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csking1995 says:

EEEEK! My eyes, my eyes!!!
(Sorry - I just could not resist. You are a handsome brood!)

mbentley3 says:

Good stuff, enjoy the video format.

mottspj says:

OK so now I get to watch you guys while at the gym. This ought to keep people from peeking over to see what I'm watch. One peek should scare them away.

icu says:

Sneaky hobitsess makes subscribe to mobilenations it doesss

Why not release under the androidcentral channel? Not a big deal.

I can download the YT vid (as I am), but will it be offered as a video download at any point?

vinny jr says:

Great job, The video was working great. Rene Richie does a great job with the video programs. This is much more interesting then just listening to the show. I look forward to the next show.

HAAS599 says:

What's the url to add the video feed to my netcast aggregator?

harold42483 says:

Hey Cory what where you drinking during the video?? looks pretty good

wormeyman says:

I use to download youtube videos then i use a doggcatcher virtual feed to get the videos into doggcatcher. It's definitely a kludge but it works!