For the past few years, apps for safer driving have been popping up all over the place -- all seeking to keep you safe on the road but when you think of augmented reality, that's not likely something you relate to safer driving. iOnRoad is looking to change that with their beta application released a few days ago:

iOnRoad improves driving in real-time using the power of advanced smartphones. The app uses the smartphone’s native camera and sensors to detect vehicles in front of the vehicle, alerting  drivers when they are in danger. iOnRoad’s VisualRadar™, maps objects in front of the driver in realtime, calculating the user’s current speed using native sensors. As the vehicle approaches danger, an audio-visual warning pops up to warn the driver of a possible collision, allowing them to brake in time. The app can be used in “background mode,” allowing users to use the navigation app or take phone calls, while still remaining safe on the road.

iOnRoad has some great features baked into the app as well. Notification narration, road snapshots, so you have a record of bad drivers when you spot them or if you need to refer to them later. Plus, it learns from your driving habits which, can be viewed on your personal web dashboard. The app is available in the Android Market right now, in beta status and you can head on over to the iOnRoad website for more details. Download and some images past the break.

Source: iOnRoad

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iOnRoad - Using augmented reality for safer driving


Ok, I can't take this. If no one is going to say it, I have to be 'that guy'...

This app (as it is) currently is one of the most ridiculous apps I have ever seen. Do I REALLY need an app to view the car length in front of me and try to tell me if I'm too close? If you need an app to do this, you shouldn't be driving in the first place! Not to mention the possible safety hazard of looking at the screen alarm when you should be braking.

There is definite future to these type of apps once cars start becoming autonomous, that's probably why they won the 'award', and yes a 'swerve wake up' would be an excellent addition, but in this day and age, just to tell me that I'm too close to the car in front of me? Sorry, but it's pretty lame and slightly dangerous.

(new idea for app: You type in everything that you eat at a meal, and the app tells you if you are full or not, and it automatically schedules trips to the bathroom on your calendar. Prevents obesity! Awards assured! [rolling eyes])

Sorry, just had to spill my guts on this one... back to your normally scheduled programming...

I hate to break it to you, but this technology will probably be in most or all cars eventually. It's clear to me that there is a huge need for something like this, just look at the number of rear end collisions on the freeway. Every day I drive on the freeway and try to keep a 3-4 second gap between myself and the car in front of me. Almost nobody is doing the same, most cars are leaving 1-2 seconds at most, I routinely see people leaving only a couple car lengths at highway speeds.

YOU may not need this, but there are many people that could benefit from it. Even if you don't use it, you may still benefit due to the reduced chance of being rear-ended.