Although T-Mobile USA thus far has been pushing the LG G-Slate, it appears as though the HTC Flyer will be heading that way at some point, too. Looking at a few leaked images, T-Mobile and HTC are certainly pushing the usage of HTC Scribe in their advertising, which to us is a good thing, as it will help differentiate the Flyer from the other swarms of tablets popping up. 

No launch dates are to found in the details, but given the fact the EVO View 4G from Sprint will be hitting the market come Summer we're guessing T-Mobile will try to follow up with their release of the HTC Flyer as soon as possible to capture anyone who may looking to possibly jump ship. Head on past the break for a few more images. [Pocketnow]

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ts0cha0tik says:

Nice! But I want the G-Slate

Am I the only one to notice there is a picture of a pyramid on the htc flyer to the right on the first pic!?!?

I didn't, I think that is a Sphinx though.

Well how about pyramid-related? Better? :)

tekhinator says:

More like att USA..

Errola0 says:

I swear are these comments really needed for everything T-mobile related now? They aren't funny and at this point currently, and for at least another year, T-mobile is still T-mobile.

bizzy87 says:

Yeah it's more like AT&T Magenta.

Lol thats how at&t r getting android products...

briankurtz79 says:

F-gsm!!!!! T-Mobile was cool till they went to the darkside. Att is almost as bad as apple! They deserve each other.

EVO 3D FTW!!!!!

Ok that's not so bad. As much as ATTs cellular service sucks their internet is still good (of course depending on your area). At least there would be no such thing as a dropped call on the Flyer. I still prefer a WiFi version anyway.

Awesome addition for T-Mobile. This tablet is pretty sweet looking.

I am a proud HTC Sense UI user, when I changed from my iPhone to Android, my 1st Android device was the Sprint HTC Hero, and have loved Sense ever since. lol

But, let's still hope the the FCC & the other regulatory agencies deny AT&T, because we all know AT&T will not be any better than they are now.

heard that this won't get honeycomb... cause of the licensing issues. any tablet that runs 2.x won't get updated to 3.x. and the nexus tablet would be from LG>