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Have an HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T? Have the latest software upgrade? You don't? Well, get to your nearest system update (it's in settings, boys and girls) and see if yours is waiting for you, as 1.84.502.11 is being pushed out now. According to HTC, you're getting:

  • Hotmail, Live, and MSN email auto configuration settings update.
  • Makes the email set up process much easier and includes the most current settings for each type of email.
  • Increased potential data speed at which data can travel on the network.

It's that last bullet point that's really the important one, though, because the Inspire is another one of them newfangled "4G" HSPA+ that hasn't been allowed to live up to its potential. So update away, run some speed tests and let us know how it goes.

Source: HTC, via @jmartinez302. Also: Inspire 4G update forum

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YzBrad99 says:

I wonder if this will help the battery life on this device?

RedneckBB says:

2 runs
1999 down 330 up 285 ping
1106 down 340 up. 189 ping

closes servers are listed in miami..... hummm idk.

cobra302 says:

Hey thats my pic I took and sent :)

My speeds have been hit and miss for some reason with this update. Highest upload has been 1mb, most are still around .08 or so.

Side note, it "seems" like the speaker volume may be louder as well.

kurioskurion says:

My battery life is the best I've ever gotten on Android! What kind of battery life are you getting?

RedneckBB says:

yes notifications are louder.

this is all good but is it root safe? if not ill wait for an update thats more with more substance.

cobra302 says:

thats a good question, one way to find out! LOL

RedneckBB says:

rebooted and ran test again...
1323 down 1252 up ping 164 so yea i guess it works :)

well... im not risking root as of yet, besides where i live the update probably wont come for another year... IDAHO. Still not sent to my phone.

I tested 4 times, and all of my tests are coming back with crap-tastic upload speeds. My highest upload speed was 355 a few weeks back, now I am at 330, 327, 355 and 346. So this was an upgrade right? lol

I tested 4 times, and all of my tests are coming back with crap-tastic upload speeds. My highest upload speed was 355 a few weeks back, now I am at 330, 327, 355 and 346. So this was an upgrade right? lol

RedneckBB says:

reboot your device and recheck.

evoANDY says:

lol think my speeds were worst after I updated...tried 4 times best 2067 down - 335 up (out of Tampa, FL)

JoshuaExline says:

I can't even get the update. damnit.

KCMike says:

I'm wondering what will happen to the rooted phones. Anyone try it out yet? :P

jahfar1 says:

Try and reboot ur phone, i got 7.5mbs download speed and 1mbs upload, thats what im talkin bout lol

jwzg says:

Why bother with upgrading Froyo? Head over to the Desire HD forum at XDA developers and get the shipped Gingerbread Rom. It works completely on the Inspire 4G with cid unlock and has hsupa out of the box. Audio is not quite as good, but you can root with Gingerbreak, and fix with a prop edit. Best part? NO bloatware.

Versed says:

Have CM7 on mine, works great. I'm also sure the faster radios will be available on the inspire xda forums in a few days, or hours.

is anyone else noticiing either signal strength and wifi are not as good witht his new update? i am at my sisters, and she gets no service here to begin with, but id usually get 2-3 bars.. now i got the "e" with the check mark.. and im running off her wireless and my wifi is showing 0-1 bars.. where as before this update itd show full bars.. samegoes for wifi at my house.. comeone i was standing right next to the router and had 0 bars of wifi.. meanwhile on my iphone i had full.. thats not right..

im disappointed with this update.. how do i downgrade?

kg4zxk says:


I am getting 2.94 Mbps down and 1.22 Mbps up. Beats that .32 I've been getting.

I'm still thinking about leaving AT&T for good when my contract is up. Never had these issues with iPhone. I think it should be looked into to see if AT&T is given preference in network speeds to the iPhone at the expense of everyone else.

kg4zxk says:

Oh. Reboot after update. I had to do that to see the speed increase.

kg4zxk says:

i go to upgrade and i get a exclamation mark and a android? what is that about?

Nights Flame says:

Is your device rooted?