Droid RAZR

And here we have the Motorola Droid RAZR splayed across a table for all to see, courtesy of those crazy cracker-openers, iFixit. No real surprises inside -- it's got smartphone parts. But you get a great look at the uber-thin non-removable battery -- complete with a "remove battery" tab. Go figure.

Source: iFixit


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iFixit cracks open the Droid RAZR, finds Droid RAZR parts inside


You know, I would love to have seen the Galaxy Nexus inside the RAZR style case. It looks very well built and I'm sure the Nexus will be typical Samsung plastic, although I must say my Epic has held up quite well over the last 1+ year.

Samsung plastic will do just fine. I don't need my phone to withstand thermonuclear war. With a thin rubber case and screen protector it will perform very nicely. And perform is what that phone is going to do!

Ultimately you're right in that it really won't matter as all we really want is for the Nexus to perform well. I just think Motorola built a nice looking phone with the RAZR.

What in the World does this have to do with the Release Date of my Kal-El Tegra 3 Quinta-Core Samsung Galaxy SIII on Verizon's 4G LTE Network ???

Motorola did a great job shoe horning a 1750 mAh battery inside that very thin frame. The Thunderbolt has a 1400 mAh. That is a big jump and should help alot in pushing the phone through the day without bump charging if used right. Jerry in his podcast says don't buy any new phone without it having ICS out of the box. That means don't buy anything but the new Nexus phone. The new Samsung Nexus looks great but I am from the school of memory, you need more then 16 mb of internal memory in a new phone. The new Razr will get ICS and has all the hardware needed for a new phone.

well it looks like you will still be able to replace your battery, its just going to take a little work and will probably void your warranty. At least the leads are not soldered on.

Anyone else notice the 4GB DDR2 memory chip? According to their part number, it shows as 2x2gb 32nm DDR2 IC. So... Is that extra 3gb for webtop?

no.....there's a difference between GigaBITS and GigaBYTES, that's why it's written 4Gb and not 4GB. In fact that one chip is only ~512MB/ 0.5GB. So there's got to be another one.

It is a nice phone but I am a little disappointed at the size of the bezel around the screen. Alot has been made about the battery. It is adequate and I am sure they had to seal it in the the case to help make it "splash resistant" as they claim. It leaves the problem of moisture sealing to a mic, speaker, and card insertion. All in all though it is nice device so far.