Kindle Fire update

Don't blink. If you do, you might miss your Amazon Kindle Fire updating to software Version 6.2. Amazon's not really saying what's new in the update other than "provides improvements to the operation of your Kindle Fire." But know that it does break root, so you'll have to jump through that hoop again (which you should be more than willing to do if you did it once already.)

The update's available over Wifi, or you can download it directly from Amazon, move it to your Kindle Fire yourself (just plug it in and drag the file onto it in your favorite file explorer), and go into the device settings and hit "Update your Kinde." It'll reboot a couple times, then all is well.

Download: Software Version 6.2; More: Amazon


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Kindle Fire software Version 6.2 now available; update manually or over Wifi


UPDATE: Restart your Fire and it will automagically download and install the update.


Me, too.

I hope this fixes the horrific battery drain I'm having. I charged it last night and put it in my laptop case. Pulled it out now and there is only 66% remaining when I haven't used it at all!

I restarted several times, even tried long press of power button (soft reset?), still no update. Oh well I'm sure it will come eventually.

I was able to update my kindle by using the web to go to this page:

It has a "Download Version 6.2" link at the top that repositions you midway down the page where there is another link that actually performs the download "Download Software Update 6.2"

Click this link and the update will begin downloading and when finished will begin installing for you. There are also directions for downloading to your PC and moving the content to the Kindle Fire using the USB connection...

Good luck -- I haven't noticed any differences, so this is probably just bug fixes.

Shutting the device down worked here. On boot the update was detected, rebooted again, installed, rebooted again. Very nice improvements to speed, accuracy and improved video playback in 6.2. Well done and appreciated Amazon.

Several people at XDA reported the silk browser seemed smoother after the update. I didn't notice this after mine ran.

i just got the update for the 2nd generation on kindle fire. my kindle was slow and so i powered it off to restart now it wont come back on