We've received a few reports that folks with a stock Wifi Xoom (U.S. Models) are getting their Jelly Bean update pushed this afternoon -- enough of them for us to say with confidence that it's pushing out. Soak testers were asked yesterday if the update was ready for prime-time in their opinion, and apparently the answer was yes. 

If you're still stock on your Wifi Xoom, it's time to start hammering some servers. Check for updates through the settings, and enjoy some tasty butter.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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Jelly Bean now pushing to U.S. Wifi Motorola Xoom


10:44p, still nothing. My trigger finger is ready. I've had my Xoom for all of a day, feel spoiled going from Honeycomb, to ICS, to JB in the matter of 24 hours lol. This is still a better device than that Nexus 7 bastardized phone UI "tablet", and I hesitate to call it that. Or that TouchWiz ridden horrid excuse of a tablet from Samsung. (Yes I've used them all).

"all that bad" usually means that it is kind of bad... just saying.

I have WiFi GTab10.1 and I love it, but I am really mad at Samsung for not even having ICS on this device that does not have anything to do with cell phone carriers. I think that at this point they might as well just skip to JB and forget ICS.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can try stopping Google Services Framework and clearing its data in Settings>Apps>All and then checking for an update. Try it a few times if it doesn't work at first. If it doesn't work after like 10 times, then reset your Xoom and repeat the process.

Bingo! Worked for me on the second try. This tends to prove, yet again, that the "check updates" thing seems to be a lie.


I have been checking for update all day today, nothing showed up. I tried this method, and got update on first trial. Thanks a bunch !!!

I used the clear data under the Google Framework Services app every time I checked and it worked on the third try! Downloading now!

I've been told, (and have read from Adobe) that flash will no longer work if we upgrade to 4.1. If someone who has updated and had flash installed prior could see if Flash stopped working that would be great. I'm hopeful though since Chrome wasn't included with the update.

I upgraded yesterday and am not having any problems with Flash. Just be sure to have it installed before upgrading so you don't have to find the apk to sideload.

Thank You guys for answering my flash questions. Appreciate it! I can't believe my Xoom is getting JB before my Galaxy Nexus! GED is the way to go for sure.

Yes!!!! Jelly Bean is rolling out now! I just turned on my tablet a few minutes ago, and the update was waiting for me. After 5-10 minutes for the update, it was up and running!

Experience so far:

--Project Butter really is! VERY smooth screen scrolling, and very fast reaction to touch

--The new voice search is everything that it is made out to be. I'm extremely impressed! I've tried just making up questions and commands, and it's getting 90%+ correct. These beats Siri hands down!

--Google Now has already started providing informative cards based on my past behavior. Maps and travel times to work in the morning were waiting for me, as were reminders for my first meetings tomorrow. It will be interesting to see it evolve over time.

I haven't had a chance to do much more with it. I've only had the update installed for the past half hour. But I'm really impressed! And the Xoom continues to impress me with its ability to run the latest and greatest Android OS. In fact it just gets better and better with each upgrade. I'll never again do anything other than GED!

I had to force it to check a few times, clearing the Google Services Framework data in between, but it finally started!

Got my update but things are very laggy compared to my Gnexus. I'm going to reboot it and see if that clears things up. I was very impressed that it already pulled in my Google now cards that are running on my nexus.

Some people said that it can take quite a while after the update for performance to return to normal. Perhaps it is performing other checks and updates afterward that are consuming the CPU...

Agreed. I checked the running processes and there were a lot of things chewing up a lot of memory. I'm sure it will settle down over the next day or so. I just turned it off last night and I'll try again later.

Just upgraded the using the clear Google services framework method. Worked like a charm. My Zoom is noticeably faster. Have not looked at much else so far. But I like what I see.

In the UK and still waiting for ICS...

Won't happen I know but I wish they would just jump to JB instead.

Sorry, the only Xoom Nexus is the original USA Xoom WiFi. The Family Edition is a different model.

I hate to say this but this is Crap. How is it that the Wifi Xoom is getting 4.11 while the stupid Tab 10.1 is still on 3.x This is the main reason why I don't buy samsung anymore. Lack of future support for their once "flagship"products.

Hate to say it but I'm a little jealous of you Xoomers..... Good you for you. I'm happy for y'all.


I hear your frustration. I chose the Xoom because it was an unofficially official google developer device despite not having the 'nexus' tag. I've learned over the last few years from having other Samsung devices, and HTC phones, that the only way to go is to get a nexus device, particularly an unlocked GSM nexus phone.

Why? Because the USA Xoom WiFi is [essentially] a Nexus device and updated semi-directly through Google, just like all other Nexus devices.

Boom! Checked to see if an update was available and it was already downloading. Installed and checking it out. So far not as buttery as I hoped (compared to my Nexus 7). Might try a FACTORY DEFAULT and see if that speeds things up.

Check to see if you have processes chewing up lots of memory. If so try a cold boot and hopefully that should help. That helped mine quite a bit.

Tried the method hundreds of times and still doesn't update. Keeps saying "system is up to date" this method isn't proven to work

I just upgraded my flash player to the latest version I am running 4.1.2 JB and flash is no longer working. Any help would be great. I tried uninstalling flash and installing 10.1 again with no luck????