ICS Dump

With the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich just around the corner, everyone's excited for all the new features and look.  We can't offer a way to get any of the features just yet -- that'll have to wait till the code drops -- but your favorite themer sure can have a ball with the system files from the SDK.  All the graphics are there -- icons, status bar symbols, interface elements, etc. -- ripe for the taking and ready to be worked into a great new theme for your current rooted Android phone.  If you're the theme-creating type, yet don't want to fool with extracting everything out of the system images, we got ya covered.  Hit the forums and download it.  Be sure to give us a holler when you create something with them, we'd love to have a look!

Download the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK system dump


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Ice Cream Sandwich SDK system dump available -- devs and themers get at it!


This is so that developers can use it to make themes and different UIs for phones. What he posted earlier was for app development.

i assume that these core app apks (Calendar, Mail, etc.) aren't installable/executable on non-ICS devices? can someone please give me a brief technical reason why? just curious.

Main reason would be that frameworks in the existing phones don't support the newer APIs. Second would be that it expects a specific version of the OS, and doesn't want to work on a lower codebase (you can do that with your normal app manifests too).

Lol, we're on it. Tip for themers using the sdk. Create a virtual android device with skin (resolution) WXGA800 and you will see how ICS looks like on a tablet!

I'm not a developer and I'm curious if there will be ICS roms before the Nexus is released. I will be getting the Nexus the day it comes out, But, do you guys think that there will be roms for my Thunderbolt to try before Nov. 10th.

Absolutely no chance. The source code isn't out yet and even still it takes months of work to port it over. CM9 won't be out in usable fashion until maybe spring. (CM8 would have been honeycomb based)