HTC Holiday

We know a lot of folks have been itching for the HTC Holiday since everyone first started talking about it this past May, but a lucky gentlemen has found one for sale on Craigslist.  Of course, he jumped on it and has since posted pictures online to kill the naysayers before they can chime in.  According to the buyer, the specs are what everyone expected -- 1.2 GHZ dual-core processor, 1GB ram, 4.5inch qHD screen, 8GB internal memory, with an 8MP rear camera and a 1.3MP front camera.  To make things even sweeter, this prototype is working "just fine" for AT&T voice and data.  Think of it as an EVO 3D or HTC Sensation for AT&T, and that's something everyone has to love.  While we feel bad that the glass is cracked, the buyer says it works just fine, and it's a fair trade for getting your hands on something we might not see officially for a little while.  Hit the source link to see more pics.

Source: XDA; via Engadget


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HTC Holiday prototype found on Craigslist, works on AT&T bands


So we'll have the Sensation on T-Mobile, the EVO 3D on Sprint, and the Holiday on AT&T. What about Verizon? Can we get the Vigor soon?

1.2 GHz Snapdragon , 1GB RAM , 8GB storage & 4.5" Screen , interesting ...

This thing looks great (allot better than it name) , any date on it release ?

If its nothing like the sensation & HTC released it before Mid-September , then I might have to reconsider my choices

edit : After seeing the pictures of it , it doesn't look very tempting

What? So an unreleased unit is for sale on craigslist? What!? Am I missing something? what!?!?! Dont companies keep tabs on these things? I'm probably missing something.

It got slipped out for some reason obviously. Saw this last night on amdroidandme. It looks legit.

Yep , just like the dude who lost the prototype & the dude who got it & tried to sell it , plus that kid who sold the White glass panels

Don't worry guys....

If this is anything like the 3D and it's terrible radio's with bad reception and roaming problems, it's doomed to double fail on AT&T! No one will be able to make a call!!

I can see it now, people's bills are going to be astronomical...that's if they ever connect to someone.

You've got to be kidding me. And what phone do you have Mr tool bag? I happen to get amazing reception on my 3D while maxing my battery to at at least 14 hours a charge.

That's "Sir" Mr. Tool Bag to you!

14 hours isn't bad. But I had 3 Evo 3D's and all of them...repeat...all of them...would drop a signal and a call for absolutly no reason, especially in places where I got great reception with my Evo 4G. 2 of them had tilted screens, and all of them had the worst external speaker known to man. And yeah, I got 14 hours too. Now I have the Photon and all them problems went away!

What I don't get, is why we're talking about an Evo 3D and it's poor whatever on a thread for the HTC Holiday... Go get you're own thread guys! LOL