HTC Thunderbolt

We don't usually call attention to the paid adverts on this site. They're a necessary evil, and we like to keep a pretty thick line between editorial and advertising. But in this case, we'll make an exception. You might have noticed the above ad sitting in our sidebar on the right. It's obviously borrowed from that "First to 4G, again" campaign we saw last week. Of course, the phone and its name are still unannounced, but it's looking like we can safely say it will be "Thunderbolt." Click the ad, and you're taken to a page that doesn't actually work. Oops.

But look at the URL (emphasis ours). So Thunderbolt (or maybe Thunderbolt 4G) definitely is in play, and we should see it announced on Verizon Jan. 6 at CES in Las Vegas. Stay tuned! Thanks to Daniel and Jacob for the good eyes!


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HTC Thunderbolt showing up in advertising, albeit undercover


Thanks for the shout out Phil! Now if 01/06 would just come around so we can all find out some specs to this thing!

You and I both! I absolutely love my DInc but the only problem I have with it is that it isn't big enough for my fingers sometimes. With a 4.3" screen on this, the new Snapdragon processor rumored to be in it, front facing camera and LTE support, that's enough for me to use my upgrade on it.

geez, this phone must be something special! I have a feeling it'll be somewhat similiar to the desire hd, which is a beauitufl device. Which I guess is like the evo...haha!

Personally, I like the EVO because of the size of it. I was tempted to go to the X because of the size but I just couldn't get pass that damn Moto Blur! Give me a good Android experience with Sense, 4.3" screen and on Verizon and I'm there.

Does anyone know how long it will be till it is being sold? I got a Droid X for Christmas and have only 30 days to return it.

Remember you only have 30 days from the date it was purchased. So you actually might have less than that time left.

I had the DX, the screen size was great, but Moto misses the mark with MotoBlurp all the way. HTC is fine, but in the end I will likely just run ADWLauncher EX and skip both. I do prefer HTC hardware they seem to at least make it possible for the hacking/rooting community to have some fun (at our own risk) while Moto locks it down with a chastity belt (no fun on that date!).

Sure January 6th Verizon announces it, but WHEN will they release it. Is it going to take yet another 4-8 weeks to get out the door. They delayed this phone (or perhaps HTC did) to get LTE in it. I expect 2.3 at the minimum.

I do not think it will be called Thunderbolt. That sounds like a codename. Supersonic was in url's and links, but released as the Evo. Thunderbolt is an awful name. There's no such thing as a thunderbolt. There's thunder, then there're lightning bolts. Surely, they wouldn't use a name that makes no sense...but, who knows. I could stand Droid Thunder 4G though. I think proclaiming names should not be so pushed, when there are so many floating around.

Everything will be as if you never purchased anything if you return them. Don't forget aboup your restocking fees though.

I love when people say moto phones are locked down and can't be played with. Last time I checked my X has been rooted and running with bootstrap for roms for some time.

the swf file name is even called Thunderbolt teaser: hxxp://

Hopefully I can convince the girlfriend that she doesn't need the next upgrade lol. Or maybe I'll see what moto does.

Never saw the ad - I use Firefox with the ad blockers :) Can't wait til this phone comes out though. I've been waiting to unload my old Eris til I can get the latest and, hopefully, greatest!

If you wanna see the pics of it I took this morning....go into the.forums under rumored devices and look at the post "Droid Incredible HD to be named Thunderbolt" that Phil posted. I think its on like the 3rd page.

I'll keep my EVO, thanks. As much as I complain about Sprint using 2.5GHz for 4G because of horrible indoor coverage, I fear for Verizon using the lowest capacity frequency (700MHz). I mean, they have the largest user base and want to pile them on the lowest capacity cellular spectrum. Even though the indoor coverage sucks, Sprint is in a better place with huge capacity. I think Verizon's fastest 4G network will bog down like AT&T in New York and San Francisco and those claimed speeds will plummet and they will be in a crises.

Isn't this going to put a damper on DroidX, Droid 2, and Droid Pro sales? And can Verizon use the Sprint advertising tag line without incurring the wrath of lawyers? I'm quite satisfied with my new Christmas Evo.