HTC One event

We've heard reports of an April 5 launch for the HTC One X over the past couple of weeks, and now it seems we have confirmation of the date, as HTC France prepares for a One series launch party. The manufacturer's French Facebook page invites fans to a "Soireé HTC One" in Paris on the evening of April 5. It looks like the event's open to the public too, not just press and HTC partners, so if you're in Paris in early April, you might want to drop in -- HTC certainly knows how to throw a party.

The Paris event takes place just a day after HTC and Sprint are getting together in New York City. Everyone's expecting a Sprint LTE-powered HTC One phone to be unveiled, and we'll be there to cover whatever's announced.

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Reader comments

HTC One launch party planned for April 5 in Paris


You must not know how to read. Sprint and HTC are holding an event the day before this date. Chirp chirp!

Hmmm... I'm starting to thing we may be slightly let down and they'll be unveiling the S . . . I know a lot of people are thinking it and are worried about saying it but ATT has the the OneX exclusively in the US. Unless this is a dramatically different phone (which I doubt) Sprint may be getting the ONE S

I hope not. It would be a Kyocera Echo moment all over again in my mind. The One S is too close to the EVO 3D in specs for it to be worth an entire event in my opinion but who knows.

I hope it is the One X on Sprint and that it will be released relatively soon after the announcement. I absolutely despise an announcement and then a multiple month wait...

I have given up on wanting the Galaxy Nexus for various reasons (mostly the false assumption that updates are any better than any other phone) so I really hope this is being released soon.