Droid DNA

The HTC Butterfly (a.k.a. J Butterfly in Japan, Droid DNA in the U.S.) was one of the most compelling Android devices of 2012, with its 5-inch 1080p display and speedy internals. Now, according to comments attributed to the company's marketing chief, it seems HTC may be keen to keep the Butterfly line alive alongside its soon-to-be-launched HTC One.

Spurred by strong interest in the device from Asia, Taiwan Focus reports that CMO Benjamin Ho said the manufacturer plans to launch a "successor" to the Butterfly under the same brand name "to meet consumer demand." Speaking at a media briefing, Ho apparently didn't mention when (or where) this new Butterfly might appear, but we'd guess this model would be aimed at countries or carriers that aren't getting the HTC One.

We'll have to wait and see what form the second Butterfly might take, but given the design similarities between the original and the HTC One, we don't imagine it'll be radically different from the phones we're already familiar with.

Any crazy theories? Shout out in the comments!

Source: Taiwan Focus


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HTC plans successor to 5-inch 'Butterfly'


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Why does HTC keep doing this? It seems like they're on the right path with the one flagship device,then outta nowhere they start releasing multiple devices watering down their own market. I want to believe in them but damn!

HTC needs to slow the hell down with device releases, where do they get the money for all the premium devices? Oh, that explains the shares & profits slumping.

Here we go.... Again

By the end of the year we will be reading articles of how HTC lost $xxxxx over the year, and starting in 2014 they are going to launch a new strategy with one flagship device for all carriers.

It will be a new beginning for HTC, just like it was in 2013....oh and 2012

lol. Yeah and they would say the same thing again in 2015.....except they will be entering bankruptcy proceedings by then. Goodbye HTC, after 4 of your devices, I can honestly say that it wasn't a pleasant experience knowing you and you never were "Quietly Brilliant".

no, The One X was not the HTC flagship on "all" carriers. The Evo LTE was a One X varient with a complete redesign flagship for Sprint and the Droid DNA/Butterfly was the flagship for Verizon as well as Taiwanese and other Asian carriers. So that's 3 different "flagships' for different carriers in 2012. wonder how many there will be this year?

Right, but on all the rest of the "carriers" in the world (The US is not HTC's only market), the One X was the flagship. So lets think about this

100 "Carriers" = One X
1 "Carriers" = EVO 4G LTE
1 "Carriers" = Droid DNA
5 "Carriers" = Butterfly

Just because your "carriers" use incompatible technology that means they can't get the One X, does not make it HTC's fault.

So much for their "we are going to release fewer phones and focus on the One" line, didn't believe them when they said it and it seems our doubts and laughs were right. I guess HTC saying they will have one flagship and fewer phones is like Samsung saying "we will release one flagship this year with no mini's and fewer than 10 other models of phone".....i.e. it was never going to happen.

New Evo perhaps? Not sure why a follow up to the DNA is surprising to anyone. If that's what Verizon or anyone else wants that's what HTC will build for them. Wouldn't be surprised if it's a 5.5" device.

I hope to see this as the new evo because the "ONE" doesnt do it for me. Seems like a downgrade from the EVO LTE on Sprint for me.

Sprints data network is to inconcistent and expandable storage is a must.

Not to mention the camera button is the best thing since sliced bread. :D

I like the kickstand, but not necessary.

The "ONE" with the damn logo where the home button should be is annoying as well. What happened to the google/android norm of three on screen buttons or 3 device (capacitive) buttons?

While I do appreciate low light picture taking abilities in the "ONE" Daylight pics is where its at. Its one of the basics of taking good pictures and its having good light sources. Digital zoom always sucks so I would take more megapixels that can take good well lit pictures that can be blown up or cropped vs low light picture taking ability.

Wonder what HTC is thinking when they did this. So far I think they are the only phone that has several top tier phones with different names. Everyone else has one specific name for their top tier phones and they've stuck with it (Samsung, Iphone, LG, Sony, etc). IMO this just confuses the general consumers.

samsung makes several high end phones, ones even an s4 with a smaller screen. iphone is only one regardless. Sony has several high end phones as well.

Well, we've been hearing about whispers of a 'DLX+' for Verizon, so considering the history of the butterfly,it makes sense that they'd release a version of the DLX+ for Asia.

I don't get all the confusion -- HTC said they were cutting back on the number of phones they offer each year and making one flagship phone; however, they didn't say they would only be making 'One' phone. I mean, look at Samsung -- they put out more than just the S3 last year.