HTC, maker of amazing Android phones, is reportedly working on an Android Tablet, which we're going to assume is going to be just as amazing. The details on the tablet device are unclear; HTC rep Quinton Leigh simply revealed that an Android "tablet" -- it might not be the traditional tablet shape -- is in the works. This is definitely exciting because even though Android Tablets have been announced before, none of them came from a company that puts making great devices first, everything else second.

Leigh also stated that Android mobile phones will soon pack 1080p video and 5.1 surround sound. We're not sure how soon (or realistically) that'll come to be, but given that HTC delivers top notch hardware (see: Evo), it's certainly within the realm of possibility. The argument of whether we need 1080p video and 5.1 surround sound on a mobile device is a completely different matter.

So yes, HTC is once again pushing the envelope of innovation. What's new? []


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HTC planning to make an Android Tablet


I really see no use for a tablet of any kind , but if they price this accordingly and not ridiculous as hey did the iPad , and if they give it realistic memory and other very worthwhile gadgets I might be inclined to go buy one . I used an iPad and honestly its not even close to being worth what they charge for it . just a gimmicky device to me designed towards kids , My laptops and even my netbook just blow the iPad out of the water

I think you make an interesting point and I agree 100% that for people who would find a netbook or laptop an equivalent tool for a task that the iPad performs you will find the iPad lacking.

The sweet spot for the iPad is not how much it can do but how simply it can do what it does. For users that want to do what the iPad does it is an amazing device. Not amazing hardware specs, or amazing low price, or amazing 'new' features, but simply an amazing user experience.

I have never been an Apple fan but after seeing people as young as 4 and as old as 75 use the iPad without ANY instruction and without any learning curve and make it do the things they want I have to say I can see a little bit of the magic that Apply is selling these days.

I would be very interested in this. I agree that HTC is the best at making Android phones so I have high hopes. If they price it reasonably and make it available at Best Buy so people can compare when in the market for an ipad.

The idea behind packing 1o80 video is because eventually mobile devices with good memory storage will replace blue ray players... and be better for the environment.

Yyyeeeaaa baby im wit android now. Got dat cold htc hero. Man dat palm pre and pre central was lame. Palm pre is trash. Letz go Android!! Yea YEEA YEA YEA YEA

If this can play 1080p video I'll buy two! This will be great for travel or sitting on the coach surfing the web.

Why would you sit on your coach while surfing the web? I don't think that would be very comfortable. What did he ever do to you? Personally, I prefer sitting on my couch or possibly a computer chair.

Since even before the iPad was released EVERYONE was going to be getting into the tablet business . Of all of them, IMHO an Android based unit would be the most likely to give Apple some real competition. And I love Apple products, but I think some real competition would give people a decent alternative and help push their prices down .

It also makes much more sense using a touch screen phone based OS (as Apple did) rather than trying to make a PC based OS work on a tablet .

If it completely PWNS the iPad, makes all those Apple fanboys look like they wasted their money on an alpha-build subcomputer, I'm all for it. The iPad just feels like Newton 1.2a. You can't even print from an iPad! Printing is one of the most basic task of computing since the very beginning! Even early adding machines had print ability!

I just think if it's a tablet with the great battery life, the power necessary for content creation, no sacrifices of the iPad, sleek design, scalability, extendability, & delivers at a better price? Then it's absolutely essential that Google, HTC, or someone show Apple how to do it right.

I think Apple is desperate to break the PC dominance that it could never obtain for itself. If Google can pull a Microsoft on them again & force them to actually build things afford-ably, then that's a lesson on Apple that needs to be taught. They didn't learn from 16 years of pwnage from Microsoft, that even with Vista or ME, Apple just couldn't win with overpriced merchandise.

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