If you've been dying to try your hand at Ingress -- the AR game run by the Niantic Project and Google -- but haven't been able to get your hands on an invite yet, it's time to make friends. Ingress this morning announced that any current player Level 6 and up (which means Levels 7 and 8 as well) should now have a single invite to bestow on a lucky newcomer. 

Ingress centers on the idea that there's this magical "XM" or "Exotic Matter," which lies in wait, hidden from casual view. But it affects everything around it. You use your phone or tablet to view the XM and the portals that harness it. Two sides -- the Enlightened and the Resistance -- are battling for control over the portals, linking them together and creating protective fields and capturing mind units in the process. 

One upside to the game is that it gets you away from a computer and TV. It gets you out of the house. And, heaven forbid, it gets you walking around. And might just meet folks in your area, too, actually talking to them, all in the name of ... well, you'll see.

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Ingress doles out new-player invites to L6 and up


The game is cool but where I live there is only one portal within 25 miles around me and it happens to be my local police station. Sitting in the police station parking lot hacking a portal is not ideal and gets you some suspicious looks.

Hmmm I must not be playing it right lol. Time to go do some research and see what this submitting portal business is about. Thanks.

I'm not in quite the same boat but there are very few portals where I live as well. I HAVE submitted over 75 portals including art and historic places since the beginning of January and none have been accepted yet so it seems that there's a backlog of some sort. Can't complain too much as I've still almost made it to 8 but local portals would definitely be nice.

Get submitting portals then, it's easy to do now from inside the game just find something interesting, click new portlal and snap a picture then submit.

Hey maybe I'll end up gettin an invite now :/ Kinda doubtful though.

One question, how does the game play in more rural areas? I don't live in the boonies but I'm not in a major city.

There may be a shortage of portals in your area, though you can always submit more. I live in a suburban area outside of Denver and submitted 30+ valid portals just in my town. Public art, unique/local businesses, historic/old buildings, parks... anything interesting can be a portal.
The second question will be whether you can find anyone to play against. In that case I'd find a friend who is also interested in your area and suggest that friend joins the other side, so you have a rival to play against.

I was lucky enough to get an eaqrly invite, but sadly, my crusty old NS4G just isn't up to the task of running the app. I would have to sit outside the library for half an hour just to get it to see the portal. Trust me, you don't want to be on the receiving end of the stares you get from mothers who see an old bald dude sitting alone in his car outside the library when school lets out.

Google needs to get their *s* together on this and open it up to all potential users before someone else releases something similar that anyone can play.

I often walk for a couple of hours on weekends, and could suggest some portals. And want to make sure my office is not a portal. Government, you know.

Still too buggy to open up to the public. Mine will work, but after hacking two portals and a remote charge, the map usually works but the portals wont appear without a reboot of the phone, and remote charging says it works but doesn't charge anything. I am running the Sprint GNex 4.2.1 so everything should work fine. Not sure what the issue is, but definitely cuts into my playing time!

I have long since given up on trying to get an invite. After this long, if they can't open it up, I don't think I want to worry about it. Too bad - looked intriguing

Someone here, dear god, has to have a Ingress invite they are not going to use. Please invite me... it is so difficult to get into this...