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Now that everyone is getting settled and testing out their HTC Thunderbolts to the max, we have a whole forum full of first impressions, speed tests and pics. No better review then from users themselves. Hop on into the forums and see if the device itself, lives up to the hype it was given.

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HTC Thunderbolt impressions, T-Mobile Sidekick 4G talk [from the forums]


Has anyone else noticed under storage and sd there is only a whooping 2.5gig of internal memory. I asked the Verizon rep and 3hours later when I returned...supposedly htc said it was an error it shows the used memory and there is no way to fix it at this time. Maybe an update in the future. But for now I don't understand why there is only 2.5 am I the only one seeing this since everyone is excited about 4g. I saw 3 other TBs with the same.

Anyone else having problems connecting your Thunderbolt to your PC? Kept saying it couldn't install the drivers without a cd but mine didn't come with a cd. I wanted to transfer my music over. Besides that, I'm loving the phone (coming from a Storm 1 especially).
I read the directions but it doesn't work. I did "connect as disk drive" and everything but still nothing. Thanks.