Boost Mobile has just released a rugged Kyocera handset called the Hydro Icon. For a mere $149.99 off-contract, you'll get an LTE-capable handset with 4.5-inch qHD display, 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor, wireless charging, 8 megapixel camera, and a body built to 810G spec for shock and drop resistance, and IP57 against dust and water.

Unfortunately, the Kyocera Hydro Icon is running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, but thems the breaks with a lower-cost phone like this. It does have this neat feature where the whole screen apparently acts as a speaker and transmits sound through tissue conduction.

For an inexpensive phone, there's a lot of interesting stuff going on with the Kyocera Hydro Icon, but Kyocera as a brand faces an uphill battle against established players like Samsung, HTC, and the other big boys. Would any of you guys consider getting a Kyocera handset? Anything about the Hydro Icon catching your eye?


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The invincible Kyocera Hydro Icon 4G LTE arrives on Boost Mobile


I have the moto x and would use this on sprint as a backup phone or for my clumsy wife.

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My gf has the amazing ability to destroy any phone that she has ever owned. This just might be the end to her trail of broken handsets.

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Too Happy with my newly rooted LG Volt. Not big on Kyocera. I do have a clumsy wife but she's happy with her moto g

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The screen looks an awful lot like 4.4 but I guess not. If this was on Sprint, it'd make a nice replacement for my rugged work phone.

It needs hd screen and bigger battery. And if it can be unlocked for gsm i would throw down 200. Kyocera had a similar phone a year or so ago and it had dual speakers and big battery. But using sprint limited slow data is a no no.

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You guys need to make reviews of prepaid phones too. Anyways, I'm getting the LG Volt mainly for the battery xD

Why dedicate the time? They are a one and done. Resources need to be managed

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Because its the growing trend. More people are willing to take a mid range device bought 100% out of pocket with freedom than to lock yourself into a 2 year contract spend $200 for a flagship (which is 30$ more than the more than capable LG Volt btw) that will be old in a year. 3 things that won't exist in 20 years mark my words: cable TV, e book readers and 2 year contacts for cell phones

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My son has had the Hydro and the Hydro Edge. Looks like this will be his next phone. Upping the last model by adding a front camera, larger screen and durability. Not bad for the price.

Decent work phone or phone to replace a busted or damaged phone if you have a bunch of time left on a contract.

I hate when they mention the manufacturer of the processor, but fail to mention which version/model it's is. I know I can look it up myself, but it would be nice to not have to.
I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Probably a Snapdragon 400 quad core 1.2ghz with four A7 cores. Lots of phones in this class tend to use that one at least.

it's boost mobile/sprint...which uses CDMA/LTE configuration. short answer no.

Posted via an AT&T Galaxy S III LTE running on America's....neither fastest or most reliable network. ):

I recently in June the 3rd got early Father's Day gift Nexus 5 Brand New with 4.4.3 on board and being this my first Android phone after having iPhones of all generations including my iPhone 5S 32GB I can only say good things about android I knew that this phone Nexus has all specs of high end phone I'll be using this phone for a while it has 491 ppi display which I believe is higher then iPhones and the way everything works on it so damn quick and after Rooting it last night now I'm in total control of this GREAT and I believe average priced device, not like pure Android-Google experience wasn't enough for me but now customization of it is just awesome, I always knew Android was good OS but never thought that it could be this good, for other Android devices like my daughters 2 year old Samsung S3 that is now priced very decent still at around $350 new she loves it and wants the new S5 or note 4 which I will buy for her as soon as note 4 will be released. Having said that I now a android believer as I always thought they were just phone good enough for teens.
What I was going to say is that there is a good Android devices especially new ones or something good like S3 and probably S4 it just on S4 things like air gesture and some other never usable things including a bloatware from Samsung and that Wiz crap unlike Nexus 5 is all great
Android is a great platform that is reliable for any ages.
Way to Go Android! And please allow root the devices like thru a person name George Hotz and all you have to do is go to a website and with in 5 minutes your devices will be rooted and it's not only for Samsung S5 it also goes for S4, Note 2 and 3 and few other phones including Nexus 5 and tablet Nexus 7 just go to the and all the information is there it took me about under 5 minutes to complete with a single download but before you doit make sure in your settings your device will allow you to install third party's apps so just put a check mark there it's very easy!
Here is the site where it tells you step by step how to doit as well as all available devices that it will work on:
Enjoy guys!!!

I work at Best Buy Mobile (in a full store not the mall kind) and have sold/used both phones. This phone's sole benefit is the water resistance/dust resistance. The LG Volt runs 4.4 and has otherwise similar specs but with knock code, a better (subjectively) screen, better camera, and a more reputable brand. It also accepts a memory card and I don't know if this does or not.

This phone is not invincible. I had this phone for all of two days before it shattered.... not just one crack spreading....the entire screen is shattered. I was carrying it in my coat pocket it fell out and landed face first on the rocky concrete path at my apartment complex. I bought it because it was shatterproof and waterproof---and when i called the kyocera people, they say it may be out of warranty because it was damaged. They say I have to send them the phone for 10 days so they can access the product and there was a 50/50 chance of it being repaired. If they determine their product is not deffective, I have to pay 10 dollars to get my phone back... In other words, they do not completely honor their shatterproof and waterproof warranty. Will not be buying from Kyocera again.

Methinks warranty suggests drop resistant, not proof. What is/are your view(s) on phone insurance? I am considering it, but first I would like to ask some questions about policy I will have on my Smartphone with the insurance provider.

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE, NOT EVEN FOR 30.00, as offered right now by metro pcs, i figured it was a low enough price to try the lte band here where i live (in a major u.s. city) it's ironic that this phone is called the hydro, because it sounded like i was trying to talk on it UNDER WATER THE WHOLE TIME, no i never got it wet. i didn't think to check the reviews online for poor sound quality in a smartphone (btw there are) because you wouldn't expect the technology in sound for phones to get worse, but i haven't heard such crappy sound on a cell phone since 1995, i mean REALLY REALLY BAD, the computing aspect of the device functions well, but you think they might focus a little more on making the phone, ohh i don't know... maybee, A DECENT PHONE !!! i only actually saw an lte connection maybe 20 percent of the time traveling around the city, soo not much coverage. after the first day i just wanted my old phone back and switched my service back over to my lg, it may not have lte but at least i can hear the person i'm talking to and they can hear me, seriously they REALLY DROPPED THE BALL WITH THIS ONE.

This phone sucks. I bought this phone last month and accidentally dropped it on my wood floor and the whole screen shattered. I had warranty and they said it didn't cover the damage. but when i bought it the lady said it would. Plus the sound quality sucks at that.!! this phone just sucks all together. also the screen gets glitches ALL the time.!!!

Having used the two previous Hydro's, I only moved to the Icon a few days ago. Since I tend to regard a smartphone more as a tool than a toy or status symbol, my metric for usability might be a bit different from others'.

About the only quibble I have with the Icon thus far has to do with its size: the Edge was just a bit bigger than the original Hydro, and the Icon is just a bit bigger than the Edge. The Edge is still smaller than, say, my GF's Samsung GIII, meaning it pretty much hits my limits for one-handed use: I don't use the African thumb-piano method of text-input, for one thing.

I'm quite happy about the slightly bigger screen, considerably faster processor, and especially the much-higher storage capacity: over four times that of the Edge, which got rather stuffed with just a relative handful of third-party apps. (Including Facebook, which is a pig among apps.). 4G LTE is obviously a great addition as well.

In all, it comes down to what you want and need in a phone. If you just *have* to have that G5 or iPhone 6, this ain't your phone. If you want something solid and reliable (with a few nice bells and whistles) without tying yourself to a contract, I'd say you could do a lot worse than a Hydro Icon.

Ok well I have had a lot of phones but when my HTC ONE M7 got stolen I decided I wasnt going to spend retarded money on phones anymore. So I went without a smartphone for as long as I could then I puchased the ICON and ive had it for about a week so far I dig it especially being made by kyocera ive had bad experiences in the past so if you know how to mod your OS or even just customize your apps this 149.99 is money well spent so long story Kyocera hydro icon is worth the 149.99 my opinion....posted from my kyocera hydro icon

Umm hi I had bought the Kyocera Hydro Icon because of its good reps of being water-proof, and today it was not water-proof i had dropped it in 2 foot of water in a pool and supposedly it is able to take pictures in up to 3 foot of water. So what i'm wondering is there a guarantee for this because i did not buy a warranty on it.

I love this phone!!!! I didn't test the water thing! Lol. I don't do underwater pictures and I'm dam sure not putting this phone or any phone in water unless its rain water! I bought it because it was 70 bucks with boost! And I get 10 gigz a month for 55 buckz! I don't even use it all! But anyway. I have a 2 year old. So u know they are always messing with our phone! I have a shock resistant case and he has dropped thrown bumped my phone all over the house! And its working great! Not a scratch crack or break anywhere! I bought the case for 15 bucks and its like having the outterbox case I had for my iPhone. Great phone!

I've had this phone for a little over a year now and its still going strong... Really like this phone. I've got 4 kids who all like to get ahold of this phone!! Its with stood being dropped, sling shot, dropped in the washing machine, everything that will destroy most phones. I don't buy "top of the line" extremely expensive phones for this reason! But I do have to say this phone is great and does everything I need it too! I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone, especially parents with young kids... If this phone has survived my kids it will definitely survive anyone's!! Well I could go on forever with the things I really like about this phone, but now these kids are being too quiet... Which means they are doing something they are supposed to!! Hopefully this review might help someone else out...