HTC One M8 4G

Good news for HTC One M8 owners in India — the Indian M8's Android 4.4.3 update has started rolling out, adding the various fixes and improvements seen in other countries, while also enabling 4G LTE support.

The HTC One M8's Android 4.4.3 update includes all the security fixes found in 4.4.4, as well as Wifi, Bluetooth and cellular network performance improvements. HTC's also bundled some updated Sense apps into the update, including a tweaked Camera app, an updated Gallery app with the ability to match similar images, new power usage history views in the Settings app, and a new version of the HTC Sync Manager. The update to the new firmware version 2.10.720.1 weighs in at a hefty 659MB.

Indian M8 owners can head to Settings > About > Software updates to see if their update is ready. As always, remember that the update rollout may be staggered, so some may see the update sooner than others.

If you're downloading the update on your device today, hit the comments and let us know how you get on.

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HTC One M8 Android 4.4.3 update hits India, also brings 4G LTE


no love for the UK M8, AT&T M8, Sprint M8, Verizon M8, Telus M8, Rogers M8, China M8, Japan M8 and every other M8 smh you're not entitled to anything as a T-Mobile customer don't act like it

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T-Mobile Moto G
Verizon Note 2
Sprint G2

My wife's Rogers m8 received the update 2 days ago the other Canadian models should get it soon .HTC has been great with updates to the m7, m8 .

Posted via Android Central App

Still no uk update, I feel HTC owners are getting left behind when Sony owners are getting the 4.4.4 update

Posted via Android Central App

Not any noticeable changes
Just a file manager has arrived that is full of crap nd not speedy
Yes now phone is able to delete from sd card, that was missing earlier
Was very eager to have it but was not worth it

I'm disappointed with htc, just another company wanting so much money, when they dont need it, that's why they delay updates, hate them, never getting an htc phone again, it has nothing to do with time or anything. They just want profit, fucking pathetic.

I want the update in New York before the end of this month or I'm switching phones.

HTC YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!

Kinda kills me to read that. I fell in love with my m7 the second I got it. I realized how much better other manufacturers are other than Samsung. Which, for four years, was my go to brand.

Posted via HTC One on Sprint

I have downloaded it today, and now i am facing problem with it. My device is now unable to recognise the earphones. If anybody knows a fix please tell me.