll never really know.

After it’s all said and done we just hope it’s a trend that will continue. Here’s hoping for a 5 percent adoption rate in January!


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KitKat seeing a higher early adoption rate than Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean


You have to think that the Moto X is a big reason why it jumped so high. Especially with all the sales they've had lately and the attractiveness of MotoMaker.

Yup. That and the GPE and the Nexus 5 launching more smoothly and being an even better device compared to the competition than the N4 was.

Man I love your signature lol.. I want a nexus 5 I would've gotten it if best buy had sold it to me right out on Black Friday so I got the s4

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Haha, thanks, brother. Why wouldn't Best Buy sell you one outright?

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Commission on the contract

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Isn't the Moto X just the Droid Maxx without a good battery? Is there any difference in anything other than the build?

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You know the Moto x is exclusive to America and thus only available on what 3 or 4 carriers in the whole entire world? would hardly be critising.

Of course not, the Moto X is being sold in Brazil, and it's actually selling a f*cking lot considering the huge advertising it's getting here.

Sure it is the largest carrier though. Maxx should have some press considering how much the moto X is loved.

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Look at it the other way around. The Maxx is just an X with a bigger battery that can't be used on any carrier other than VZW. If the Moto X's battery was a problem, then there might be some cause to promote the larger battery of the Maxx, but the Moto X's battery is actually one of its strong points. At 37% market share, VZW is the largest, but that also means more than 60% of users have no option to use the Maxx.
So no, there really isn't a reason to make a fuss over the Maxx.

Good points. I guess that the fact that I was unaware of this situation yet frequent this place so often I felt misinformed.

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Carrier specific devices get very little coverage in general because they're niche products that the vast majority of readers don't have access to. It's not a Maxx only thing.

The Moto X battery is pretty good. Coming from Galaxy Nexus, the battery is amazing. Love the phone and may have gotten Nexus 5 if it were on Verizon, if it had better battery, and if i could switch to T-Mobile (But their service is terrible where I live). Happy with my decision. Great phone.

What kind of leading question is that? It's ok if you prefer the Maxx. But, don't start trying to convince people that their choice of the X is somehow incorrect.

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Honestly, I haven't spent a considerable amount of time with either phone, to reach that conclusion.

I might be tempted to spring for the Maxx, because of the beefier battery. Then again, I've heard nothing but praise for the Moto X's performance and battery life.

I'm afraid, I'll have to cop-out because of lack of exposure to either. But, they're both great devices, in their own right. I don't personally think one is better than the other.

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I knew the Droid lineup had the same specs as the Moto X. But I had no idea that they had the same software improvements such as touch less control and active notification which is one of the Moto X's selling points. Then to find out that everything is identical just pissed me off. The Moto X gets so much love and although I probably would prefer the Moto X's build making the jump to 3,500 mAh is well worth it. It comes to a point where its a no brainer to me. I guess I just feel misled by the site regarding that.

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I would take the X over the maxx without question.

Here's why. The maxx is DROID branded which Verizon has bought and paid for. They control more of that phone and brand than Motorola. The X is all Motorola. My point is Verizon is going to put their fingers in the maxx way more than the x

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Yea I can understand that. Now just how strong is Verizon's hold on Motorola? How long must they continue the Droid lineup? Do you think there is a clause that says that nothing can surpass the Droid lineup in terms of specs or software or something? Like all of them are the same exact thing.

Also seeing how Moto X is already updated to Kit Kat while Maxx isn't is big. Moto X definitely feels like its truly supported. But still the way it feels on here is just crazy.

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You don't really expect him or anyone else on this site to have the answers to those questions, do you?

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60% of American users can't get the Maxx.
100% of smartphone users outside can't get the Maxx.
The Maxx still doesn't have KK.
VZW's DORID branding is borderline oppressive.
In return you get a bigger battery (which isn't much of a factor considering the Moto X's battery has been great) and... nothing else.

The Maxx is not a better phone than the Moto X and its niche status relegates it to the sidelines when discussing top of the line devices.

Thanks you guys have definitely showed me the other side of the coin. Anyone know how long the droid line will continue?

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So Verizon actually owns the droid line? All of the droid commercials are paid for by Verizon? I thought Google would have been able to discontinue that line because they purchased Motorola but I guess I don't know much about business.

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DROID is a trademarked name, not just a line from Motorola.

There have been HTC droids, and Samsung droids.

Verizon can continue it as long as they want, and I do imagine either they pay the manufacturer to use the naming or the manufacturer is more than happy to let them since it has such high recognition. Which equates to more handsets sold.

"DROID is a trademarked name, not just a line from Motorola."
While technically correct that DROID is a VZW brand rather than a Motorola brand, VZW has committed to using Motorola for their DROID lines for the foreseeable future. Man consumer also associate DROID with Motorola as they have produced a significant number of the DROID devices.

You are correct that now it is an exclusive but if Motorola can dig themselves out of this hole they have been in, I can see that ending in a year or so. I honestly would think that it is a year-to-year kinda agreement.

Next up, taking advantage of HTC...

It would be nice if companies other than google would contribute to this. Motorola is google which is the only reason they are now on the ball. I assume the developer edition phones are mostly google's doing as well or do those updates come from the carriers. It would be great if they are from the carriers. It is just a shame that some very popular phones are just now getting 4.3 which means 4.4 is months away.

Forgot to add: it was still HTC and Samsung's responsibility to push out 4.4 on their GPE devices. Not Google's.

I think that's something else. Samsung is pushing out the 4.3 update to the s3. Kitkat well be a while yet

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HTC contributed to this. Jerry just forgot to mention it. The US unlocked and developer edition HTC Ones were updated to KitKat last week. These are phones running HTC Sense, not stock Android. Google had nothing to do with them getting updated.

don't count on writers to understand numbers, not even when the main theme of the blog is about numbers

+1... I love it when people blame the writers for their own lack of understanding

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Correct. Just think about it for a moment. I had to read it twice before it made sense, but make sense it does.

Given it's mentioned later in the same paragraph that over a billion DEVICES run android, you can understand the confusion.

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I disagree. The smallest sliver of critical thinking applied to reading that sentence makes it pretty easy to understand what was being said. Anyone who didn't understand didn't take the time to think about what was written, and if you don't take the time to think about what you read, you'll never understand no matter how something is written.

Oh your mean telling us all about your Nexus 5, when poor old me only has a Nex 4 and Nex 7 FHD, running Kit Kat, I cry myself to sleep every night, lol :'( , :-).

You can add HTC's numbers to the list when they upgrade my phone next month.. oh wait, they're only updating it to 4.3. Way to be speedy guys!

Never again, HTC.

Yeah which is another reason why the adoption rate of Kit Kat is higher, fewer people are buying phones from HTC. They're getting better at supporting their devices (since they only have one now lol) but I wont buy another after the way they handled the HTC Amaze. Literally stopped supporting it after 6 months and wont release the source code for developers to make stable ROMs. I'm getting a Moto X.

Another thing to consider is custom ROMS. My Droid Razr M had Kit Kat on it less than two weeks after Kit Kat was released.

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Custom ROM users may be a small set of users, but they nearly all have the latest version of Android, meaning they account for a pretty significant chunk of all users running the latest version. (pure speculation, I have no numbers)

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These numbers are based on devices visiting the Play store, so if custom ROM users download apps from the Play store (which they almost certainly do) then they get counted like everyone else.

Shame KK is so extensively buggy. I've used some form of Android since Froyo 2.2, and based on my experience, KK is the worst Android update to date. Evidently no one in the Mountain View walled garden uses Exchange accounts. O_o I wonder if 4.4 adoption numbers will shrink any as folks rollback to 4.3.

Not for me. On my Nexus 7 I have to reboot every other day or so because the touch screen just does not work well anymore. Probably rebooted once a month on JB.

Sorry to hear that, I had bad issues with touchscreen on N7FHD with JB 4.3 until update much later, no issues with KK 4.4 N7FHD, but bad audio with N4 KK 4.4, awaiting KK 4.4.1, googamiester you don't want to look like your software is as buggy as Microsoft's.

So far, the only "bug" that I've found is when I'm using my Nexus 5 for gps and music. It doesn't correctly "hand-off" between the two, like my Nexus 4 did on Jellybean.

Other than that, battery life is decent, performance is fluid, and the overall experience is great.

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Sometimes my call screen stays up when I end the call. That's all I can think of. One issue I have which I had on the Nexus 4 is that when I'm home on my wifi and I leave and forget to turn it off a lot of times I won't get internet connection from the carrier. Instead the app or browser says no connection until I shut WiFi off. Anyway to fix this?

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I'm not sure if I can provide a fix for that. The only remedy that I can recommend is to remember to turn Wi-Fi off, when you're not using it.

There was only one time that I needed to cycle through airplane mode and perform a restart to get my mobile data to work again.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Been running great for me as a custom rom on my DNA. I also use an exchange account and I just downloaded an app from the play store. Problem solved.

Let me guess, you side loaded 4.4 early? Yeah, it had the exchange bug. Newest build doesn't. If anything, we should be yelling at Google for a more robust Exchange client since the e-mail app is stuck in 2005.

Okay, Nexus 5, no side loading and it is now device specific. I don't have any issues with 4.4 on my Nexus 4. Did I guess right?

From reply #124 on Android Open Source Project Issue Tracker - Issue 61785 "Seeing as I'm the OP, I'll post an update on my findings.

When I originally posted this, I had my Nexus 10 running 4.3 JB with the same client cert and the same Exchange server as I tried with the Nexus 5 running KitKat. Everything worked fine on 4.3, no connection issues when setting up the Corporate mail account.

Applied KitKat to the Nexus 10 yesterday, again, the *existing* Corporate account that was on the Nexus 10 before the upgrade continued to function normally. No Issues. However, go *create* a new Corporate account using the same client cert and Exchange server on KitKat and instantly hit this error.

This confirms that this is an "Account setup" bug introduced with the KitKat code base."

This isn't a 4.4 issue, its a bug that's been around since the early 4.1 days. There is a fix listed on the links you posted but honestly time to buy an iPhone if Google really doesn't give a shit.

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Because the Maxx is only available through Verizon, and Jerry uses the Moto X on Straight Talk with an AT&T sim or AT&T proper.

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Gotcha. So the Maxx is the clear superior phone it just is on one carrier. Still seems crazy that the Maxx gets zero love on this site.

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Not sure if it is the "clear superior phone." Maybe for YOU, but I'll take the x over the MAXX any day. Smaller screen that fits better in the hand, Moto maker along with a wood option, thinner and lighter, and better overall design. The MAXX is quite ugly and uses capacitive buttons which is a no no for me. All the MAXX has over the X is a better battery and a bigger screen (which isn't always better). And that's not mentioning the fact that the Moto X gets updates weeks or months faster than the MAXX.

Honestly, does it matter, which one is "superior?" Choose the device that works for you and be grateful that you could even afford it.

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I'm just a little pissed off. It feels like there is a major bias here. The Maxx is never talked about as one of the top phones but the Moto X is consistently thrown out there. They are nearly identical except the phone build and the Maxx's superior battery. I just find it really odd that the Moto X is so lauded yet the Maxx gets zero love here. Just seems really fishy I guess.

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I can understand, why you would feel that way. What really "hurts" the Maxx is its exclusivity to Verizon. The Moto X is simply available to a larger audience, and it's also a cheaper device, on-contract, than the Maxx.

Not to mention, the Moto X is one of the first Android devices to be truly optimized for its hardware; and it uses a unique core-configuration to achieve its performance.

Hope this helps. =)

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yes it has the X8 chip in it that controls certain low level functions that uses less power than turning on the main CPU. That is the condensed version, the long version has to wait for a few cups of coffee...

Actually , the droid maxx sports the same "x8 computing system" as does the X. Both have the dual core snapdragon CPU, adreno 320gpu & the famed natural language processing and contextual computing cores , which are dedicated to certain tasks such as the always listening and active display / notifications.

So to answer your question , no. The moto x & droid maxx sport the EXACT SAME 8 core setup.

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I stand corrected. I thought the X was the first

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

The new droid lineup all sport the x8 setup. The mini has an LCD display as opposed to amoled on the others.

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Holy shit man, you sound like such a bitch. Hope you haven't run out of Kleenex yet.

If you like the damn Maxx... GET THE DAMN MAXX AND STFU ALREADY! For crying out loud.

For me, and what seems like most others, the moto x is the better choice for many reasons... you're stuck on the bigger screen and battery. That's fine. Get the maxx and quit crying about it not getting the love you want it to get. Not everyone is going to see it your way in life, get used to it.

"It really pisses me off..."

Get a fu**ing life...

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Haha, it's all good, brother. I won't lie, I didn't expect one comment to turn into an entire conversation (spanning two hours, at that), lol.

I hope life is treating you well, man.

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I wasn't talking about you, just so you know. I was talking to that cry baby bitch mister android 123. Just want to make that clear, as it's hard to tell sometimes

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I don't even want the Maxx or the X lol. I wouldn't buy anything other than Nexus for the time being. Motorola is doing pretty good to a point which I might change my mind but at the Nexus price point in my opinion there is no other option. It is just too good of a deal for the money to turn down. The reason I was bitching about it is because I expect unbiased opinions from the press at least as much as possible. I'm not going to spend time on a site that is extremely biased. That's why I browse CNET nowadays because everything iPhone related is earth shattering news. I got the feeling that the X is getting all of this attention and the Maxx was not as some shady ass shit so I spoke my mind about it. It just wreaked of bull that AC is claiming the X is the best phone yet the Maxx does everything it does with a bigger battery. You would think that the Maxx would get some attention considering the X's standing here. In don't have any interest in either phone but I do have an interest in having my go to tech site being as unbiased as possible.

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As said already, the maxx doesn't have 4.4, so it doesn't apply here. This isn't a biased site, and nobody said the x was the "best" phone... it has been stated over the course of several articles that it's considered by many to be the "best all around" not necessary flat out "the best"

But if you dislike AC so much because you think they're being "biased" and not just looking at things the way they are, in a realistic and intelligent manner ... you can leave and feel free to never come back. And you know what I'll think about that? ... Good riddance! Because, in all honesty, nobody gives a rats ass what you think about anything. Peace.

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I think the main reason the X gets more attention than the Maxx is because it's available to more consumers. The Maxx is a great phone, but If it wasn't a Verizon exclusive, it'd probably be acknowleged more.

Yea I get that. But Verizon is the biggest carrier so its not like it isn't relevant. I guess all I'm saying is that I would expect to here something like I love the Moto X and if it wasn't for the Maxx being a Verizon exclusive it would be the best phone. The Maxx feels like a crap phone based on this site and I don't know. Just seems super shady to me.

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"Verizon is the biggest carrier"
False. largest carrier in the US, not largest period. AC is not a US only site. Even in the US 60+% of subscribers have absolutely no chance of getting a Maxx. The Maxx isn't a crap phone, it's just one that very few people care about because they can't get it.

I knew it! You hate the Maxx! So this is where Motorola's 500 million for advertising is going for the Moto X huh! Paying the press off.

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Lol, Jerry always gets accused of colluding with the phone manufacturers.

He is right, though. This article really doesn't concern the Maxx, because it hasn't been updated to 4.4, yet.

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Stick to your guns mate, don't let them bully you, stay on message, anybody who knows me, knows I won't miss a chance to say 7" UD, 14 nm, 64 bit at the drop of a hat, come on KK 4.4.1, my N4 has audio issues, N7FHD KK 4.4 fine. :-).

He's only giving as good as he gets, the other guy started the potty talk, this is as rough as the Ozzie parliament. :-).

He mentions that the Nexus 7 has Kit Kat.....I have yet to see an update for my 2012. I know I can side load it but was really hoping they would push it out.

Turned on my N7 for the first time in a few days and it had the update waiting. It has definitely been pushed out.

Yeah I only got it two days ago. Must have taken a while to reach Australia.... Typical Haha.

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Blah, newer software is not always better (so says the guy still running Windows XP Pro ;P). My Note 2 still runs like a champ on 4.1.1 Jelly Bean (ditto with my Note 10.1 and Nexus 7 on 4.1.2)!

Frankly, I don't care to be on the bleeding edge of new software that more often than not is beta testing at its finest. Even IOS is not without its issues; IOS 7 has borked both my girl's iPhone 4s and iPad 2 and subsequent updates have not helped. :(

Nexus 5, the Nexus 4, the Nexus 7, the Nexus 10, most Moto X phones, and both the Google Play Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

You missed out on the HTC One Unlocked and Developer editions. That one should be getting most attention, holy shit HTC was amazingly fast.

Not as far as I know, though someone correct me if I"m wrong. Same goes for LG, other than a confirmation in a tweet from LG Canada aboot Canadian models getting an update in "late Q1 2014."

There is a leak out

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Jerry, how can you say that HTC is on the ball and Samsung isn't when they are on the exact same schedule? Right now they both have one phone that is updated and they both claim the flagships are updated by January.

Kinda seems that they are equal

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Wrong. HTC has two phones that are updated, three if you want to get technical. The US unlocked and developer edition HTC Ones were updated to KitKat last week. These are phones running HTC Sense, not stock Android. Those plus the HTC One Google Play Edition.

Jerry just forgot to mention the US unlocked and developer edition HTC Ones in the post.

I am not discounting those at all, but they are insignificant to 99% of the world. Very few consumers actually purposely bought those.

I am thinking more in the mainstream, they are on par with each other....

True, no mainstream HTC phones have KitKat yet. However, nearly every HTC One was updated to Android 4.3 by the time Samsung sent out the first Android 4.3 update for a Galaxy S4. So I still think HTC has beaten Samsung with updates this year. As far as updates for 2013 go, Nexus > Moto > HTC > Samsung > LG. In 2012, things were different. It might have been Nexus > Samsung > Moto > HTC > LG. Two things are constant though. Nexus updates are the quickest and LG updates are the slowest among the major Android players.

How is the 4.3 update for the HTC One X coming?

The SGS3 runs it pretty well.

I think that when you are talking about updates, it isn't just "what have you done for me lately" it is the overall update schedule. HTC has been abandoning year old phones for a Long time whereas Samsung puts them on a, more or less, two year cycle. Even the Galaxy S2 has Jellybean officially.

Until these companies all start to adhere to the 18+ month lifecycle that they signed up for with Google, they still fall behind Samsung.

Well, HTC Updated their One to 4.3 before Samsung ever did...Yep, that's probably why. HTC is forcing Samsung to up their game by announcing update paths as soon as a new version is released. I'm on an LG G2 running 4.2.2...I'd rather be on it than any Samsung device running 6.9.0, and I used to like my S3...

That I will give you, they got 4.3 out faster.

I have no problems at all with one OEM pushing the other, the people who really win in that game are us, the consumer. I also think that HTC has done this before and failed miserably. I also know that Samsung has upgraded older phones long after the point that HTC abandoned theirs.

As always, we have no idea what the OEMs are gonna do until they actually do it. To put HTC ahead of Samsung like that is a bit premature is all I am saying.

You might be on 4.2.2 for awhile, LG is really not doing anything with updates are they? Not that I am knocking them, I haven't even seen a rumor...

Show me the Galaxy S4 or Note 3 without any carrier burden that has 4.4.

I'll show you two HTC phones that do, and I'm not counting GPe phones.

They don't contribute much if at all to these numbers, coming in just under the wire, but they are there. Built, approved, finished and pushed to the users.

Your move, Samsung.

I cannot find one HTC or Samsung device, free from carrier burden, that isn't GPe that currently is running 4.4

Got an example handy? I have gone to several sites and searched specifically for phones running 4.4 right now and have gotten 0 results

I cannot find one HTC or Samsung device, free from carrier burden, that isn't GPe that currently is running 4.4

Got an example handy? I have gone to several sites and searched specifically for phones running 4.4 right now and have gotten 0 results

The rumor for the g2 getting 4.4 is definitely out there, and the Korean version already has it. I don't need it. The G2 screams

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Somewhere in q1 would not inspire confidence.

I do agree with you, the G2 is a nice device, as is the Note 3. I am in no real rush for 4.4.

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Why would they start doing something like that? They never have before...

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

A couple more points to consider:

1) Google's marketing push (co-marketing with the Kit Kat candy bars) is much greater with this version than any other past version. Therefore more "average" users are aware that there is an Android version called Kit Kat, and want a device running it. i.e. part of the reason for the demand Jerry mentions.

2) There are a lot more very popular devices running near stock Android than ever before (i.e. all those Jerry mentions). So updating should take a lot less time, than trying to update a skinned version.

I think this is good but personally the problem for ICS a few years is the performance across devices it would be great on some and poor on others depending on ROMs or not but android hasn't really left the ICS stage yet i mean there are still SEVERAL of users stuck on 4.1 and even 2.3 but I see a very exciting future for android if it hasn't already started

Sent from my Nexus 7 2013

4.1-4.3 is jellybean. 4.0 was the only is rom

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

The adoption rate is higher because there are more devices that are at least slightly under Google's watch. This is the first time we have three Android tablets, two Nexus phones, the idea of a "Google Play Edition" device, and Google-owned/influenced Motorola. It'll only be when Samsung + HTC gets their asses in gear and can update their flagship Galaxy/One devices within at least double the time it took the GPe devices to get the update.

I love Android. That's why I want Google to be pushed to improve this update process. Apple has it locked.

Love the fact that update enrollment has gone competitive now all thats left is to get rid of carrier involvement

Oh I don't know, how about the millions of Nexus 7s out there? It's quite a popular product if I'm not mistaken.

Posted from my HTC EVO 4G LTE via Android Central App

Excacly! If early adoption is the goal, then make the updates avaiable for the devices, and people will adopt! I would have KitKat on every device I own, if I could, but sadly, the update has only been available for one of my devices (a nexus 10), but only after checking for an update every day for more than 2 weeks. People cannot adopt what is not available.

I'm sorry if I am posting in the wrong place or doing anything else wrong, but updating to 4.4 has made a mess of my Nexus 7 Android Tablet. It repeatedly freezes and then starts up again. Sometimes, it spontaneously restarts. I wish there was something that I could do.

Posted via Android Central App

The early adoption rate has nothing to do with customers "deciding" to upgrade. Us lowly users don't get our choice of Android versions. We are at the mercy of manufacturers and carriers. There would be many more early adopters if the update was available to all at the same time.

Jerry I have to disagree with your statement "It's easy to do on the most popular Android phone sold today — the Galaxy S4." It's IMPOSSIBLE to load on a carrier branded version of the phone, which is arguably the most popular variant of the phone here in the US. With Samsung's locked-down bootloader, those of use that didn't buy our GS4's before the locked bootloader version of the OS was released, are SOL. If it is easy to do, then I would be very interested in learning how to do it.