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HTC is mighty proud of the Micro Arc Oxidation process they use on the upcoming HTC One S. Based on what we've seen from hands-on time with the S, we think they have good reason. The process turns the aircraft-grade aluminum into something that looks and feels like ceramic, and gives the S a new sleek look that gets more than a few of us interested. They showed a bit of how it works during their Mobile World Congress presentation, and now they have given us a 98 second look at the process and some behind the scenes info. Have a look, the "awesome lightning striking the phone" is pretty cool to watch. We'll be able to see how nice the finish is ourselves soon enough, as the One S will be hitting the shelves in Europe and the U.S. this spring.

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schrochem says:

Now that's cool. So this makes keeping your phone naked even more realistic.....this and gorilla glass and a little bit of care and you won't need cases and screen protectors...

benthe1 says:

This and Gorilla Glass 2. I also need Super AMOLED to consider buying an HTC phone. Gotta have it.

berner5 says:

Man I wish they would make the next nexus this year

DrDoppio says:


Maybe AC should run a poll on this.

adzrules says:

Indeed, I too vote for HTC but am interested what others think!

I think Motorola deserves a shot.

moosc says:

Man I hope they stay away from the nexus program. Come on Asus b the next nexus phone

ok lets see apple do that. Aluminum ain't so nice anymore haha

Dragod says:

What I don't understand is why this isn't used in the One X? Why is the mid-range getting the fancy body and not the high-end?

reidoreilly says:

If its like most products the mid range will see the most sales since it will appeal to most crowds, which means less chance of having to deal with a bunch of broken phones.

a3renown says:

Find it funny they call a 6000 series alloy of aluminum "Aircraft Alloy". Though, I guess it does sound better then saying T6 or 6061 alloy.

Also, I have never heard of T6 aluminum being 3X stronger then a 300+ stainless.

tdizzel says:

What are you? Some kind of rocket surgeon?

turbofan says:

Which is what the coating is for. Of course aluminum on its own will never be stronger than stainless, but the ceramic coating is supposed to be 3X stronger than stainless steel. I assume this is mostly referring to scratch resistance but it may go all the way through the metal.

a3renown says:

LOL.. I work for a company that dabbles in military defense. Use alot of T6 aluminum.

deadpenguins says:

Me too, but I run tests with standardized 7k aluminum, typically 7051 ;D

darkmax says:

Ok.... Do I want a heavy and nearly indestructible uni-body for a phone? Or a lightweight but scratch resistant one?

DrDoppio says:

Lightweight scratch-resistant. The lighter the phone is, the more difficult to break when falling.

Nev says:


Is this why the One series doesnt have a removable battery? Because it has a one piece back cover?

Synycalwon says:

Doesn't matter, the non-removable battery is a deal breaker! :(

icu says:

I don't want to jump in with "NON REMOVABLE BATTERY" every time there's an HTC story, but it is the first and last thing that jumps in my mind. If I didn't think this new line of phones were HIGHLY desirable I wouldn't care. It's almost as if the OEMs get together and agree than no one phone will ever check every box.

I understand that point of purchase "thin", "sleek", "solid feeling" etc. all carry a bunch of weight, but do they not also understand that chief among complaints for new Android users is battery life.
Add to this the fact that the phone's life-cycle is now bound to that battery unless you want to crack it open. /rant

That process is VERY cool I really want to check it out in person.

Funkpod says:

if the phone has a battery life like the MAXX, i don't think i mind the non-removable battery that much.

mr nruz says:

this gets all the HTC fanboys all wet

turbofan says:

I would complain about the non-removable battery, but frankly I don't care. I have a Nexus S, I don't remove the battery (sometimes pull it because it freezes due to hacking, but never remove it to replace it with another). Most new Android phones will make it through a full day with average use, or the better part of a day with heavier use. I am willing to give up a removable battery to gain more thinness and sleekness. This is almost enough to make me want this phone over the One X. however, I must have a 720P display -- qHD won't cut it in this day and age. Shame on HTC for not making this technology available on the One X. If they did, I wouldn't consider another phone.