HTC One Remix

We've had a couple not-so-clear looks at the so-called HTC One Remix, but this latest render clears things up a bit and adds the wrinkle of Verizon branding. Coming by way of @evleaks, this render of the HTC One Remix also comes with the explanation that this is just an HTC One Mini 2 (as we guessed). Verizon has taken advantage of the now-empty bottom bezel above the BoomSound speaker to paint its logo, of course, and aside from what's potentially under the blurred-out screen this is looking like the One Mini 2 we know.

Details are still slim on this device of course, and it's unclear how it may change when it (hopefully) makes its way to Verizon. But given the relatively solid track record of these leaks, we could be looking at a One Mini 2 release on Verizon sooner than later. Would anyone be interested in picking up this smaller version of the One M8 if it came to Big Red?

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HTC One Remix shown off again, this time with Verizon branding


Wow that Verizon logo is ugly... Basically HTC had to bend over back and put ugly Verizon logo there instead of HTC logo in order to sell the phone on Verizon network. Useless Verizon you don't have anything to do with the phone other than being dumb pipe.

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Without the "dumb pipe" the phone is useless as a communication device, which is it's function in the first place. So yeah, I'd say the carrier is pretty important when it come to a, you know, mobile phone.

How necessary is it to subplant the OEM logo for their own though?

Not at all.

The person owning the phone doesn't need to be reminded of their carrier. The monthly statement will see to that.

Good for you... Glad I'm on a gsm carrier and use any compatible unlocked gsm device of my choice. I use my carrier as dumb pipe, I buy the phone I like and pay them monthly service to use the network.

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Good for you. You use your carrier as a dumb pipe and pay them monthly to use their service. And with that brilliant plan of yours I'm betting you pay more than I do for worse coverage.

Yeah, but it's not like we aren't already reminded on the lockscreen, the notification drawer, the Play Store, in the settings a few times, by the one bloatware app you decide to keep because it's the only one actually worth keeping, and on the back of the phone. And the front of the phone is the most obnoxious place of them all. I don't mind all those other places, because they're rather unobtrusive, but this is just yuck.

The HTC logo is small and unassuming which is why it's fine on the M8, but there's too much going on with Verizon's entire logo. If it was just the checkmark or just Verizon it might look better, but all this really does is remind me of the Ellipsis 7 tablet.

I think the logo is cool. And I find Verizon to be very useful. Your comments however are completely useless. But yeah, just keep on beating that dead horse.
And 'm glad you let us know that HTC had to "bend over back" and put the logo on there. What else happened in that meeting since you were obviously there?

This is what HTC gets for leaving so much real estate open for Verizon. Surprised they didn't do it with the One M8.

Exaclty! I thought for sure they'd put the logo on the front of the M8. After all, over the past two years EVERY SINGLE FLAGSHIP has had the logo on the front. Like LG's 2 flagships, and....uh...umm...well....the that I think about it, its been kinda rare lately that Verizon puts their logo on the front of a flagship phone, but hey, this is AC and we won't let something silly like facts stop us from bashing Verizon.

Why don't you shut the fuck up already! How much of a jackass can you possibly be... just let the people complain if that's what they want to do.. I'm inclined to agree with the majority... the shit is ugly and doesn't need to be on the front. You don't like that point of view, guess what... as the saying goes, "don't let the door hit you on the way out"... total jackass you are, my god.

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That's a little counter productive. People are bitching about a logo and he states a fact that it's not very often verizon puts their logo on the front of a device and you blow up because it's not your view point. I didn't realize that complaining had to be unanimous. I think the door should hit your ass on the way out sir

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It has nothing to do with it not being my view point... very few times does he not come off as a total obnoxious ass. It's how he expressed his point of view like an obnoxious child that pissed me off, not at all that it differs from my point of view.

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I was really considering this device, as the M8 is just too big for me. The only thing holding me back is the 1gb of ram. Looks like I'll hold onto my DE Moto X a little longer and see what the X+1 has to offer.

I will never buy a phone with Verizon's logo on front. I considered the G2 but didn't get it because of the logo and how they changed the buttons for the Verizon version. Just don't like the way they shove the logo down your throat.

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Lucky for you that there are very few flagship phones with Verizon's logo on the front. You still have plenty of choices.

I've had two phones with Verizon logo's on the front, and I pretty much had to look for it after bithching on this site to see if it was true. It affects literally nothing of the operation of the phone.

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Sure am happy that I live somewhere that I can choose a different carrier. No way would I choose Verizon.

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Let's see... go with Verizon or hit myself in the head with a hammer? Tough choice.

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That should not be for real. The subtle HTC logo has class. This would be an atrocity if it were true. If so, how much money would Verizon have paid HTC to whore themselves. It didn't happen with the M8 with which Verizon had a short time exclusive that didn't bring very many converts to Verizon anyway. Whatever a carrier wants to do within reason I suppose HTC is willing to go along like the Sprint M8 Harmon Kardon. Good, more handsets sold to carriers and promoted on store shelves.

Here we go again..


I thought the One (M7) brand was supposed to stop all this nonsense last year? It's getting stupid. Again.