HTC One trade in promo

Not overly impressed with Samsung's latest offering? HTC is here for you. The deal that started last month has been extended -- buy an HTC One and get a $100 Visa gift card when send in your old smartphone. All you have to do is sign up online by the new deadline to qualify for the deal. After you register with HTC by April 4th, just send your HTC One proof of purchase and old phone in to HTC to claim your $100 Visa card. Easy money.

HTC says the extension is due to "overwhelming response" from fans, but we suspect the reported delay in shipments of the phone might also be a factor.

No doubt there were a lot of people waiting for the Galaxy S4 announcement before signing up for any manufacturer promotions. The competition between these two phones is going to be fierce, and a free 100 big ones from HTC is going to make the choice that much more interesting.

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Reader comments

HTC One $100 trade-in deal extended to April 4th


They will have to keep extending it until the devices actually release.

I believe AT&T is scheduled to have it available next Friday. Not positive on the other carriers.

Actually, they should just extend it a couple of extra weeks to make sure there are enough devices available.

They probably extended because they want to optimize the number of purchases between when the HTC One is released and the S4 is released. The previous offer required you to purchase the phone before the end of March, but now you have to purchase an HTC One by April 26, 2013. S4 is supposed to be available on April 25th for most carriers. Makes me want to purchase my next phone on April 25th to make the decision between HTC One and S4.

They'll keep extending it until they actually climb out of the hole they've dug up...if at all. With S4 just unveiled and poised to make millions, HTC One is facing HARSH competition, and the phone's not out yet.

Even with 'sweetened' reviews (even AC's, you must admit it, has been overly kind to HTC) their flagship feature, the "Ultrapixels", do not warrant the "WOW!" factor it was poised to be.

As far as wow'ing us neither does anything Samsung announced with the S4. HTC definitely has a very solid device on their hands. One that will certainly rival the S4.

I'm not saying it wowed me...but as much as HTC wants to bash Sammy for spending more on marketing than on innovation (which, actually, I agree with), it has certainly payed off. S4 will sell truckloads even if it was just the same S3 with a different sticker on it. HTC One cannot make such a claim.

All I'm saying is HTC NEEDS to Wow with technical prowess, and it didn't that much (yeah, the phone looks gorgeous and has SOME impressive specs, but some of the features they're rellying on have failed to impress).

Samsung, on the other hand, failed to impress me on technical prowess because, let's face it, it pulled an Apple and released an S3 S; improved internals and nothing more (save for the larger, HD screen...that was a good one, but not new). However, Samsung has a lot backing it up in marketing, and just as Apple, has garnered a loyal following that will keep consuming their phones no matter what.

I am encouraged to see "Verizon" as one of the choices on the carrier list. Hopefully the HTC One will eventually be available on Vz.

Decisions Decisions.. either way S4 or One, still better than my aging S2. Would love to win the S4 and that would make the decision process very easy.

I may be misunderstanding this, but you have to buy your One FROM their website to take advantage of this deal or can I go into my local Sprint store?

Signup at the website, then go to your store and buy the phone and then send them the proof of purchase, and they send you the giftcard.

Hopefully the knuckleheads at Verizon won't do their usual foot dragging. The $100 back would ease the pain of having to buy the ONE at retail rather than get a Verizon "upgrade" that would cost me a bundle in extra charges by losing unlimited data in the process.

Already signed up at HTC and got e-mail confirmation that sending them my TBolt would qualify.

Oh, yeah, I'm going to go for that. Cause $100 is a great deal for my 3 months old HTC One S. NOT!!