HTC One update

Minor update starting to roll out in parts of Europe

The international HTC One has today received a minor firmware update addressing one of the bugs with the previous Android 4.2-based ROM, and adding support for an upcoming accessory.

The update to version 2.24.401.8 (from 2.24.401.2) fixes support for the Google Keyboard — previously impossible to use due to a software bug — and enables support for HTC's upcoming Mini+ accessory. The Mini+ is the successor to last year's HTC Mini — effectively a smaller companion handset that pairs with your smartphone over Bluetooth and allows you to make calls.

The update weighs just over 31 megabytes and doesn't appear to change anything else. (It's still based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.) The new firmware is live now for HTC One users in Scandinavia, and should be rolled out to other countries in the near future. Check under Settings > About > Software updates to see if your update is ready.


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International HTC One updated with Google Keyboard fix, Mini+ support


Jury is still out until they actually release something. This is a very minor update and I imagine mostly to support the new device.

When 4.3 hits in the time frame they specified I will join your chorus.

Glad to see they're addressing this. Threads on Google support and AC detailing the issue.

Now hopefully UK HTC_001 handsets will be next.

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Great... Finally the problem of multiple letters solved with the keypad..

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i just got mine, im from canada but on vacation in portugal and purchased mine here in portugal the update seems to make the UI smoother tho :)