HTC Thunderbolt Software Update

HTC Thunderbolt owners, listen up! If you've not already received your OTA update then we have good news for you -- it's now rolling out to everyone. Go ahead, check for updates it should be there waiting for you. As noted, the whole process should take about 2 minutes to complete in which case your phone will reboot and you will be all up to date on the software level.

If you all remember this update, from a few weeks back then you'll know both are one and the same so you can expect better 3G connectivity and GPS along with better organization of SMS and MMS messages. If for any reason you're having issues, don't be afraid to hop into the Android Central forums to seek out some help.


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HTC Thunderbolt software update now rolling out


What's in this update guys? . . . Speaking of updates... haven't gotten one for my EVO in a while... not that I care just wondering. Right now testing that Virus Sense 3.0

I'm downloading as I type. Recently setup my account but have been coming here since my original Droid.

Very interested to know if this is the update that was suppose to be out a week or so ago. Guess we'll find out in due time...

I couldn't wait any longer for VZW to come out with this so I ended up rooting the damn phone and haven't looked back since.

A few things. The contents of this update have been known for a long time. And rooted users like myself have been running this software for a fair number of weeks. The update improved radio transitions between 3G/4G. Had fair impact on battery life. A host of great things.

If it was more bad than good, it would be well known, since a fair number of users already have this. So everyone, rush to install it. The first of hopefully many improvements to a great phone.

Like others - after clearing my map data, it now shows where I am (within a reasonable 25 feet), whereas before the update, it showed me about 1 mile away -- so I am glad I did the update.

What the eff is with the Backup Assistant? I'm sorry, but if you buy this phone and don't use Google, you are retarded. That is the worst piece of shit software I have ever seen. And you can never fully disable it without rooting.

GPS is much better. Instead of showing me a half mile from my house, it now shows me in my front yard....I'm not in my front yard, I'm inside my house, but it is now only about 50 feet off the mark.

Still not as good as Google maps on my Storm, which was within a foot or two.

A couple more "fixes" and it might be as good as a three year old Blackberry Storm 1.

Waaahhhh waahhhh waahhhh! All you do is whine about this phone. You were whining about it before it even came out. I had a Storm 1 and I will never compare that piece of garbage to this phone. The Storm was so bad that it isn't right to even joke around about the Storm being better. I'm pretty surprised that you even got this phone, I remember you informing everyone in the big, original release thread that it definitely wasn't coming out on Thursday, March 17 or even Friday, March 18. You even mocked the riddles BMX was posting, and BMX was right about the release date the whole time. All you seem to do is whine and complain. If it's so bad, go back to your Storm and quit complaining.

Backup Assistant is redundant on Android. It was nice when you changed feature phones years ago, but there's no need for it now. I never signed into it when I activated my Thunderbolt.

Not sure if it is just my phone but I'm rooted Rom managers boot recovery loaded and this put my phone into a boot loop had to restore my phone. I would suggest checking out the forum before installing if your not stock.

It still takes 5 minutes to get to the home screen on mine. I held on hoping this update would increase the boot up time but NOTHING. That's why I hate turn off this off. painfull waiting for the homescreen. BOOOOO. NEED 2.3 NOW

you know if you go to power in can click fast boot.... and then it will fast boot....

It didn't work. I tried it. Still the screen freeze on reboot not complete shut down for 5 minutes. I think SPB shell 3D miht be my issue. Been buggy ever since I installed it. Slow as hell.

Tried to use Google Maps while at lunch today AFTER doing the update this morning. Tried multiple times and it NEVER did lock on to the sattelite. Useless update in my opinion. I am still in 3g coverage area so I can't speak to the transition from 3g/4g.

Looks like you are in NC as well. I am also experiencing the GPS issues as well AFTER installing the update yesterday.

hmm my weather just worked perfect after the update and now its dead. wiered. it just won't refresh im in tries but it can't....wiered....

Update didn't seem to do anything to improve my satellite. Navigation still continues to say Searching for GPS... without success.

My update didn't seem to fix the "Searching for GPS" issues either. Perhaps Verizon is wanting us to download their version of the VZW navigation for $15.00 a month. Pshhh.

Anyone know if the same rooting method still applies after the OTA update? Or better yet can you still root this OTA?

Just DL'd, rebooted, installing... oooooo ahhhhh, never seen that before, looks like a Recycle Sign with an arrow pointing down towards what can only be descibed as an IPhone with the screen on... WTF (Is anyone else seeing this).... Status Bar beneath that.... Ummmm, hmmmmmm, what is going on, I dont like this... nothing now, Just that design with an Iphone.. Maybe this is normal this is my first Android...Ok I hit the power button, Now I see the HTC, Now back to that screen again with a progress bar... again retarted, HTC, so I am thinking this isnt normal... Sorry for this appearing be ramblings, oh sweet Thunderbolt intro,Scanning SD card, 4G located... woot woot... That is all, hate me if you want... lol

Just wanted to add some more, update worked fine but still no fix for GPS. Should I return the phone and get another? I have heard people say that their second phones sometimes didnt have any problems. I am perplexed on this one.

great finally got the update and I am already seeing a difference in signal strength. .... now if only I can get my com update ....

I've had about 10. And I can't send text messages. WTF. Anyone else having this problem? Or does anyone know how to fix it? It's just saying "loading" when I send a text and it freezes then eventually resets. Very annoying.

I have seen absolutely NOTHING better in the battery usage - if anything it's WORSE.

1:28:52 Awake time with only 26% battery life left!!!

(up time 7:48:11)

My phone has reset like 20 times so far and i can't send texts. HTC has no suggestions other than factory reset my phone which i obviously don't want to do just because they sent a bad update. anyone have any suggestions?

Sigh...yes. I just did it and I'm still having the issues. F this. HTC told me because the update is still new, they aren't sure what the problems are yet or how to fix them. Kinda took that as, "we know there are going to be problems. we just haven't heard them all yet." hate that they released updates this way.

Since update been getting random reboots and texts are taking forever and even freezing the phone for small periods at a time. Very annoying, also the phone seems laggy now too and I did a reboot and am still having issues. Can I downgrade without having to root the phone?

UPDATE: Went to Verizon store. They gave me warranty center #. I called them and they were nice and are shipping out a new TB to me asap. Here's my question though: he said keep the battery, memory card, and SIM card and put those in the new phone. Will carrying over the SIM card carry over the problems with the latest update? I thought of this after I hung up the phone. I feel like my phone's still gonna be on the fritz. Unless it is definitely just a hardware problem.

The core OS/System is all stored on the phones internal memory from what I understand. Everything else from apps to personal data/settings should be on the memory card. I can't guarantee that ALL the personal settings will carry over. Don't quote me on that though.

its been a week since I've updated my TB...Battery usage is HORRENDOUS, starting to notice more random reboots, texts take forever to send, some mms's won't load saying there was a network failure although I have 4G LTE, texts freeze my phone and then force quits. anyone else having same issues?