If you have your HTC EVO 4G in your hands and are thinking, "Man.. I wish this thing would get an update" you might want to go ahead and check for system updates. The latest info from Sprint says the update listed below will be rolling out in the next week or so, but some folks are already seeing it. Here's what's new:

  • Integrated voice recognition accuracy with voice search and voice-to-text
  • Image size issue with contact transfer over Bluetooth
  • Images cut off in Picasa
  • Group contacts not in alphabetical order
  • Out of memory, Unable to send SMS

Go ahead and check for updates, if you get then let us know in the Android Central forums how it's working out for ya. If not, just wait longer -- it will be along shortly and you can take satisfaction in knowing it'll be here soon.

Source: Sprint; Thanks, Kurt!


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HTC EVO 4G software update 4.53.651.1 now showing up for some


So the EVO has Gingerbread and and update or 2 since. And the Epic is still on Froyo. Ya, keep blaming Sprint for Samsung's ineptitude.

I did, a long time ago. Had to my keyboard wouldn't work without it. Just that people shouldnt have to root and rom if they don't want to. I'll never buy Samsung again, I read warnings from people who said Samsung doesn't support their devices and bought an Epic anyway. I still see people blaming Sprint for the slow Epic updates and not Samsung.

Fully agree with you. I got the Samsung Moment which was basically abdonded 6 months after release. You can imagine my happiness when I replaced it with the Evo which is getting updates over 1 year after it was released.

Going forward: No more Samsung and also only buy the Flagship phone.

I have a Nexus S and an Evo 4G both running official (stock) Gingerbread ROMs, also have an Epic still on Froyo. After having used GB on both of these phones I can tell you I will not upgrade my Epic to the official GB update when (if?) it becomes available. My Evo worked so much better on Froyo; GB in my opinion is buggy.

If you really want GB on your Epic that bad, I agree with the other comment, just root and get a custom GB ROM, is bound to be much better than what you'll get from Samsung.

Funny that I never think about updates at all since being rooted .... Ill even run a 2.2 Rom on my EVO if I like how it's customized

OKKKKKKK! Someone please PLEASE HELP!!!! Theres an update available on my HTC EVO 4.53.651.1 but i recently rooted my device via Revolutionary, can i still update my phone with the OTA update pushed through from the Sprint Network? cause ive made several attempts but it just stops in the middle of the update. If anyone is reading this with some info that could help, it would be great to hear what info you have thanks...

No you can't you have to download a rooted version than install update via clock work mod recovery or what ever you have. I used deodexed version and clock work mod recovery(CWMR) available from rom manager via android market. For rooted version just type htc evo 4g 4.53.651.1 deodexed and its like the second or third link down on Google. CWMR is flashed through ROM manger, do a backup up before installing update. Hope that helps.

horrible update..none of those things even get a first look from me..except for SMS..Exactly why I root..much better anyway.

If I rooted my phone with Revolutionary i cant update my phone with the OTA updates pushed out by SPrint anymore? cause thats what is happening, im attempting to update my EVO but it keeps giving me an explanation mark... If you have any info that could help please reply thanks...

Does this fixed the horrible memory problems in which the phone ceases to work when it drops below 10% free memory?

I agree! My Evo is slower with GB and tends to hang up some times now (which it never did with Froyo). I plan to do my first root soon!

You'll be happy you did. I rooted my Evo when it came available earlier and I haven't looked back. This thing is faster on Sense 3.0 than on a lighter version of Sense.

Do yourself a favor, root and look for a great ROM. It's easy and gives you peace of mind that you have your device back.

I'm happy for anything (meaning update) at this time. I'm not ungrateful like most. Thank-you Sprint. :-D

I'm looking forward to MikMik getting his hands on this and incorporating the "fixes" into MikG (and removing the bloat).

Great, thanks for feeding my OCD issues! Now I will be checking my phone constantly until this update hits in a "week or two"

This is pretty much the only thing I'm concerned about. I'm sick if seeing Sense rebooting all the time.

Still no update in PA. I hope this isn't a repeat of the first Gingerbread where Netflix and other items went to hell in a handbasket.

The Update is available in the Houston TX area, but if an EVO is Rooted "Revolutionary" can the update be installed OTA? if theres some loop i need to know about someone please fill me in thx! Cause i'm trying to update my evo but it keeps giving me an error msg.. SMH HELP LOL

Just saw the notification of the update on my Evo 4G last night. I'm not putting ANOTHER GB update on my phone from Sprint. Might try Revolutionary before even thinking about uopdating the phone AGAIN.

Sprint knows the GB update messed up many phones. Not all, but many.
Allow us to take some of the bloatware off the devices, and most of us woul be happy or content until we get our next device.

Broke my root, I am still S-OFF. Nothing is allowed in "Super User" though. I have myself to blame, I know better then to allow system updates while rooted.

I finally applied the update last weekend and the Sense rebooting issue still there :(
Now I'm not able to root (I'm noob here), could any of you point me on the right direction to root my device? it is possible after apply this update?

Thanks a lot

WTH people?? Why are some of you saying the update sucks if you're not listing the issues? I am not updating my device until I see some issues its having!