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Google blew us away when it announced that the LG G Watch and previously-unannounced Samsung Gear Live would be available to order today directly from Google Play. And now that both watches are up in the Play Store with price tags of $229 and $199, we want to know who actually pulled the trigger and picked one up for themselves. We've put together a formal poll so folks can let everyone know whether they decided to go with a first-round Android Wear device or not.

After you vote, be sure to hop into the comments and let everyone know why you made your decision.


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Just buy an Android Wear watch? Which one did you choose?


The Galaxy Gear doesn't run Android Wear. Do you mean the Live?

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I'm holding off for the moto 360. Androidcentral seems to be behind other sites. Other sites already did a hands on with moto 360. I love the thin bezel. It makes LG and Samsung watches like they were from the 80s.

I wouldnt class Android site, or even G+ readers as 'everyone', they tend to have tastes that are out of line with the public.

For me it depends if the 360 is a comically large as it seems and how expensive it is.

So where is the Moto 360? That's the one I'm waiting for. Was it even shown at Google I/O today?

For that two that are on offer, it pains me to say but the Samsung looks better on specs for everything except battery life.

It was mentioned that it will be available later this year, to which the crowd showed their displeasure! That smart watch is going to fly off the shelves when its announced!

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

I'm definitely looking towards this one. As long as the hands one reviews come in OK I'll likely finally retire my 20+ year old $35 Timex which has served me very well.

I wonder how many people will buy the Gear Live only to find out that it won't work for them because they don't have a Samsung phone.

It's been confirmed that's not the case. It's compatible with all phones running 4.3 and up regardless of manufacturer.

Oh shit! You're totally right. Yikes. I've got a feeling some people are gonna be pissed about that. I missed that last part after they mention 4.3 being required. Good catch.

It also says "Requirements

Smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher (check compatibility at"

I'm sure Samsung would rather you have one of their phones, but since it is running android wear, I'm sure it will be compatible with any android phone running 4.3 or higher.

I just checked with my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2012) they are both compatible!

Looking forward to that Moto 360!

yea all u gotta go is go to tha link on ur phone and itll tell u if its compatible, and tha link is tha same for lg G watch an samsung live

On the bottom of the page it says:
Requirements, Smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher (check compatibility at
Any android wear should be compatible with any android 4.3 or above.

Smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher (check compatibility at

I don't see any requirement about needing to be a Samsung phone...

"Android Wear extends the Android platform to wearables. The Samsung Gear Live is compatible with all Samsung phones running Android 4.3, Jelly Bean™ "

That's from the Powered by Android Wear section of the Samsung's info/purchase page.
But rjohnson94 above brought up a good point.

Because they want you to pair of with one of their phones does not mean it is not compatible with others

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Because the Gear firmware is developed by Google, unlike the firmware on the Gear 1 and 2.

Jeez. You trolls are just incredible. The specs page clearly says:

Smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher

You have probably already read this, and still you keep trolling.

Because this is not them by themselves. This is part of the Android wear program.

As stated, it is compatible with other phones. Use the link and check it for yourself

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Use the Compatibility Check and see if your device works.

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What are you talking about? It's not like the gear that required a Samsung galaxy phone. Any phone that has kitkat will work.

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I'm at least waiting for all of the 360 specs, but if it turns out to be too much of a compromise then the LG.

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I really want the moto 360, but I don't want to wait any longer. I was going to go with the LG, but after seeing both of them on peoples wrists, I really didn't like how the G Watch looked. That coupled with a better screen and the heart rate monitor made my switch complete! Now I have to wait until July 9th. #eternity

Got the Samsung (after going back and forth all day) to be my active watch while I'm exercising and what not for the heart-rate monitor and that it's slightly less expensive. As soon as the 360 drops I'll be getting that as my dress watch.

I went with a black LG G Watch....Motorola is shooting themselves in the foot not being ready at launch. They are missing out on many potential sales.

I would've bought a 360 if it was available today for sure. Got the G Watch instead. Didn't want to wait until "later this summer"

I'd go with the G Watch. From videos i've seen the moto 360 looks kind of bulky but I DO like the circular face a lot more. Unfortunately I'm in college so it'd probably not be wise for me to drop $200+ on one of these

I have the og gear. I haven't updated to Tizen yet with the hope of being able to root and put Android wear OS on it instead.

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Going to wait for the Moto 360. The circle design looks much better than the square ones in my opinion, definitely more elegant.

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So Samsung's watch will only work with Samsung phones, and LG's watch will work with most newer android phones. Correct?

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Just because it says that it works with Samsung Phone, it does not say anywhere that it will not work with an HTC phone (or Sony or Moto or Whatever) your reading into it way to far....

The point of Android Wear is interchangeability and a certain set of standards

So by that logic just because it says it works with phones running 4.3 and up, doesn't mean that it wont work with Gingerbread?

Samsung Gear Live, LG support sucks and has less features (heart rate monitor). Samsung has a pretty good track record especially as of late at updating devices.

You do know there is no skin on top or modifications here? It's just plain android wear so it should all update at the same time.

This is the kind of tech that I prefer to wait for round 2.

I think the Samsung looks a little better than the LG but LG has 25% bigger battery. Different screen tech though so it'll be interesting how battery life unfolds.

Do these have the dabs exact software or has Samsung and LG tweaked the UI? I'm a little confused by Samsung and their dedication to this platform.

Moto needed to be present today, there's looks the best to me.

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Same here. I'll also wait for at least 2nd generation hardware and software improvements.

Early adopters pay the premium price to be consumer funded R&D. And that's a good thing.

Remember Apple's Lisa, Apple's Newton, the first Android phone?

Probably very few of you actually do.

Technically the Samsung watch is a 2nd generation. That's why I would go with it. The first gen was the Gear 1 and taught samsung a ton. This is a 1st gen running Android wear, but it is just about the same hardware wise as the Gear 2 (samsung's 2nd gen watch)
The 360 def looks better but the black bar at the bottom of the screen bugs me a little. If the battery is OK on the Samsung, i'll probably go ahead and pick it up.

The Motorola 360 is the first smart watch that I have been interested in. The round face and style speaks volumes to me, hopefully functionality will not be lost.

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To be honest, the watches look great, and I love the features of Android Wear. But I didn't see anything today that blew me away. I have a Pebble and love it...nothing they showed today was enough better than what the Pebble can do to entice me to drop $200 on it. That being said, I'm excited to see where the platform goes, what other watches come down the pipeline, and what awesome stuff developers can make with it.

If I had to choose now, I'd choose the Gear Live. However, I have a Gear 2 so I can wait and see how they perform and see how the Moto 360 works. I'd be stupid and buy the 360 today if it was up for sale..

I got the black LG G watch and plan to upgrade when the 360 comes out

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A man needs to have a fancy watch that he uses to impress on business meetings/dates. And then he needs his fitness watch that can get a little dirty and track his vitals. Im getting samsung gear live and moto 360. :-)

got the G Watch, I'm leaving the country on the 15 and didn't want to risk it not getting to me on time. The Gear Live ships almost a week later.

Really don't like samsung but it is $30 cheaper and has bigger screen and heart rate sensor.... To me it looks bigget and bulkier than lg g watch. Which one should I get? Lg or samsung? (Moto 360 will be too expensive so not getting it.)

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The Samsung actually has a slightly smaller but much higher resolution screen. (280x280 1.65" -vs- 320x320 1.63") It also has a smaller battery but with an always on screen AMOLED will beat out LCD for power consumption. However a LCD will be easier to see in bright sunlight so.. It's all about trade offs. Personally I am leaning towards the Samsung. Call me weird but I love AMOLED screens.

Ordered the G watch. And I'll be getting the moto 360 as soon as I'm able. I may decide to sell the G when I get the moto.

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I'm pissed... I bought my Tizen powered Gear 2 neo 35 days ago... 5 days past the ability to return it to get the Gear Wear... Can't afford another freakin watch, or the fees to sell the old one for a loss online... Grrrrrrrr!!

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After seeing the Gear Live, I was sort of thinking the same thing. But, after letting it simmer a bit, I will keep my Gear 2 Neo...... it works very well, has good battery life, and does what I want it to do. The daily charging of the Gear LIve sort of turned me off. I'm gonna get all the goodie out of my Gear 2 and wait to see what comes down the pike in the future.
(Plus, I don't want to shell out for another watch,

Think that Samsung screen will look nice at side of my note 4 come September mm

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

Hopefully Android wear can go on my original gear until the 360 comes out - I have a feeling it didn't come out today because of being "nicer" for lack of a better description - think it's gonna blow away competition

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did i not read that the Samsung screen isnt always on, just a small portion for time.But the lg is always on with Google now always ready for "ok google"... my vote is lg if this is true

The Samsung has a SAMOLED screen so it has the ability to turn on only the needed portions of the display. If you are using a watch face with a black background, for example, all of the black background pixels are technically off, saving power. If a notification comes in that pops up on the screen then the pixels needed to show it turn on. This is probably why it has a smaller battery as its always-on screen can turn off pixels that aren't being used.

Waiting on the 360. I don't know what Moto was thinking in not having details available today. Makes me wonder if a major problem came up during late stage development that's causing a delay. I'm sure they would have known that LG and Samsung would be releasing today.

Ordered the G watch.

The Gear Live looks interesting. Especially the HR sensor. I'll wait to see how that can be accessed with various apps. If it shows promise I'll buy one.

I'll also get the 360 when it comes out.

Yes....I like watches.

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I went with the Galaxy Live.. Only because it looks nicer (and is a bit cheaper) and either of them would only be something to hold me over until the Moto 360 came out. As soon as the 360 comes out my Live is going on Swappa

I picked up the LG G Watch for a few reasons. First the 360 is unavailable and i want to start playing with android wear right away. Second LG has been doing great things lately and i would rather support them over Samsung. Third its got a bigger battery. Knowing myself i will play with it for the 15 days then RMA it and wait on the Moto 360 again...thats if it does not blow my mind or give it to someone.

Well i did start by saying I want a 360. I did not say I would send it back for sure but it is a possibility. I like the LG watch more for sure

I don't understand why you would pay $200 for a watch that locks you into one manufacturer. If there is something that comes out that's better, you are locked into Samsung. I would pay $30 more to get the LG that is compatible with all modern Android phones so you aren't locked in. If a better phone comes out, I can just get it and keep my watch I've been rocking for a year. Why does the Samsung need to be compatible only with Samsung phones when it is a Google OS?

It's compatible with all Android 4.3+ phones as indicated at the bottom of the listing. They just specifically reference Samsung phones above that as, of course, they'd rather you buy their phone to use with it.

They should change that then. If it says it is compatible with Samsung phones and nothing else, I will assume it is like their other Samsung watches and only work with Samsung phones. They say it is compatible with that brand and say nothing about Android compatibility.

Says who? It was clearly stated that this would work with any device 4.3 and above. I don't think Google would have shown or otherwise

Google play store description for the Samsung watch. Both list compatibility. The LG is compatible with Android versions listed. The Samsung watch us compatible with Samsung phones.

Gear Live. Going to try it out and see if I like it over my Pebble

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Ordered Gear live but hope the 360 comes out in July and return the Gear Live. Otherwise, will buy both.

Ian B

I am more than a little disappointed that these devices will not carry a GPS. I do not prefer carrying my phone on short runs and prefer a device such as the motoactv to accrue my fitness data and play my music. Now the android wear will probably force me to carry my nexus 5 at all times. I am sure moto 360 will be no different.

I ordered the Gear Live, but will also buy a Moto 360 when it is released. I'll either gift the Gear Live to somebody, or just have two smartwatches. Hell, I have 4 regular watches, so why not?

I'm not saying the LG and Live are beautiful, but I don't understand the the fascination with the Moto 360. Please enter your vote: A,B, or C.

Scenario A: Someone went to a shopping center in a small rural town inserted and quarter turned a knob, you know on a vending machine the ones with all the candy and plastic jewelry, and that 360 dropped out.

Scenario B: Someone found a classic crane machine game and still had just enough skill left over from the days malls had arcades, alternatively enough tickets were racked up from skeeball.

Scenario C: A small kickstarter placed the winning bid on a government website for seized warehouse property. Upon their first inspection of the old massive rusty corrugated metal building it was discovered to contain several lots of old 60's-ish giant sized Mickey Mouse watches. A toy company's CEO with mob ties fled the country before getting pinched from the money laundry scheme he was running through the "Mickey Mouse Money Warehouse & Co."

Don't believe me? Google oversized Mickey Mouse watch.

Much love for you Motorola just playing, but I can't agree with you on this one design. :)

Motorola is owned by Lenovo. In past I have had top of lines laptops delayed for weeks from them. I wouldn't expect this till after summer. The price has me concerned also. Once you add shipping and tax close to $300. How will this be supported? As thats not something Lenovo is know for.

Got the LG. Probably gonna pick up the Moto when it comes out in August or whatever. Needed a new toy now! Lol. Plus I like to have watch options. Still hoping Casio gets on board with a GShock version.

I'm tempted by the Gear Live. I'll wait for reviews on battery life but if the moto 360 doesn't have a heart rate monitor it will be my choice.

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Got the black G watch couldn't wait but also planning on getting Moto360. Just love watches and tech gadgets

Moto 360... Motorola has already revolutionized how we interact with our phones. I can't wait to see their smartwatch.

Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
Please check back again soon.


I'm not a fan of bulky watches so i'll wait and see if they cant slim them down in next years iteration.

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interesting that the Samsung live is cheaper that the LG on the US play store but on the UK play store the LG is £10 cheaper than the Samsung (LG is £159, Samsung is £169) so Google isn't managing the prices here and there is more than currency conversion in play here.

I would prefer the LG since I love my G2, and will probably buy the G3, but the Samsung is the better looking of the two. That said, I will be waiting for the 360 before making a decision to buy any of them.

The Pebble still rules them all. Way better battery life, better price, can see it outside over all winner by far.

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I'm totally waiting on that 360. I'm really looking to pair it with a nexus phone.

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Went for the g watch as LGs recent devices have been solid vs the Samsung plastic trash, also less sensors and bigger battery are a big factor as it should last more than a day vs the Sammy offering.

I'll pick up a moto 360 at a later date if the price is low enough however I fear a near 300 price and I can get a phone for that money !

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I was hoping the I/O would reveal something new, but I still don't see the advantage of Android Wear. I'll wait until some reviews are written and I can get my hands on one to decide.

I bought the G Watch and I'll use it until I get the 360. Then I'm going to sell the G watch.

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