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As expected, the Isis mobile payment system backed by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon has been launched in Austin and Salt Lake City today. There are currently nine handsets that are ready to roll with the NFC-enabled app, with another 11 on the way before 2013. Verizon has announced that the Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR MAXX HD will both be compatible this week. T-Mobile has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S Relay, and Galaxy S2 will be compatible with Isis. AT&T will also support the GS3, as well as the HTC One X, Exhilarate, LG Escape, and Rugby Pro. As far as credit cards go, American Express, Capital One, and Chase are supported, which might not be enough of a selection for most folks, but it's a start. 

Meanwhile in Canada, Rogers is getting ready to launch their own mobile payment system based on NFC-enabled SIM cards, though it doesn't seem like they'll have the same device restrictions. Apparently we'll be able to pop that SIM into any Rogers phone and the service will work perfectly well once it's rolled out. Anyone interested in getting started with Isis apparently has to get a new SIM card too, though they won't work with rooted devices. 

In any case, Isis will be competing directly with Google Wallet, which makes for some annoying repercussions. it seems like some carriers haven't been shy about blocking Google Wallet in favor of pushing Isis, but why wouldn't Google just kick Isis from the Play Store? One would assume that both sides have already talked the issue to death, but it's hard to see this kind of service not putting some friction between partners. How do you guys think the NFC payments situation will pan out between Google and carriers?

Any locals interested in signing up can check out the Isis home page

Source: Business Wire, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T


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Isis NFC payments go live in Austin and Salt Lake City


I'm still annoyed my nexus can't use Google wallet because of Verizon. Not only do they block it but they don't give users an alternative. I think people should be able to choose which they want to use.

Not rooted on my Verizon GN but am using Google Wallet. Hit the forums you can find a link to get it in your not rooted GN.

If carriers think im going to help them get more money they are crazy. Google Wallet all the way!

I hope Google blocks Isis from Google Play.

Btw I think charging for tethering is such crap. If I buy 5gb of data a month I should be able to use that data on my phone, tablet, pc, whatever. I shouldn't just be stuck to my phone and have to pay 15 dollars more a month just to be able to be able to use that data on other devices.

This is why I will be getting the Nexus 4. Tired of carriers and their games.

Let's see, I love Google and I hate Verizon. Which NFC payment system would I rather use?

Rather disappointed with Googles handling of this whole mess...if they really cared about Google wallet, why didn't they fight harder against ATT/Verizon? We should be free to choose which payment system to use - or both. I find it hard to believe carriers can legally block one app in favor of their competing version.

I really don't think we should be rooting against any nfc payment system. The more players involved the faster it will become adopted as a standard. The terminals will likely work with whichever app you have installed e.g. the mastercard paypass terminals work with wallet and isis. I'm hoping this isis rollout will pave the way for google wallet in the future, even if wallet goes under I would rather have isis than nothing.

No thanks Isis, ill just keep using Google Wallet instead, many place's in my area accept it, MC'Ds, sheetz's, Target, Hess, and found a few Coke machines as well. There may be more, i've just yet to discover them.

Man, Google is Verizon's bitch. Not only does Verizon block Google Wallet, but now they're advertising ISIS on Google manufactured devices. Keep bending over Google.

This should play out with the FCC slapping all the carriers involved with a fat fine, a public apology especially by verizon, at&t etc. (even though nobody there would be sorry), and every android user gets a $50 credit to their carrier billing.

I got the ISIS payment system going on my AT&T S3 this morning. First thing I did was went to an AT&T store and got the new secure enabled sim for ISIS. The store I went to knew exactly what I was talking about and it took about 5 minutes for them to provision everything.

I downloaded the ISIS app and have it setup. Once it was setup, it loaded an ISIS pre-paid card automatically (I did not have this before) and it gave me $10 for free to use. I read somewhere that if I upgrade that card to reloadable, then they will give me $15 more for free, so I've done that also (said it would take one business day to process).

Currently I can see the list of vendors supporting this in the Austin area. Macys, Jamba Juice, Whole Foods among others. I'll post back once I actually have the opportunity to use this somewhere.

I am in Austin often for business but will have to hold on this. I was not sure which side of this I would fall but have decided I want it to be my choice which NFC system I use, not allow Att to limit my options. Still not too hard to pull out my real wallet.

I don't understand why the FCC hasn't already sued AT&T and Verizon over this obvious case of NFC payment system collusion. I won't be supporting thie tripe and it will be better if nobody does.