Marc, Rene, and Seth iterate about the new iPad Retina display, Photoshop touch, Jonathan Ive, the Android UI template, Android Niceties, and the Google Play rebranding, and interrogate Sebastiaan de With. This is Iterate!



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Iterate Podcast Episode 17: de With


All this yapping about how great the new I-Pad is getting pathetic. Granted the screen is fantastic but other then that there is nothing.I would much rather have my 10.1 Samsung with root, I can do anything I want with it. The I-Pad is boring. If anyone enjoys flashing new roms and free tethering then nothing beats the 10.1 Samsung, dev support is very big and the sky is the limit. You can keep grandmas I-Pad. Just my Opinion.

Most people want to use their device, not spend hours hacking it.

I'm getting a bit sick of the ROM game myself...

for sure.
i would say more than 80% of people DON'T wanna hack/root/flash/etc...
just wanna use the product as it was shipped, including myself.