HTC One flip case.

HTC's stylish flip case also doubles as a kickstand

With the HTC One starting to become available in more countries, it's time to start taking a look at HTC's official accessories. The first is a protective case that doubles as a stand when the phone's in landscape orientation, which just might make it an ideal accessory for heavy multimedia users and anyone flying with an HTC One.

Check past the break for a quick video tour, more words, and an extensive photo gallery.

The HTC One flip case -- officially the "HTC One hard shell case with cover" is definitely the more attractive of the two official cases. It's furnished with a leather texture and soft-touch plastic, and there's a soft felt lining to protect the screen. Helpfully, the front contains cut-outs for those super-loud and bassy front-facing "BoomSound" speakers, so you'll still be able to enjoy music on the HTC One even with the case closed.

Speaking of which, we should point out that the cover doesn't lock closed -- there's no magnetic lock or fastener.  That means you're not guaranteed screen protection if the phone's loose in a bag/

Fitting the flip case is easy enough -- the phone just locks into place, and the fit is surprisingly secure. We gave it a good shake and weren't able to easily dislodge it. There are cut-outs at the top and bottom for the headphone jack, power button and microUSB port, and most of the right edge is exposed, allowing easy access to the volume rocker.  (Of course, that also means the phone's potentially vulnerable to scratches in this area.)

Viewed from the rear, the official HTC One flip case is a little messier. The joins between plastic and material aren't quite perfect, and there's a crease where the case folds to form a stand. But we're willing to bet you won't spend much time looking at this side of the phone anyway. And in the hand, the leather-textured back has a premium feel to it.

Using the HTC One in a stand like this makes perfect sense, especially when you consider the front-facing speakers and gorgeous high-res display. As a case alone, this accessory isn't outstanding, but the kickstand functionality makes it easy to recommend for air travelers and mobile video devotees.

The official HTC One hard shell case with cover is available in the UK priced at around £20 inc. VAT.

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Reader comments

HTC One official flip case review


SO much about their preminum look.... people treating like they are innovative because they used aluminum body(with minimum upgrade in spec fron One X) that looks like Iphone(since 2010). What's the point when 90% of the people use case.......another fail for HTC.....

Its called options and whats wrong with that? And so what if the iphone hasn't changed that much aesthetically for a few years, name one android device that has ever looked as premium as the iphone? Come on, you sound like another samsung fanboy. And for the record I am planning on buying both the one and the s4 and I have never owned an iphone.

"looks premium" is an incredibly subjective term, I think many phones including my nexus 4 look much better than the iphone.

The ONLY iPhone that I think looked good is the iPhone 4/4s (but the glass back is a definite FAIL in design for practicality). The skinny, tall two tone iPhone 5 is fugly.

@ nikkisix - I'm sorry, but everything you just said is complete bullshit. But I think you knew that already, ifanboy. I understand why you'd be jealous.

Fail for you more like. The one is a major step up from the one x both in terms of screen quality and processing power.

Please got back to the iphone site you came from unless you are going to start posting comments that contain facts and not your nightmares.

Another fail for HTC? Where did that came from? Fail because of not added a kickstand on the device, or what exactly are you talking about?

Personally, I love the case. Yes, it could have been made a little differently, but I'm sure if they had, there would still be some people finding fault as usual.

I am lookin' 4wrd to getting having this awesome device in my hands. :-P

I have to say this review is somewhat generous.

I feels a bit cheap to me and doesnt grip the phone very tightly. The other issue, that seems to be common judging by the forum posts ive seen, is that the mic hole doesnt line up with the phone mic hole. not very useful.

My experience exactly. The mic is covered by the case and so I have to remove it to make or receive calls!! It's a shame because otherwise I've been quite happy with it. I suspect the answer is to make the hole a bit bigger myself.

I have the same issue. When I receive a call people don't hear me I have to remove the cover !!! What a shame for 25€ ...

Why don't casses like this completely close? Why does the flap stay open? They couldn't just ad some more material to make it click shut so it can actually protect the device?

This case seems great for media consumption, but I think it would make taking photos on the fly a bit awkward with the front cover dangling down (and even more awkward to hold if shooting in portrait).

A bit pricey, but I have a case like this for my N4 (Poetic SLIM folio). Very nice case if you're throwing your phone in a rucksack, or plan to have it banging around in a vehicle cubby hole. Yeah, using cameras and such is a little tricky, but hey ... better than gouging your screen with car keys or a loose Fisher Space Pen in your glovebox.

Hey Alex i noticed you have gmail app and chrome on the bar on the bottom. I have a sense 5 port for my evo and i cant for the life of me change the apps on the bar at the bottom.. is there a settings menu or can you just do it by swapping the apps out? PLEASE HELP!

I too have the Sense 5 port on the EVO LTE and yeah its annoying changing stuff on your task bar. The only way to change the icon down on that bar or to bring it to the screen is to do the following.

Go into the app launcher with the clock and all the wonderful icons.
From there your task bar should be showing still, drag which ever icon you want to remove from your tray back into the launcher it will move back with the other icons.
Then move the icon of your choice back into the task bar and viola new icon on the bar.

As for the homescreen, you have to drag said icon to the top of the screen and three hover buttons will appear, shortcut, folder, uninstall, if you select shortcut it will drop it into the next available space on the home screen.

The alternate way of doing that too is long holding the homescreen and the widget menu from Sense 4/5 will show up, but you can select in the corner what you want to put on the homesceen in the small dropdown in the left corner that says Widgets, one of them says Apps and the you can just drag and drop icons that way as well.

Pardon the long winded explanation but there's always options from HTC whenever they do anything in there ROMs.

Hahahaha OMG! Thanks!! im so stupid for not figuring it out. I did it the first way you explained. THanks!! i was taking up space for gosms settings icons that i would normally put on my taskbar. Im loving sense 5 i just flashed over again last night with some recent updates.

I personally dislike having to hold the icon I want on my desktop or taskbar then try to maneuver it to which desktop I want. I do like this new HTC way. I like having my taskbar available to me when I go into my app drawer. Samsung's way too me is hidden and not very easy to do unless I miss some shortcut on that one. People don't like change. Ya know...muscle memory. I'm sure I will like it. I hate it on my Note II though. If anyone knows of a shortcut to that one, fill me in please.

I'm not sold on this case at all. Then again, my favorite case in the past for all of the EVO's (OG, 3D and LTE) has been the barely there case by casemate. Not sure what they will be offering for the ONE but they don't have a nice option I might just have to rock it nekkid!!

I received mine the other day ( ahead of the phone). The thing is a disappnting load of rubbish! I'd expected more for a phone that has been lauded for its design!

Why can't they add a magnet in the phone and case and use it as a screen on/off function. Blackberry came out with it first and then Apple copied with the iPad.

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Its an absolute atrocity that the HTC One doesn't have a kickstand. I've had all of the EVO's and its AWESOME to have a kickstand when you need it. Movies, music, traveling, gaming with a gamepad, etc etc.

Whats really an absolute atrocity is NO ONE has performed a side by side comparison of the HTC One and its Red-Headed cousin the EVO 4G LTE. If there is one out there, someone please point me to it.

I like the stand feature of this case, but have found quality of construction poor. After four weeks of use the edges are peeling. Definitely unsatisfactory for the price £25 from HTC accessories UK (expansys )

Important information ! If people don't hear when you have a phone call it's because this cover doesn't line up with the phone mic hole. Your phone is not broken, you're only using a cover created by some stupid people/Machines !