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A major UEFA partner, HTC launched its FootballFeed app for Android on Google Play last November, allowing fans to keep track of European leagues on their smartphones in a BlinkFeed-ike grid. Today, in anticipation of the Champions League and Europa League knockout stages, the app's been given its first substantial update.

The new version adds support for Estonian, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, bringing the total supported languages up to 25. There's also a new "live dashboard" allowing fans to track ongoing games, as well as a standings page showing teams, fixtures and scores in the knockout stages of both leagues.

As before, HTC FootballFeed is available for free on Google Play for all Android devices running 4.1 Jelly Bean or above.

Press Release


London – Tuesday, 18th February – The HTC FootballFeed Android application is to receive a number of updates ahead of the start of the UEFA Champions League knockout stage. The app, which provides fans of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League with a unique mobile experience, now features new language availability and more user-friendly pages, making it the perfect companion for any fan.

The upgraded application now features a Live Dashboard, which provides a snapshot view of data from all the games currently taking place on one, easy-to-view page – making it simple to see what’s going on at a glance. A new standings page has also been introduced especially for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League knockout stages, showing the remaining teams and fixtures, as well as up-to-date scores.

The application will now also be available in Estonian, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, bringing the total number of languages available to 25.

The application, originally launched in November 2013, provides the ultimate fan experience, delivering the latest stats from the second they arrive, in a customisable format and slick design based on HTC’s acclaimed BlinkFeed homescreen. For breaking team news, live match updates, or post-game analysis, the application is the place to stay up-to-speed on the latest developments, also allowing fans to add notifications for matches into their smartphone’s calendar so they can be sure to never miss out.

The HTC FootballFeed app can be downloaded from the Google Play store, free of charge.


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HTC FootballFeed app updated ahead of UEFA knockout stages


Why is it called footballfeed?? It isn't about football, it's about soccer. It should be called soccerfeed. I'm getting sick of the Europeans always pushing their sinister socialist agenda down our throats. When will they realise their countries are all has-been countries. They wish they were American

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Wow... Just wow. I was going to be a smartass and leave a comment that said "Soccer" but this nationalistic nazish rant zapped any amount of fun to be had.

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Yeah I'ts not like football (association football ["soccer"]) came before the American version, and it's not like you play it with your FEET. I totally prefer watching ads instead of having to watch a sport.
Totally agree with this guy.
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Actually, the football played in europe came out before the one played in the US. Learn your history bro

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This comment just gave me cancer! When will you wake up and realize that the real football is the one played in Europe?? Your sport is just fake u want to copy rugby and call it football wtf???

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