ICS for the Galaxy S II

It's official -- The Samsung Galaxy S II is getting the Ice Cream Sandwich starting today in parts of Europe and Korea. Folks in Poland, Hungary, Sweden, and Korea should soon see the OTA update they have been waiting for. Samsung also states that the update will roll out in other markets gradually, and to expect ICS for the Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II LTE, and Tab 10.1 and 8.9 versions "soon".

Of course for those who have a carrier branded Galaxy S II, "the availability and scheduling of the software update and specific models upgradable to Android 4.0 will vary by market and wireless carriers’ requirements". In other words, we're at the mercy of folks at Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile here in the U.S. Hopefully we'll soon hear something specific. If we do, you all will be the first to know.

Source: Samsung; via @SamsungMobile


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Ice Cream Sandwich available now for Galaxy S II in Europe and Korea


Can't wait for ICS, mainly to get Chrome! I have no regrets on springing for an international GNote for reasonable updates and the nice home button.

Chrome, in its present state, sucks. I'm using build XXLPH and Chrome keeps crashing all the time. Even when not running it results in system wide freezes, and some random service force closes.. As soon as I uninstall Chrome, in everything is fine again...

I find it really good. I love it and it has never had any force closes on my Galaxy Nexus, on Stock, Gummy, or Cynagon mod nightly builds. I love it.

I`m running it on my stock Galaxy Nexus and haven`t crashed even once since the day Chrome for Android launched.

The long wait is over... For international markets of course. Here the wireless carriers continue to drag their feet. Let the crying begin.

Speaks volumes when a Samsung phone gets ics before the Nexus S. Granted, the Nexus S is a Samsung phone but still amazes me. Google needs to get their shit together

-current sgs2 owner

Uhm yeah, Nexus S was the FIRST device to get Ice Cream Sandwich after Galaxy Nexus.

I updated mine and it was 4.0.3 if I am not wrong, quite a long time ago.

Surprised you didn't know about it?

He may be referring to the Sprint Nexus S, which AFAIK has yet to get ICS update... who knows why...

I doubt sprint will let any of their phones have ICS before the release of the galaxy nexus lte. If SII had ICS when that launched it would be probably dead on arrival.

the UI on the ICS epic4g touch and the gnex looks totally different. I still don't see a majority of users even knowing what ICS is or that it exists.

Maybe its just time to retire that old Nexus S and pick up a newer phone.
...besides, that is what they want you to do!

Great, I'm on a 2 year plan with a 9 month old phone that I have to somehow retire! Sprint is going to be in a world of hurt if they don't produce ICS for the Nexus S 4G soon. Promises made, promises broken. A lot of us went though this with the Pre and are getting tired of it!

I highly doubt it. Again, this update is for the non-branded version of the GSII, not all GSII variants.

I saidf it once I'll say it again, the leaks for ICS on the E4GT look almost complete. ICS no later than April IMO.

funny how i had to wait forever and a lifetime for GB on my epic 4g when the evo 4g had it soon after its release and now it looks like samsung is gonna be ready to release ICS to the US before htc

If anyone gets it in the UK (our anywhere else) let's know with details of what network you're on.

I'll try in a few hours at work and will post my finding's :-)

So so so so so glad I bought this bad boy of a phone.

Just upgraded mine OTA, went smoothly, though it did reset all of my home screen layouts so had to add everything back. All works and looks fine, though the Samsung TouchWizz interface looks mostly unchanged on the surface so it means it doesnt really appear very different than previous version....though the new functionality is there like face unlock, data usage monitor etc.

My phone was originally provided from Poland carrier/simlock free, so I guess thats why I am one of the first to get the update.....but it has a UK GiffGaff/O2 Sim in it. I am in Germany.....so the phone clearly checks the country origin of the ROM on the phone to look for availability for the update. My ROM was a Polish one even though I have a UK Sim in the phone...so it is where the phone comes from that matters, not where it may be or on what network.

I also use a Galaxy Nexus, so pure ICS, and to be honest I prefer the ICS on that than the now updated Galaxy S2.

Hope you all get it soon, feel free to ask with any questions.

You gotta love how Google failing to update it's own phone (NS & NS4G) with it's own OS before the OEM's is not news on an ANDROID NEWS SITE. How many articles have we seen about OEM's not updating fast enough? But still not a single word spoken on Google failing at the very same thing.

it's not even the lack up update yet that annoys me to no end, it's the SILENCE on the matter from both sites like this and more importantly GOOGLE. I get these things take time, 4 months or however it's been is pushing it in some regard but to say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING during that time is inexcusable. Just straight up pisses me off and I don't even own a Nexus

Petro give it a rest man...I get that you're upset that your Nexus s4g hasn't had an update yet, but you post multiple times in the same thread everytime the subject comes up (insofar as I remember, if I'm mistaken forgive me). I seriously believe that it has less with Google sending out the update, and more to do with Sprint not green-lighting the update without proper support for their tack on/paid hotspot feature - which a stock ICS4.0 would negate with free wifi-tethering. Add in support for an older Wimaxx antenna and need to develop drivers - and I think it's pretty forgivable that one Nexus device, sold on one carrier in one country hasn't received it's update yet. The Galaxy S II on the other hand - is biggest selling phone in many many many many markets - and it's time that they got out their update. The good news is - we've seen a good progression of leaked Sprint Roms for the GS2 for the last couple of months. It's undoubted that at least the wimaxx issue for sprint is in hand - and that can only mean good things for the Nexus S4g by proxy.

If it was Sprint delaying then please explain why the GSM AT&T Nexus S has never received ICS. Not to mention we know that Sprint's software for the radios is ready, as it was released when the source for ICS was released in December. How else do you think the ROM devs got Wimax to work on their ROM's?

It is not just the Sprint NS4G that is not updated, it is all of the other GSM Nexus S devices that never received the OTA (the update was halted) not to mentions AT&T's version. So trying to blame Sprint is just pointless, it is Google who is delaying. On top of that the lack of communication is just insulting as a consumer who purchased this product with the trust of Google actually providing some kind of customer service and support, not to mention delivering on said advertised (first to receive updates) features. Frankly I could care less how well the Galaxy S II sold, as all Nexus S devices were advertised explicitly by Google that it would receive updates first. This is a complete lie and is false advertising. People have a right to be pissed.

I find it insulting having to constantly read through your irrelevant drivel in countless articles. I understand you have a legitimate complaint but there is nothing WE can do so cut the crap.

Is it really that unbelievable that people are pissed over Google falsely advertising their Nexus S and 4G as the first to receive updates and then did not deliver on that?

It is the same outrage you would see if a product advertises two day delivery but it takes two weeks.

We as consumers have been lied to and that makes us angry.

It makes you angry. I'm using a ThunderBolt that's still running FroYo because I deactivated it to use another device and missed the Gingerbread update. I also know that if I wanted it THAT bad, I could always go root and flash it on. That's the beauty of Android, brother...if you're unhappy with your ROM...go get another one. Problem solved. Whether it's Sprint or Google holding it up is irrelevant...they're just trying to perfect it. Would you rather have an update that wasn't ready? I could imagine the posts if you got the ICS update and it was riddled with bugs. Relax...breathe...it'll be here before you know it.

Did HTC specifically advertise your Thunderbolt as to being the first to receive updates as one of it's features? Didn't think so.

For four months now people have been saying "relax, it will be here soon". It has been four months, can we now admit it has been anything but "soon"?

This device kind of got lost in the midst of all of the dual core stuff that came out shortly following...then it had to have updates to fix all of the bugs that were on it because the device wasn't ready when it was released. Was I irritated? Sure. Then the Gingerbread started rolling out...then it had to be stopped because THAT wasn't quite ready...but everyone who bought one was throwing a fit about it...so they had to stop and fix what was wrong and re-release it. But to answer your question, no...no they didn't. I don't purchase devices based on the potential of "is it going to get the newest version?"...anyone that does is buying for the wrong reason, in my opinion...Nexus or not. There's obviously a roadblock keeping it from being released...something technical I would imagine. I'm not trying to start a pissing contest with you, truthfully.

So the international version gets ics the US version does not. Nexus S international has it, Sprints doesn't.

Its definitely a carrier problem.

There are many international Nexus S that did not get the OTA (it was halted) just as there were many US T-Mobile Nexus S that did receive the OTA. So no, it is not anything to do with the carrier or region. Google is the only one holding up the re release of it's ICS OTA for the Nexus S and 4G.

As someone else already stated, I also believe the Nexus S 4G ICS upgrade (and for that matter, ICS on any other Sprint phone) will be delayed until Sprint releases it's version of the Galaxy Nexus whenever it may happen - that way they can advertise it as the first one running Android ICS on Sprint. So I beleive both Google and Sprint to be equaly complicit on this delay.

If that is the only reason for the hold up on Sprint (or other networks) I am not sure as there is no credible information about it. One thing is certain, there were software bugs on the original ICS version for T-Mobile back in Dec when it was initially released. I would assume by now those should already be resolved.

So there is not much else to do here, but wait. It would be nice though if AC could ask Google and/or Sprint for some information regarding this delay...

Just installed on mine using Kies :)

First thing you notice is fact that Galaxy Note unlock screen and use roboto as a font, also status bar seems to be more ics-ish but it still use old colors, it decently works a lot smoother then in 2.3.5.
There also swipe functions from ICS on notifications, and also in contacts, speaking of contact they look like ICS and Samsung hybrid shere similar features. Touchwiz it self does not look much changed, there no widget previews like in ICS also lacking widgets and live wallpaper from ICS.

Settings also look like ICS/samsung hybrid, but got all the goddies from ICS, including hell lot of debug functions for developer which might be useful for me :)

I notice also something interesting, It seems old lower API level apps use Samsung skin (but with roboto font), but ICS apps use default ICS, or maybe its just duplication of classes for backward compatibility (older apps use older classes)

Still need to test out lot of things, overall it works faster and nicer, but on other hand it looks like ICS/Samsung hybrid mutant which makes unconsistnt feel to UI

I have a question. I have a GS II i9100 rooted international version specs bought from Claro Dominican Republic. Is there anyway I can download this due cuz is the compatible hardware? or i will have to wait? Sorry if is a dumb question I am new at this coming from Blackberry...

Okay T-Mobile. Get off your ass and get to it on updating the Galaxy S2. I don't want to have to wait months and months more now to get the update that Samsung already released. I hate U.S carriers when it comes to getting updates.

Samsung its not gonna update this phone until late this year, they did the same thing to the infuse, when the 3.5 come out, they gonna push the new galaxy s3 first.That s why I sold my Galaxy S2 and got a HTC Vivid, it already has the ICS from OTA update. After a infuse and 2 Galaxy I have to say that Samsung sucks, excellent hardware but lack of respect to the customer shows by its policy of no updates.