Like so many carriers before it, Rogers in Canada has announced that it is now accepting pre-orders and reservations for the upcoming HTC One. New customers can get their pre-order in online to guarantee they'll have one when the device launches, and existing customers can "reserve" one for the same system -- although there doesn't seem to be any indication of whether or not existing customers are prioritized over new ones. The pricing will be the same regardless -- Rogers is charging $149.99 with a 3 year contract, which is a standard term in Canada. If you pre-order through Rogers before March 22, you're also entered into a contest to win a new Sharp HDTV with an HTC Media Link accessory.

Rogers is also reminding customers that HTC is offering $100 off the purchase of an HTC One if you trade in your old HTC device. If you're interested in picking one of these up as soon as they're available, hit up the source links below.

Source: Rogers; HTC


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HTC One now up for pre-order on Rogers


Are you sure it's only for old HTC devices? I thought I read in the previous article that it was any old phone.

The offer is actually $100 or more (if your older smartphone is value more than $100 you get the higher of the trade in value) for your old smartphone (any smartphone).

wow 3 year contract? i always thought 2 years is way too long. the galaxy s8 and iphone 10 will be out by then

HTC officially allowing to unlock your bootloaders: so case closed about them not supporting the Dev community. Also releasing SDKs for sense and source codes for their kernels. Vanilla Android will be there and Custom ROMs will be plentiful for this beautiful device. so if you have any doubts about buying the phone because of sense5 or locked bootloaders, dont worry :) There are amazing devs that have already pledged to work on the HTC One at XDA Devs forums.

The 3 year Contract is the highest priced Data-Plan. The Phone offered is only 32GB.

Bell and Telus also have the Phone coming soon (according to the HTC Site and the respective Carriers).