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PC World, Dixons and Currys went a little crazy with their HTC Flyer pricing over the holidays, dropping the 16GB Wifi-only version to £200, and the 32GB 3G version to £250. Now it seems another UK retailer is looking to sell off its remaining Flyer stock at a significantly reduced price.

Right now Expansys has the 16GB Wifi-only Flyer on sale for £234.99, which isn't at all bad for a well-built 7-inch Android tablet with a Honeycomb update ready to go. If you missed out on the Dixons group's Flyer sale a few weeks back, the device still represents great value at the £235 mark. For more info, hit the source link, or check out our full review of the HTC Flyer.

Source: Expansys; via: UnwiredView


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HTC Flyer available once again at reduced price in the UK


The Sense that runs on the Flyer is 'Sense for tablet v1'. If you're looking at the picture above, that's from when the Flyer was first released and was running gingerbread, but it now runs honeycomb. The interface is very different from when it was first released as you can probably imagine.