It's really only a matter of time after a big smartphone announcement that the unboxing photos and videos start trickling in. In this case, CoolSmartPhone got their hands on the HTC Hero and blessed the rest of us with high quality pictures of every angle and a beautiful video to boot.

To us, the HTC Hero looks like a slimmed down, sharper-lined T-Mobile G1. The chin is all there of course and though it looks jutting in some angles, we're optimistic for its real-world use. The video showcases the HTC Sense UI, which we're just bananas for, and everything seems to run pretty smooth. We absolutely can't wait to get our own hands on one of these but in the meantime feel free to hit the jump to check out the video!


Reader comments

HTC Hero Gets Unboxed -- VIDEO


at about 3:00 into the video, the sun reflects off of the screen, and you can see fingerprints. I thought this device has a coating that repels the oil in fingerprints?

I lost entire interest in this phone once I heard it wasn't coming to T-Mobile. This was going to replace my G1. Sucks.