Our pals at EvLeaks are at it again, and this time they have dropped a picture of the HTC One in black. Notice that this time we see New York as the city, with the ominous date of Feb 19. Oddly enough, HTC has a little party going on in New York on February 19. Coincidence?

EvLeaks has always been pretty solid, and chances are we'll see something very similar to this come Tuesday. We'll be there, as well as the co-event in London for the dual-unveiling of whatever HTC wants to show us. That leaves one question -- white, or black?

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Is this the HTC One in black?


Is this supposed to be the home screen?
1) It looks like Windows Phone
2) No flip clock?
3) Chrome not the browser?
4) Google Now is absent?

1) Yes, it does. Supposedly these are widgets, though, and you don't have to use them.
2) Good riddance. The clock is one of the most antiquated pieces of Sense. It was iconic once; now its just old.
3) Chrome has never been the default browser on HTC devices. As a matter of fact, the only Android OEM that has chrome as the default is Motorola.
4) Where in this image did you glean that from? If its like all of HTC's JB handsets, Now will be accessed through a long-press of the home key.

Pretty sure that anything is released with JB (or above) is supposed to ship with Chrome as the default browser.

Pretty sure its not, since Chrome isnt apart of AOSP. Its why customs roms like CM10.1 etc still have to stock browser and not chrome, since thats what comes with AOSP.

Anyways, this will still be a Sense version of AOSP browser, it will include all of HTC's tweaks.

Only Nexus devices (and motos) ship with Chrome as the default browser.

According to whom? OEMs are free to ship with whatever browser they want. The Droid DNA shipped with the it's own customized browser instead of Chrome (and it was with Jelly Bean out of the gate).

Sense is awful and HTC is very bad at updating their phones.

Any bets till how long Apple sues them for copying their design?

They can't sue them idiot HTC and Apple have a patent agreement of which Apple will let HTC do whatever they want whether it go directly towards their patents or not they will not be persecuted. It's for 7 years. Pay attention.

Nobody knows what HTC got in the licensing deal, other than software patents were the main focus, no articles said anything about the design of the phones and being able to copy each other. All people know is that HTC bowed down before Zod and took it in the rear because they are desperate to do anything to keep afloat and would rather pay apple than spend time and money in courts everywhere in the world. But yeah, now we know they can copy Apple's physical design, which is completely stupid to Brand your Android device exactly like crapple.

I love the look of it, I just wonder if U.S. Carriers will request a different button configuration, because I personally like the back home app switcher/menu on my One X+

What if instead of a button they use a gesture? Like lets say swipe up from the HTC logo and it brings you to the card multitasking interface, just like webOS?

I actually like that idea. It makes me wonder if they enhanced the multitasking window to do more, somehow.

No, its just a logo, not a button. Also, a long-press of the back button while probably bring up the app switcher. Or the app switcher could be somewhere in the notification bar in Sense 5.

I wouldn't buy this for fear/shame of someone thinking it was the new BlackBerry Z10 :0. I know what's going to be announced, a 5 inch 1080p screen, thin profile, and quad core and a tiny battery. That last one above all else is why I won't buy another HTC device!

1) The rumors point to a 4.7-inch, 1080p display, not 5-inch.
2) Tiny batteries? "It's not the size that matters; it's how you use it."

The idea of dual speakers on the front is a welcomed thought and I could see myself warming to the HTC logo at the bottom for a change.

Would be interesting to see how Verizon will fare with branding their logo on the front of this thing - they might have to reside to a single logo on the rear.

Every htc phone I've ever owned has had lots of problems. I just hope they are fixing the issues that plagued every evo made. Here's to hoping.

We've owned the original Evo & the Shift. The Evo Shift was plagued with software issues that never got fixed & were extremely annoying. Now, I always thought my OG Evo 4g was a workhorse, until we owned some high-end Motorola & Samsung products (Photon Q, Gs2, N2). That supposed workhorse had been replaced twice by Sprint techs, while none of these other phones have even been in for repair or diagnostics.

Verizon is getting this phone, it just won't be released at the same time as the other US carriers, nor will it come with the normal verizon marketing campaign. But they WILL be getting the phone on their network. That has already been confirmed. Sorry you are wrong.

They will most likely replace the HTC logo with their own and put both the HTC logo AND their logo on the back. For that is the Verizon way. I wouldn't be surprised if they somehow added it to their DROID lineup too.. smh..

They just don't get it... This is exactly why last years one didn't reach higher levels... It has to go to all 4 carriers with the same name. No one wanted the rezound when other carriers had the one x... I would have given this a shot... But no one is buying a dna with that storage and battery. Guess its sg4 or moto x. Was hoping for a htc comeback.

What are you talking about? This phone hasn't even been confirmed yet. But you probably know that and are just trolling.

Not sure why all of the hate here. This looks like a solid device, if the specs are right I'd consider picking this up.

I think it looks great. It'll just make me even more frustrated to find out if the rumors about it not being released on Verizon are true. Sure there's the DNA, but it sucks the carrier with the best coverage passes on seemingly awesome devices for their own bastardized versions...iPhone and Galaxy S3 excluded. Beyond the antenna and radio, carriers should have no involvement in the design of hardware or software.

Looks exactly like an iPhone! Apple building these now!

First non removable batteries, now the top and bottom aluminum
Bezels. Wonder if it has an Apple logo on the back too?

I really wish HTC would make another nexus. My first Android phone was made by HTC and I had to root and rom the thing to finally get free of sense. I really didn't like the process even though it was fun to play with cyanogenmod. I also feel so distrustful of carriers that I don't want them to have ANY control over my phone so buying unlocked off contract suits me best.

I'm also wish HTC would have on screen buttons if for no other reason than their flexibility means you don't have to worry about legacy apps that still require a menu button.

But this exact phone (but with on screen buttons) as a Nexus would be amazing. I'm sure the design and build will be fantastic (it looks great anyway).

Man the Nexus One was still the best phone ever made. The only phone I would say that might have been better was the HTC HD2.

I personally like how this device looks. I really like HTC phones and haven't had any issues with my HOX+. I'm gonna keep an eye on this device. Hopefully the specs are awesome!

Reminds me of the EVO 4G LTE because of the top bar which a lot of people thought was ugly as sin.

Wonder what the back will look like on this. I liked the look of my EVO LTE before I switched to the Galaxy S3 which I had to do because HTC ships phones with known faults like LTE not working properly. I have always liked the feel of an HTC but unfortunately the phone needs to work properly. I haven't had an issue with my GS3 so I will be sticking with Samsung until they do something to turn me off on them.

I dont think it looks bad but i also dont think it looks good. It just looks like a phone. Although, if thats how they set up the home / back buttons they must be smoking some heavy ish' at HTC. That just looks like crap.

Nice looking phone, and black is the answer, always, well at least in choices of black or white phones, actually prefer the DNA look with the red accents, but I digress, black definitely.

I love it. I have owned 2 HTC phones (One X & Inspire) and both were rock solid phones. I will definitely buy this one too. Never been a fan of the Galaxy phones. (I owned the first s). Crappy GPS, their OS skin sucks (IMO) and too plastic feeling. However each to their own. I would buy a Samsung Tab to support the fight against crapple. I also happen to like Sense and the Clock/Weather widget. I will miss them if they are gone from this phone.

Still using capacitive hardkeys? I'll pass, no softkeys no point. I like HTC's hardware but after using a Nexus device I cannot be bothered with anything but vanilla android and softkeys which I can remove for more screen real estate. Not too mention the amount of time it will most likely take for this device to update because of how much crap has to be revamped with every iteration of sense.

Hardkeys arguably work better on phones, where you don't want to reach down to the bottom of the screen, when you're holding your phone in landscape.

My biggest wish is wireless charging. I also love the black with red accent look of the DNA and international versions of some phones. We just don't get them on AT&T. HTC might finally have the clout to insist on same phone for every carrier. This is what it will take. Some one sees phone they like, they should be able to get it on all the carriers. Btw I have owned devices from all major manufacturers and they all have their own issues.

It didn't look good when the iPhone 5 came out, and it won't look good now. Please, stop doing what you're (potentially) doing HTC.

I must be in the minority here reading the comments but I really don't like the look of this. The love child of the iPhone 5 and blackberry Z10? It just doesn't quite look right, maybe its the really wide speaker grills or the HTC in the middle of the capacitive buttons but this is pretty unattractive to my eye.

Are those front facing stereo speakers for video play back? That would be nice. Finally somebody realized your looking at the screen when video is playing. The speakers should be on the front not the back.

Hopefully the headphone jack is in the bottom... Why the Nexus 4 went away from this I don't know... More reason why I'm just not impressed with NY Nexus 4.

You guys (Central) will really look foolish if the M7's official name isn't the "One". And the guy who started that rumor must be so proud of himself. You should stick with calling it M7 until the name is official.

And what is Windows 7 & 8 for phones, but Android's widgets without iOS's static icons?

I was watching the champions league last wednesday. For who's interested:
Real Madrid 1-1 Manchester United.
But during the game. An HTC commercial came on the boards at the side of the field.
It was : HTC ONE. in letters. Nothing else.

Was that a warming up of whats to come?