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Glu has just launched a free-to-play multiplayer game on Google Play called Indestructible. It puts players in the driver's seat of some dangerous vehicles, and pits them against others online. More often than not, they're just cars with all manner of dozer blades, laser cannons, and armor plating riveted to them, but you'll also see armored personnel carriers, hovercraft, and semi trailers. game modes include the good old-fashioned deathmatch, capture the flag, and a collection game type called recover the charge. As you play through, you earn experience points, level up, upgrade skills, and unlock new gear for your various cars. 

Those of you that are worried that this is a pay-to-win scenario, don't be. I hopped into a game last night, and came out on top even though I was using the bare-bones entry-level vehicle. Some of the upgrades are really sweet, and the four-player action ran nice and smooth on my Nexus 7. 

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Wolfgar2k says:

Hmm...compatible with my wife's Nexus S, but not my Galaxy S Captivate? I thought the Galaxy S line and Nexus line shared the same major components. (CPU/GPU, RAM, etc.)

Mobius360 says:

Thanks will check it out

Mobius360 says:

*double post

Sjn013 says:

android the play store.... but pictured running on an ipad.... hummmm

SGPMan says:

LOL.. does the ipad have those 3 Android icons on the bottom? Maybe Google should sue Apple for infringements.

Whyu1nunno says:

lol exactly what i was thinking.

vzwty says:

I'm not sure what picture your looking at but that is definitely a Nexus 7.

ghess517 says:

Anyone else have an issue of it locking. Up.After start up?